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Dance: Successful dance policies and programs


D'Art Report: Successful dance policies and programs

D'Art Topics in Arts Policy no.11, September 2003

IFACCA and Australia Council for the Arts

A brief summary of dance programs, policies and challenges in various countries. Some challenges that a number of countries are grappling with in the development of dance include:
- professional development beyond pre-entry training;
- support for proven choreographers and performers;
- affordable and accessible space for rehearsal and development;
- building and sustaining touring networks;
- low remuneration for dance practitioners; and
- career insecurity.

The report provides information and references about initiatives such as the Canada Council’s pilot program to encourage creation-based partnerships between presenters and artists. It also reveals some of the different types of support that are available for dance in different countries. In Germany, some of the leading dance companies are tied to the corporate structure and finances of opera houses. In France, in order to make dance better available outside of Paris, the government selected and supported 'dynamic young choreographers' to relocate and establish companies in regional centres.

Ce rapport donne un bref aperçu des programmes, des politiques et des enjeux affectant le secteur de la danse dans divers pays. En ce qui concerne le développement de ce secteur, plusieurs pays sont aux prises avec les défis suivants : le développement professionnel après la formation préparatoire; le soutien pour les chorégraphes et les artistes chevronnés; des locaux abordables et accessibles pour les répétitions et le développement; la création et l’entretien de réseaux de tournées; la faible rémunération des danseurs; et l’insécurité professionnelle. Ce rapport contient des informations sur des initiatives comme le programme pilote du Conseil des Arts du Canada pour encourager des partenariats à base de création entre les diffuseurs et les artistes. La nature du soutien accordé à la danse varie selon les pays. En Allemagne par exemple, certaines des plus grandes compagnies de danse sont incorporées aux structures organisationnelles et financières des opéras. En France, afin d’améliorer le secteur de la danse à l’extérieur de Paris, le gouvernement a choisi de « jeunes chorégraphes dynamiques » et les soutient afin qu’ils puissent s’établir dans des centres régionaux pour fonder des compagnies de danse.
French text from Arts Research Monitor Vol2(9)(


Recommendations for a Sustainable Nordic and Baltic Dance Field

Inadequate funding schemes, short-term solutions, short-lived productions – how should the dance sector be developed? Experts from the cultural field in the Nordic and Baltic countries formed a think tank in order to discuss and debate better operating models for the dance field in the region. The notion of sustainability proved to be a useful tool in finding solutions. more >

Engaging Dance Audiences

Engaging Dance Audiences is a pilot program that enables Dance/USA to analyze current dance-going activities, and its members to explore and research methods of engaging audiences for dance, learn from peers, and share the learning nationally. more >

Dance mapping: a window on dance

Dance mapping: a window on dance - the largest piece of research of its kind - offers a deep insight into the breadth and range of dance in England. more >

A case study of career development in the dance industry: Australia's SCOPE initiative

Unlike much of the work in the field that concentrates on organization career development and knowledge management, this paper takes an industry sector perspective. more >

Dance Plan 2012

A four-year action plan for the Australian dance sector. more >

Support and conditions of Finnish dance productions

Trends in and importance of state grants for dance productions 1991–2008. more >

Dance Review

A report to government on dance education and youth dance in England. more >

Towards a strategy of support for Professional Ballet in Ireland

Reviews the status of ballet in Ireland and creates a direction forward for ballet’s advancement and development in Ireland. more >

Resourcing Dance: An analysis of the subsidised Australian dance sector

The Australia Council has published a report of which the D'Art was a part. more >

Dance Included: dance in social exclusion contexts

more >

Dance Manifesto

Dance UK is working in partnership with the National Campaign for the Arts (NCA) to create a manifesto for dance which will represent the concerns and aims of the dance world to government. more >

Choreographing Life - Metamorphoses of Dance

Pro Helvetia, the Swiss arts council, devoted a whole issue of its bulletin 'Passages' (vol 38, Spring 2005) to dance issues. more >

D'Art Report: Successful Dance Policies and Programs

A brief summary of dance programs, policies and challenges in various countries. more >

Dance Audience Research: Twelve Top Tips

Twelve top tips for bigger audiences for your dance company and twelve top tips for bigger audiences for dance at your venue. more >

The Future of Funding for Dance

Highlights topics, themes, and action plans that emerged in a forum focused on securing financial health for the field of dance. more >


    Dance Experts and Producers from Australia to visit Singapore for First Cross-Cultural Dance Exchange

    From 25 to 27 November 2015, Singapore will welcome an Australian delegation comprising 10 reputed and seasoned practitioners and producers from  Australia’s dance and performing arts scene. more >

    El INAEM celebra el Día Internacional de la Danza 2015 con la puesta en marcha de la aplicación móvil del portal

    El Instituto Nacional de las artes Escénicas y de la Música (INAEM) celebra hoy el Día Internacional de la Danza 2015 con la puesta en marcha de la aplicación para dispositivos móviles del portal, dependiente del Instituto. Nace como un servicio público y gratuito para los artistas, profesionales y aficionados a la danza en España. more >

