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New media arts policy and practice


Mini-summit on national policy frameworks that support experimental art in a global context

Hosted by the Australia Council for the Arts and IFACCA, the mini-summit on National Policy Frameworks that Support Experimental Arts Practice in a Global Context was held on Friday 14 June 2013 in Sydney, Australia, coinciding with the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (   The mini-summit brought together a number of IFACCA member countries, including Canada, Denmark, Chile, Australia and New Zealand, as well as a selection of experts on this topic.

The mini-summit investigated ideas, approaches and responses to supporting experimental arts practice in a global context and participants identified topics to explore that covered artistic processes, funding programmes and decision making, policy initiatives, and valuing and advocating for experimental work.

A report from the mini-summit has been published, which is available in three languages:

English: Report from the Mini Summit co-hosted by IFACCA and Australia Council for the Arts
Français: Rapport du mini sommet organisé conjointement par la FICAAC et le Conseil des arts d’Australie
Spanish: Informe de la Mini Cumbre organizada conjuntamente por la FICAAC y el Australia Council for
the Arts

The reports are also available at the Australia Council website.

IFACCA has also undertaken other work on this topic:

  • In March 2011, IFACCA  commissioned the development of a strategy to guide our role in assisting national arts funding agencies to address some of the challenges and opportunities in the area of new media arts. A survey on this topic was distributed to national arts councils and ministries in our network, and results will be presented to the IFACCA board in April 2011.
  • In July 2008 IFACCA and the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) co-hosted a mini-summit in July 2008 on government support for new media arts practice. In preparation we initiated a D’Art research question (available in English and Spanish) to identify policy issues and to locate key personnel to invite to the mini-summit. The results of the D'Art were incorporated into a longer document 'Report from the Mini Summit on New Media Arts Policy & Practice Singapore 24-26 July 2008' published in March 2009.
  • We held a workshop session The Arts, New Technologies and Innovation at the 2nd World Summit on the Arts and Culture in Singapore in November 2003.
  • In August 2004 we co-hosted a Mini-summit on New Media Arts and Technology in Helsinki, Finland, with the Arts Council of Finland and m-cult, which led to the publication of the 'Helsinki Agenda Strategy document on international development of new media culture policy'.
  • The IFACCA board published a response to the Helsinki agenda in October 2005.
  • We published a one-page summary report of the Singapore mini-summit in August 2008
  • More information about the Singapore mini-summit delegates and program is available here
  • This topic page contains links to resources 'tagged' to the topic of new media arts (see tabs above). The page is updated as new resources become available.


Digital Culture: How arts and cultural organisations in England use technology

Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council and Nesta have commissioned independent research agency MTM to track the use of digital technology by arts and cultural organisations in England between 2013 and 2015. more >

Inter-Arts Office Report on Consultations

From May 1 to July 31, 2013, the Canada Council for the Arts’ Inter-Arts Office held a national consultation to inform its review of operating programs. more >

Towards the universalisation of digital culture

In the book "In the digital route. Culture, technological convergence and access", published by the Ministry of Culture of the Nation, 15 experts analyze the role of new technologies in cultural production and consumption, and look at the transition between an analog world that is disappearing and emerging digital culture. more >

Hacia la universalizacion de la cultura digital

En el libro "En la ruta digital. Cultura, convergencia tecnológica y acceso", publicado por la Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación, 15 expertos analizan el rol de las nuevas tecnologías en la producción y los consumos culturales, y echan luz sobre la transición entre un mundo analógico que tiende a desaparecer y una cultura digital naciente.   more >

Understanding media policies: A European perspective

Understanding Media Policies: A European Perspective explores the way media policies are understood, negotiated and applied in Europe. Combining a country-based study in 14 countries with a comparative analysis across various types of media services, this volume investigates the complex array of policy approaches and regulatory practices established to govern the media in Europe. more >

Strategic Digital Industry plan released

The plan – Creative Industries, a Strategy for 21st Century Australia – outlines whole-of-Australian Government action to support the country’s creative businesses and talent. The plan highlights the significant contribution of Australia’s creative industries to the broader economy. more >

Connecting:// arts audiences online

With Connecting:// arts audiences online we wanted to see how arts organisations can use the internet to build audience engagement and drive attendance. more >

