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Create, a journal looking at the value of arts and culture features a wide range of contributions from writers and artists, politicians to poets discussing the true impact that arts and culture can have on society.more >

Latest Announcements

La FICAAC publica el documento resumen de la Reunión de Investigadores de la FICAAC

La FICAAC publica el resumen ejecutivo del Informe de la 4ª Reunión de Investigadores de la FICAAC, celebrada en Hildesheim (Alemania) y a la que asistieron 14 investigadores y expertos de 13 países miembros de la FICAAC.more >

IFACCA reports on the recent Researchers’ Meeting

IFACCA is delighted to release the executive summary report of the 4th IFACCA Researchers' meeting, held in Hildesheim Germany, which was attended by 14 researchers and experts from the field from 13 IFACCA member countries.more >

IFACCA develops a cultural policy database

We are delighted to announce that IFACCA has been undertaking a new project that looks at collecting information on the cultural policies and policy structures in 215 countries and regions around the world. A draft version of each country’s cultural policy information is currently being sent to key contacts in each country (where applicable, the IFACCA member organisation), for their feedback on its accuracy. more >

Latest International News

Assessing the potential of cultural and creative industries in Zagreb to ensure effective policy interventions

“Creative cities are made of creative people. There’s no successful city without creativity”. It is by using these direct, truthful words that Ivo Josipović, President of Croatia and a gifted composer himself, expresses the way he feels about the importance of cultural and creative industries to the full and sustainable development of a city.more >

Collecting cultural statistics in Mongolia to ignite evidence-based policy making processes

Professor Bayaraa Baasandorj, Head of the Department of International Collaboration of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC), believes that investing in cultural industries represents one of the best ways to help promote this much needed economic diversification. But she also explains why culture hasn’t just yet been considered a top priority on the Mongolian development agenda.more >

New culture minister in Romania

Ms Hegedüs Csilla, from the Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR), is the new Minister of Culture.more >

Latest National Arts Agency News

Workshops, training and coaching

Creative New Zealand is offering free resources and training opportunities as part of the capability building programme for 2015-16. more >

The best Canadian books of 2014 revealed

The Canada Council for the Arts announced today the 14 winners of the 2014 Governor General’s Literary Awards.more >

Dubai Public Library to offer free educational sessions for 
librarians at the Sharjah International Book Fair and ALA Conference

“Dubai Public Library has always played an integral role in serving as a creative space for the community that fosters intercultural dialogue and knowledge. Our participation at Sharjah International Book Fair and the American Library Association conference solidifies our commitment to the literary development of the community. We have a wealth of library resources, and endeavour to partner with relevant and credible institutions that facilitate cultural and literary activities to position Dubai as the vibrant, Arabian hub for culture and arts,” said Abdulrahman Al Ibrahim, Head of Dubai Public Library, Dubai Culture & Arts Authority.more >