    INAEM celebrates the International Dance Day 2015 with the launch of the mobile application

    The National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (INAEM) celebrated the International Dance Day 2015 with the launch of the mobile application of The portal is a free public service to dance professionals, artists, and amateurs in Spain. more >

    Breaking into the dance industry

    The dance industry has seen huge growth in the last 30 years, so why is it still so difficult to find a reliable job? In the final instalment of the Breaking In series, Leah Hansen looks into the performance dance program. more >

    New Zealand Dance Company ready for launch

    Until the formation of the Auckland-based The New Zealand Dance Company two years ago, there was only one national dance company – the Royal New Zealand Ballet. more >

    The Game-ification of Dance: The Future Is Now

    Imagine this as the dance class of the future: You are digitally tracked and gain experience points for every exercise you do. Imagine being able to instanteneously send these statistics to a choreographer you might want to work with who then offers you a chance to audition. more >

    Free NHS dance injuries clinic to open in London next year

    Dancers will be able to use the first specialist clinic within the NHS for injuries they sustain at work from next year. more >

    Dance is good for Scotland

    The Federation of Scottish Theatre has published the Dance In Scotland report which makes key recommendations to improve the health, happiness and skills of Scotland through dance, and to further the artform. more >

    INBA reconoce a personalidades de la danza

    El Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes otorgó reconocimientos y medallas a 19 destacadas personalidades que han aportado su talento y huella en la danza mexicana, a través del homenaje 'Una vida en la danza', que se realizó anoche en el Teatro de la Danza, del Centro Cultural del Bosque. more >

    Call for applications: Step Up: Dance Project - a new initiative for dance graduates

    The Arts Council, University of Limerick and Dance Ireland have announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at forming a bridge between dance education and professional dance practice in Ireland. more >

    National forum considers future of Australian dance

    The first event of its kind for many years, the National Dance Forum gathers together some of Australia’s most exciting dancers, choreographers, curators, critics and producers in a lively discussion over two days at the Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall.  It provides a rare opportunity for the dance sector to consider the state of dance practice in Australia and chart a course for the future. more >

    Youngsters 'should get country dancing mentors'

    Young people should get country dancing mentors to help safeguard Scottish traditions, it has been urged. more >

    Sidelined and cash-strapped, dance deserves a fairytale ending

    The art form is more influential than ever, but remains woefully under-funded. Let's hope that a new Arts Council survey will prove its rising status. more >

    Arts Council England puts dance on the map

    Arts Council England has launched its biggest ever consultation on dance and is inviting everyone involved in the art form to have their say. more >

    Dancing With controversy

    Modern dance is moving to center stage, despite those who condemn it as a sin. more >

    Chief Executive/ Artistic Director - South East Dance

    South East Dance, the award-winning UK national dance agency, seeks a dynamic creative leader to take them forward into exciting next stages of development. more >

    New Dance Strategy nears completion

    The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is undertaking the final round of consultations before introducing its new dance strategy. more >

    UK immigration proposals could restrict employment of dancers from outside EU

    An article from The Independent newspaper considers how proposed changes to UK immigration policy could change the face of dance performances, limiting the ability of dance companies and productions to employ dancers from outside the EU. more >

    Arts Alive 2008 - International Dance Programme

    The Arts Alive 2008’s Dance component is being given a boost and an enhancement as the National Department of Arts and Culture is honouring Dance in this years’ Heritage Month. more >

    Launch of Dance Plan 2012

    The Australia Council for the Arts and Ausdance today launched the Dance Plan 2012 - a four-year action plan for the Australian dance sector. more >

    Dance moves centre stage for more young people thanks to new link between schools and the dance world

    Culture Minister Margaret Hodge announced plans to develop stronger links between schools and dance providers. more >

    mov-s 2008: un espacio para el intercambio internacional de la danza y las artes del movimiento

    mov-s busca construir puentes de unión entre los artistas y las organizaciones de danza y las artes del movimiento con el fin de establecer vías naturales de encuentro y colaboración. more >

    mov-s 2008: Space for International Exchange of Dance and Movement Arts

    mov-s aims to build bridges between artists and Dance and Movement Arts organizations in order to establish communication, collaboration and meeting channels. more >

    Dance shorts! - 10 minutes of fresh and exciting dance

    A new commissioning initiative that aims to increase access for audiences and to provide opportunities for Welsh dance artists to show their work at key venues. more >

    Ballet companies team up to boost classic dance

    A new initiative funded by The Arts Council of Ireland has injected a new lease of life into Irish ballet with the creation an promotion of a long-term structure to enhance up and coming dancers and widen their audience. more >

    Award-winning choreographer appointed country's first ‘Dance Champion’ for young people

    Acclaimed dancer and choreographer Wayne McGregor is to be the Government’s first Youth Dance Champion. more >

    Dance on the Box

    The Arts Council and Irish broadcaster RTÉ ‘Dance on the Box’ program challenges film and dance artists to create work for the television audience. more >

    How can dance find its audience?