Networks: The Evolving Aspects of Culture in the 21st Century

Researchers from all continents investigate the role and relevance that cultural networks have in cultural development and communication, and new perspectives of cultural networking in the 21st century. more >

Digital Transitions and the Impact of New Technology on the Arts

The objectives of the report were to provide an overview of current knowledge on the theme of digital transition and the impact of new technology on the arts in order to suggest how changes in the arts and society brought about by digital technologies affect Canadian public arts funders. more >

Craft & the Digital World

What happens when makers’ work takes them beyond traditional craft materials – clay, wood, fabric – and into the realm of post-industrial, digital manufacturing and communication technologies?   more >

Copyright in a digital era

Copyright can seem like a complex area, but it is important to understand the rights you have over the work that you create. Knowing how to protect those rights, and what options there might be around licensing your work for sale, free use or re-purposing, can increase both audiences and income. more >

Culture & Medias 2030: Prospective de politiques culturelles

This report identifies the major challenges of culture and media player in the next twenty years, and draws guidelines for cultural policies. By defining “possible futures”, the report will determine how the state should intervene to adjust the current cultural policies to these new challenges. more >

Technology, arts and social connection

Information communication technologies provide many new and exciting opportunities for creative initiatives that promote participation, social connection and community engagement, which have positive health and wellbeing outcomes. more >

Evaluating your digital strategy: a mentoring report from the Youth Council

There’s no doubt about it, digital and social media hold great potential for those looking to increase the engagement with their audiences. For those with little experience of the area, the promise is great, and yet without significant experience in the area, it can be difficult to envisage what is involved in building momentum around a blog, or a social media campaign, using Facebook  or Twitter. more >

Encouraging Digital Access to Culture

This document is intended as best practice advice for the culture sector, a stimulus and a catalyst for change. more >

Changing Attitudes & Behaviours in the 'Non-Internet' Digital World and their Implications for Intellectual Property

The report concludes that: Policy makers urgently need a better understanding of how consumers behave in both the online and offline digital environment in order to provide an enabling environment for business and consumers. more >

Digital Britain - Final Report

The Government published The Digital Britain Report, its strategic vision for ensuring that the UK is at the leading edge of the global digital economy. more >

Cultural blogging in Europe

Who blogs? What are they blogging about? Which audiences and communities are being engaged? What are the language-specific issues and the economic models? And how sustainable are they? more >

New Zealanders’ use of broadcasting and related media

How are New Zealanders using broadcasting media? Is TV really dying? Are New Zealanders using the internet more for information and music? Research commissioned by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage and Te Puni Kōkiri looks at New Zealanders’ use of traditional media (such as television and radio) and new media (such as the internet, portable music devices, and cell phones). more >

Culturelink network's virtual resources on digital culture

Culturelink has been continuously dedicated to researching the phenomena of digital culture, and how they have changed the reality of the cultural sector. The results of Culturelink's activities in this research stream have been a number of publications and round tables, through which Culturelink provided a framework for discussing the phenomena of digital culture in a European context. more >

Don't panic: The impact of digital technology on the major performing arts

The Australia Council's major performing arts board has produced a discussion paper on the impact of digital technology on the sector. more >

Digital culture: the changing dynamics

This book examines possible shifts in the integration of new technologies and digital culture in the processes of affirming cultural diversity and intercultural communication by presenting different case studies and trend analyses. more >

Read:write. Digital Possiblities for Literature

An overview of how companies, organisations and individuals in the commercial and funded sectors in England use Web 2.0. more >

Tools for Culture: The Resonance & Use of Online Tools in the Cultural Sector

LabforCulture's latest Research in focus topic, 'Tools for Culture' presents an overview of how the cultural sector is (or is not) taking up online technology tools for collaboration across Europe. more >

Media arts: protocols for producing Indigenous Australian media arts

The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Media arts protocol guide will help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. more >

Opening up Space: Toward an Expansive Vision for Multidisciplinary Arts in Canada

A research report by Rachael Van Fossen commissioned prepared for the Multidisciplinary Workgroup of the Canada Council for the Arts.more >

Shooting Through: Australian Film and the Brain Drain

A study of the Australia Council’s declined interest in new media.   more >


more >

The Arts, New Technologies and Innovation

Presentation papers and rapportuer notes are available from the Arts, New Technologies and Innovation workshop at IFACCA's 2nd World Summit on the Arts and Culture, Singapore, 2003. more >

Nordic Media Culture - Actors and Practices

more >


ERICarts' latest transnational project, Culture-Gates: Exposing Professional Gate-keeping Processes in Music and New Media Arts. more >

New Media Arts: New Funding Models

New Media Art/ New Funding Models report investigates the current state of funding for new media artists. The emphasis is on the support structures for innovative creative work that utilizes advances technologies as the main vehicle for artistic practice. more >

New Media Art/New Funding Models

Investigates the current state of funding for new media artists, with an emphasis on the support structures for innovative creative work that utilizes advanced technologies as the main vehicle for artistic practice. more >


    Con Julian Assange como orador central abre el Foro de Cultura Digital

    Para reflexionar sobre problemas y desafíos que enfrentan las industrias culturales argentinas en tiempos digitales y pensar avances sobre derechos de usuarios y productores, se realizará el Foro de Cultura Digital 2015 en el Centro Cultural Kirchner, una serie de conferencias. more >

    MinC apresenta suas ações para digitalizar acervos culturais

    Tainacam é a deusa tupi das constelações. Seu nome batiza uma ferramenta que está sendo desenvolvida pelo Ministério da Cultura, em parceria com a Universidade Federal de Goiás, em software livre e de forma colaborativa. more >

    Aprueban en Querétaro derecho de los jóvenes a acceder a Internet

    Eunice Arias dijo que toda persona tiene derecho a acceder de forma libre a las tecnologías de la información y a la comunicación more >

    Digital project could lead Cook Islands Maori revival

    An award-winning online database is hoping to play a part in reviving the Cook Islands Maori language. more >

    Cultura 24: El nuevo canal online del Ministerio de Cultura ,

    Este jueves 21 de mayo el Ministerio de Cultura lanzará de manera oficial el canal web Cultura 24, un espacio promovido por la Dirección de Artes del Ministerio. more >

    Representantes do audiovisual brasileiro apresentam sugestões para o setor

    Representantes do audiovisual brasileiro entregaram ao ministro da Cultura, Juca Ferreira, na tarde dessa segunda-feira (11), dois documentos apresentando ideias e sugerindo ajustes no setor. Entre as demandas estão fortalecer e fomentar o setor do audiovisual, rever e aprimorar a legislação federal, diminuir a burocracia e aquecer o mercado interno com produções nacionais. more >

    Apps colombianas impulsan la cultura del país y el mundo

    Con el apoyo de, una iniciativa del Ministerio de las Tics, los amantes del mundo de la cultura, el arte y la literatura ya podrán disfrutar de sus hobbies gracias a cuatro aplicaciones, diseñadas por emprendedores colombianos, que impulsan actividades relacionadas con exposiciones artísticas, cine, literatura, entre otros. more >

    Las nuevas tecnologías inciden en la creación y difusión del arte y la cultura: Rossana Ponzanelli

    El desarrollo de los recursos y herramientas digitales da pie a una interdisciplina que debe aprovecharse, advierte la especialista. more >

    El videojuego Preguntados, de Interés Cultural

    La aplicación móvil fue distinguida por el Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación. more >

    Video Game ‘Preguntados’ declared of Cultural Interest

    The mobile application was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina.  more >

    "Chile Arch": Ministra Barattini destaca aplicación de celulares que difunde la arquitectura como expresión cultural

    Iniciativa conjunta del Área de Arquitectura del Consejo de Cultura, ArchDaily y Ediciones Puro Chile, está disponible  para teléfonos móviles inteligentes. more >

    Mauritius and Seychelles are Africa’s top technology centres

    Islands Mauritius and Seychelles are edging out bigger African countries when it comes their state of information and communications technology (ICT) sectors.   more >

    $1.5 million to support national digital platform for the distribution and dissemination of media artworks

    The platform will support the distribution and dissemination of independent media artworks, making thousands of works available to programmers, curators, directors, artists and the general public. more >

    1,5 M$ pour soutenir une plateforme nationale numérique de distribution et de diffusion d’œuvres d’arts médiatiques