    Pro Helvetia is co-hosting a symposium on the promotion of dance audiences.   more >

    Lighten up the day with dancing

    Sunday 27 April is Switzerland's 'Day of Dance', when dance schools and theatres are opening their doors to the public and offering trial lessons in a variety of dance styles. more >

    Dance Education Biennial

    What many future dance artists lack is a deeper understanding of the connections to dance science and choreographic praxis. more >

    What happened to dance under Blair?

    Our venues are shinier than ever, but the recent cuts in funding could spell disaster for the next generation of dance talent. more >

    More SCOPE to life after dance

    A world-first Australia Council program will assist Australian dancers to better plan and manage their professional careers. more >

    Australia Council Looks to Help Dancers

    Together with the Australian Sports Commission, the Australia Council for the Arts has launched a unique program designed to provide professional development services for Australia’s dance artists and choreographers. more >

    Project Dance - towards comprehensive dance promotion in Switzerland

    Project Dance aims to establish an up-to-date promotional concept in collaboration with dance associations and regional Swiss governments. more >

    Musical Composition-for-Dance Scheme Launched

    The Arts Council of Wales (ACW), together with the Performing Rights Society Foundation (PRSF), are to launch a new scheme promoting musical composition for dance. The launch will take place at the Welsh Assembly Government Pavilion at the Llangollen International Music Eisteddfod. more >

    Wales puts on its dancing shoes

    The future of dance in Wales is bright, according to Culture Minister Alun Pugh. more >

    Tax ruling says dancers are independent contractors

    A federal tax ruling handed down last week could have implications for arts groups across Canada and their performers. more >

    Irish Council to study dance

    The Irish Arts Council is planning some new initiatives in dance, with an invitation to tender being sent out from the Council. Organisations and artists that are involved in dance are being sought to provide choreographic research and practice. more >

    Dance body recognises Bollywood as an artform

    Bollywood is to be recognised as a professional dance form, with its own syllabus and accredited examinations. Honey Kalaria, director of Honey’s Dance Academy, has launched the world’s first Bollywood dance syllabus through industry training organisation the International Association of Modern Indian Arts. more >

    Dance takes the next step on the DCMS agenda

    Culture Minister, David Lammy, today announced the establishment of the first Government Dance Forum at the Critic's Circle National Dance Awards ceremony which took place at the Royal Opera House. more >

    What's booming in New York? Building for dance companies

    In the supposedly impoverished world of New York dance, where honorable artists are driven out of town or to the outermost outer boroughs or into the arms of academia, where choreographers can't pay the rent and creative energies have reportedly shifted to Europe, the city finds itself in the midst of an almost pharaonic building boom. more >

    Dance Plan Germany

    The Federal Cultural Foundation's Dance Plan Germany. more >

    £635,000 to go to first national youth dance programme

    The Arts Council England is creating a new award of £635,000 to support Youth Dance England. The money will go towards developing the first national development programme for youth dance. The award is the largest Arts Council England grant for the arts for national awards. more >

    Australia Council offers support for dance exports

    The Australia Council has announced it will be offering assistance to 'export ready' dance companies wishing to attend the Association of Performing Arts Presenters' (APAP) Conference, held in New York from 21 - 24 January 2006. more >

    Dance projects for young people in Scotland funded

    Fife Council has been awarded funding from the Scottish Arts Council to appoint a Traditional Dance Development Officer to teach traditional dance in schools in the area. more >

    Leap toward ageism a backward step in dance

    India has an enviable tradition of government support for the arts, a system which requires a large bureaucracy and intricate rules to administer. A recent Delhi High Court ruling, however, threatens to establish a maximum age for performing dancers, a move which, according to Lewis Segal, would be devastating to the counry's dance community. more >

    Which Dance Policies And Programs Work?

    IFACCA's latest D'Art research request comes from the Dance Board of the Australia Council, which is looking for information on successful policies and funding programs in the dance sector. The Board will use the information to undertake an analysis of the infrastructure required to develop and sustain dance in Australia. View the full question here: English | Francais | Español. We expect the results may have broader international relevance. IFACCA will co-ordinate and report on the responses, so this is a great opportunity for dance funders and policymakers to share information on what works, and perhaps what doesn't! We hope you can help. more >

    Creative New Zealand releases contemporary dance strategy

    Creative New Zealand recently launched 'Moving to the Future: Ngä Whakanekeneke atu ki te Ao o Apöpö', its strategy for professional contemporary dance, part of the broader 'Future Strategies' policy initiative. more >

    Scottish Arts Council artform strategies available online

    The Scottish Arts Council (SAC) has recently released its artform strategy documents on the SAC website - for the areas of crafts, music, dance, drama, literature and visual arts. more >