    Le Conseil des arts du Canada a annoncé aujourd’hui un investissement de 1,5 million de dollars pour soutenir la création d’une plateforme nationale de distribution et de diffusion numérique de films et de vidéos canadiens indépendants qui permettra aux programmateurs, aux conservateurs, aux réalisateurs, aux artistes et au grand public d’avoir accès à des milliers d’œuvres d’arts médiatiques indépendantes. more >

    Sónar reinventa Sónar+D, transformado en un congreso internacional sobre creatividad y tecnología

    El festival de música avanzada refuerza su programa con un encuentro que reunirá a emprendedores, artistas, empresas e investigadores del área de las industrias creativas more >

    Call for Presenters - Convergence: An International Summit on Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology

    The Banff Centre is seeking national and international presenters on subjects related to interdisciplinary arts practices that engage with digital arts, for presentation at Convergence, November 27-30, 2014. more >

    Appel de Conférenciers - Convergence: Un sommet international sur les arts interdisciplinaires et la technologie

    Le Banff Centre est à la recherche de conférenciers sur les scènes nationale et internationale spécialisés dans les arts interdisciplinaires explorant les arts numériques pour le sommet Convergence qui se déroulera du 27 au 30 novembre 2014. more >

    DanceTag app connects people globally through dance

    A new app has been created to get people dancing, thanks to Arts Council England, Nesta and the Arts and Humanities Research Council funded Digital R&D Fund for the Arts. more >

    Digital R&D Fund: open for applications, publishes new report on digital culture

    A partnership between Arts Council England, Nesta and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts, has published a new report presenting the findings of a survey, called Digital Culture: How arts and cultural organisations in England use technology.  more >

    Dialogan sobre desafíos para el desarrollo de las Artes Escénicas

    En entrevista con Notimex, Mariana Aymerich, coordinadora general del coloquio del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Fonca), que se realiza en el marco del VI Encuentro de las Artes Escénicas, del 11 al 15 de octubre, señaló que son especialistas en la materia las que abordan temas como el Desarrollo Digital para las Artes. more >

    BBC to increase funding for arts programming by 20 per cent

    The BBC's director-general, Tony Hall, is to announce a raft of new arts programming, including TV series about aspiring British amateur artists, great Scottish writers and a history of Britain by Simon Schama told through portraiture more >

    Conaculta participa en la Semana del Emprendedor a través del Centro de Cultura Digital

    Con un amplio programa de actividades que busca mostrar el potencial de la nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a proyectos culturales, el Centro de Cultura Digital (CCD) del Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes está presente en la Semana del Emprendedor, inaugurada por el presidente Enrique Peña Nieto este martes 6 de agosto. more >

    ISEA2013 showcases Australia’s electronic arts practice

    The Chair of the Australia Council for the Arts, Rupert Myer AM, today addressed some 450 delegates of the International 19th Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA2013) at the gala reception held in Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, in a celebration of innovation and creativity in the arts and in our society. more >

    IFACCA Mini-Summit on National Policy Frameworks that Support Experimental Arts in a Global Context

    Hosted by the Australia Council for the Arts and IFACCA, this mini-summit will be held on Friday 14 June 2013 in Sydney, Australia, coinciding with the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts (ISEA). more >

    “Observatorio Cultural” Platform to Spread Culture Online

    The main idea of the new project is to establish a stronger and easier connection between the three main actors participating in cultural life in Chile – the State, the university and civilian society. In this sense, Minister of Culture Luciano Cruz-Coke declared the main challenge to face is how people perceive culture, how they react, and how they adapt themselves to it. more >

    A set of policies for audiovisual culture

    The Ministry of Education and Culture has prepared a set of policies for audiovisual culture. The policies are based on changes in the operating environment brought about by digital technology, the objectives of the Government Programme and the development of appropriations for culture.   more >

    New mission to deal with French digital issues and culture

    The French Minister of Culture Aurélie Filipetti has launched a new mission, piloted by former Canal+ CEO Pierre Lescure, charged to study cultural issues in the digital era. more >

    Creative industries hold real dividend for Ireland after gaming jobs announcements

    The Chairman of the Arts Council Ms Pat Moylan has welcomed the announcement of additional jobs for Galway by the gaming company Electronic Arts.  The Creative Industries hold a real dividend for Ireland, Ms Moylan said. more >

    Public Open Call for tender EAC/10/2012 - Pilot project "Economy of cultural diversity"

    The purpose of the project is to test innovative approaches to deal with cultural content for innovation and digital sharing and distribution and – in doing so – to contribute to the exploration of new business models respecting cultural diversity in the production and distribution chain. more >

    Arts Council England launches digital R&D podcast series for the arts and cultural sectors

    The Arts Council has commissioned a series of six audio podcast magazine programmes exploring the innovative use of digital technology in the arts and cultural sector. more >

    Digital R&D Fund for the Arts opens and Arts Council England publishes its Creative media policy

    Arts Council England has launched a £7 million Digital R&D Fund for the Arts in partnership with Nesta and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).   more >

    Sylvain Gardel on how the Swiss Arts Council is promoting the culture of game development

    The Swiss Arts Council's two-year GameCulture programme comes to an end in November 2012, by which time it will have spent somewhere in the region of £1 million. more >

    Promoting innovative approaches to deal with cultural content and respect cultural diversity in the digital age - call for tenders

    The European Commission is publishing a call for tenders with the view to launch a pilot action that will test new ways of financing, producing, disseminating or extracting value from cultural contents through ICT technologies. more >

    New digital channel for the arts

    Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt today raised the prospect of a new digital channel for the arts as a part of their future funding agreements. more >

    The Space free digital arts service goes live

     The Space is a new free digital arts service developed by Arts Council England in partnership with the BBC.   more >

    Digital access to arts bid launched

    A new £3.5 million project has been launched to bring the arts digitally into the hands and homes of ordinary people for the first time. more >

    Finnish gaming sector wins Internationalization Award

    Turnover of the Finnish gaming sector increased by 65% to EUR 165 million in 2011.
    Finland’s fast-growing gaming cluster has been presented with the Internationalization Award of the President of the Republic. more >

    £1/2 Million Research Fund To Stimulate Digital Innovation in Scottish Arts and Culture

    Creative Scotland, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) today (17 January 2012) announces the Digital R&D Fund for Scottish Arts and Culture, a new £500,000 fund to help projects harness digital technologies to connect with wider audiences and explore new ways of working. more >

    Building digital capacity film and audio workshops

    Booking is now open for January and February's Building digital capacity for the arts workshops, with more workshops being announced later in the year. more >

    Creative Economy, digital content and development

    Creative economy and digital content as part of development will be the theme of Code Arena that will take place on 23-25 November in Brasilia. The event is organised by the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Plannig and the Federal District Cobre Technology in partnerhip with IPEA and forms part of the 2nd Conference on Development. more >

    Mapping New Media in Pakistan

    The study offers an insight at what is happening in the area of new media in Pakistan. Who are the people? Who are the organizations and groups involved? How have they gotten there? What are the similarities and differences in the new sectors? The focus is not on ‘new media art’ but on ‘new media technologies‘, their contexts and consequences. more >

    Arts Council England and the BBC take a leap into digital space

    Arts Council England and the BBC have today (Monday 14 November) announced a partnership to create The Space – an experimental digital arts media service and commissioning programme that could help to transform the way people connect with, and experience, arts and culture. more >

    Eight pioneering projects selected to receive Digital R&D funding

    Eight pioneering projects that will harness digital technologies for the benefit of the arts and cultural sector have been selected to receive funding from the Digital R&D Fund for Arts and Culture, run by Arts Council England, the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and NESTA. more >

    Video games are 'art' eligible for your tax dollars

    One man's Boticelli is another's Duke Nukem Forever. That's the view of the National Endowment for the Arts, which announced this week that "interactive games" will be just one of the new media eligible for federal funding through the NEA's "Arts in Media" program. more >

    New Media Lifes - research on new media workers in Asia and Europe

    The New Media Workers Research Platform, which happened in Shanghai, China, in 2010, explored the living and working conditions of new media workers in Asia and Europe. more >

    Have you ever dreamt of playing music with a joystick?

    Join orchestra and embark on an amazing journey across sound, image, technology and culture! more >

    We publish Digital audiences: engagement with arts and culture online

    Today, Wednesday 24 November, we published Digital audiences: engagement with arts and culture online. more >

    New Media Mentoring Scheme: an initiative of Arts Audiences

    In this scheme, experts from a variety of organisations offer their services as mentors to arts organisations looking to build relationships with new and existing audiences online. more >

    New restrictions on illegal downloads in Spain

    Spain’s Minister of Culture, Ángeles González-Sinde, has revealed before the Senate that the proposed Sustainable Economy Law also has provisions of closing web pages containing illegal downloads or P2P links without a judicial order. more >

    Mentoring scheme – new media marketing

    Arts Audiences is pleased to announce details of the New Media Mentoring Scheme, in which experts from a variety of organisations offer their time, for free, to mentor arts organisations seeking to build relationships with new and existing audiences online. more >

    A World class Digitial Economy for Britain

    The Digital Economy Bill, introduced today, sets out Government plans to ensure the UK is at the leading edge of the global digital economy. more >

    Chinese agencies fight for control of Web game

    Chinese regulators are fighting over the right to oversee "World of Warcraft," a popular online game, in a bizarre battle that has thrust bureaucratic rivalry for control of the Internet into the open.   more >

    Greater support for cyber wellness projects for youth

    The Inter-Ministry Cyber Wellness Steering Committee (ICSC) has launched a call for proposals on 30 October 2009 in its effort to encourage and support cyber wellness events and programmes for youth. The ICSC will co-fund successful proposals through a $10 million fund set aside for the scheme over the next five years. more >

    DTT channels agree production investment

    A professional agreement has been signed between the French Ministry of Culture and producers, TV authors and DTT channels Direct 8, Gulli, Virgin 17, W9 and NRJ12 to strengthen the channels’ investment in French production. more >

    El Ministerio de Cultura publica en su web la revista digital Cultura en red

    El objetivo es dar a conocer los proyectos que el Ministerio de Cultura y sus instituciones culturales están desarrollando con el apoyo de las tecnologías de gestión de la información. more >

    China bans foreign ownership of online gaming operations

    China has banned foreign investment in online games operating in the country. more >

    10th International Hall and Colloquium of Digital Art

    The Hall, to be opened on 3 November 2009 proposes to continue showing current work in that field and to boost the exchange and reflection among the creators and specialists related with this new artistic expression. more >

    The most popular digital tools used by art organisations

    How do art organisations respond to the challenges faced by the development of online networking platforms? What are the most popular digital tools and social networks? The results will show you, as a museum professional, the current trends of online activity as a part of communications strategies and it will help you anticipate the potential of online tools for the future. more >

    World heritage sites to be seen in digital 3D

    Some of Scotland's world heritage sites are to be digitally documented in an international 3D scanning project. more >

    Peter Jackson to review Film Commission

    Oscar award winning director and producer Peter Jackson will lead a ministerial review of the New Zealand Film Commission to ensure it is best able to serve the needs of the local industry and community, Minister for Arts Culture and Heritage Christopher Finlayson announced. more >

    Culture Ministry wages war on web?

    Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has prepared an amendment the media law obliging all web sites register with the government. more >

    German culture minister slams own government for inaction over piracy

    We talk about governments reaching agreement with ISPs and the music industry over what to do about online piracy, but perhaps we should make sure governments agree with themselves first. German minister for culture Bernd Neumann has criticised his own ministry of justice for not doing enough to combat illegal file-sharing. more >

    French court to pirates: three strikes and ... then what?

    France's highest legal authority has ruled as unconstitutional a government plan to cut off, without trial, Internet users accused of copyright infringement. more >

    UK's games industry demands action to stop brain drain

    Increasing numbers of the UK's best videogame designers are being lured abroad in a costly brain drain which the UK industry says the government has done far too little to stop. more >

    Cultural blogging in Europe

    Who blogs? What are they blogging about? Which audiences and communities are being engaged? What are the language-specific issues and the economic models? And how sustainable are they? more >

    The Big Idea | Te Aria Nui launches new online home

    The Big Idea |Te Aria Nui is proud and excited to launch its new online space for creative New Zealanders. With new functionality, tools and content the revamped site provides inspiration, networks, opportunities and tools to help creative people seed and sustain their big ideas. more >

    Digital mix for museums questionnaire

    How do you respond to the challenges faced by the development of online networking platforms? Agenda, with the help of Muse, has put together a questionnaire to help clarify the increase in using online social networks and platforms as part of marketing and communications strategies in museums today. more >

    Report and Recommendations on New Media Arts Policy and Practice

    The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA) today published the Report and Policy Recommendations developed from the Mini Summit on New Media Arts Policy and Practice held in Singapore on 24-26 July 2008, and committed to follow up action during 2009. more >

    Debating Scottish media's future

    In the wake of recent controversy about the funding of the BBC and Channel 4, a one-day conference will see Linda Fabiani, Minister for Culture, join a host of experts to debate the findings of the Scottish Broadcasting Commission and their potential impact. more >

    Anime, Manga vie for spotlight at Japan Media-Arts Exhibition

    The Japan Media Arts Festival, a 11-day event starts tomorrow and will display the 170 winning entries chosen from a record 2,146 submissions, a quarter from 44 other countries. Backed by the Ministry of Culture, the organizers awarded prizes for media-based works in four categories: art, manga, entertainment and animation. more >

    Cambodia plans to regulate internet and blogging

    Cambodia’s Ministry of Information is drafting a law that will extend the current print media regulations to other forms of media, including the internet. According to unofficial surveys, there are more than 70,000 regular Internet users in Cambodia today. more >

    Regulatory review of digital broadcasting

    The purpose of the regulatory review of digital broadcasting is to examine the current environment and emerging market and technology developments to ensure the regulatory regime for broadcasting is up-to-date and future-proofed for the converging environment.  The review was requested by Cabinet in May 2006 when taking decisions to support the transition to digital television. more >

    National Heritage Board launches first online gaming competition to boost heritage- awareness among youths.

    An online gaming competition entitled Mission Darkstar - Heritage Gaming Redefined has just been launched. Mission Darkstar aims to reach out to the younger generation aged between 17 and 35. Competitors will have to incorproate parts of Singapore's history and heritage into their game designs. more >

    Celebrities back Doha Centre for Media Freedom

    Golden Globe-winning actress and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow, are among the big names who make up the Doha Centre for Media Freedom's Advisory Council and Board of Governors. more >

    Gris Gris Film Embroiled in Controversy

    No More Gris Gris claims that the Film entitled “Een Buitengewone Werk van Schoonheid,” is Anti-American and Disgusting, among other Criticisms, and they are calling on a Boycott of any American Theatre which elects to Exhibit the Movie. more >

    Vietnamese drama disqualified from Oscars’ consideration

    The only potential Vietnamese candidate to compete in the 81st Academy Awards next February has lost the right to enter the movie industry event.  The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism announced it has disqualified Rung den (Black Forest) from vying for the Best Foreign Language Oscar category. more > has a new interface have been working away to create a new and improved platform. more >

    Alt-w: new directions in Scottish digital culture

    The Scottish Arts Council has joined forces with Scottish Screen to support Alt-w, a fund for practitioners based in Scotland to make and develop new web-based or digital artworks, devices and creative applications. more >

    ASEF/IFACCA to host mini-summit on new media arts policy

    The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and IFACCA are co-hosting a mini-summit on government support for new media arts practice in Singapore this week. more >

    Around the Arts: Panel review important to the arts

    An behind-the-scenes look at issues in supporting new media arts via peer-review panels. more >

    E-culture event to celebrate Korean IT culture

    The Seoul e-culture festival, making its debut on July 7, aims to bring the usual offline activities of arts and other performances into the online scene to suggest a whole new way of experiencing of cultural activities. more >

    Una apuesta por la cultura audiovisual y digital

    Está abierta la convocatoria 'Apropiación de la cultura audiovisual y digital', que hace parte del Plan Audiovisual Nacional – PAN y del Proyecto de Cultura Digital que viene desarrollando el Ministerio de Cultura en todo el país. more >

    Ministry of Culture commits to supporting audiovisual and digital culture

    The Ministry is calling for proposals to the grant programme ‘Appropriation of audiovisual and digital culture’. more >

    Australia Council launches next wave virtual world arts initiative

    The Australia Council for the Arts today announced its latest virtual world initiative – MMUVE it! – offering up to $30,000 for a collaborative arts project in any massive multi-user virtual environment (MMUVE). more >

    Australia Council and ABC TV help artists go digital

    A new strategic partnership between the Australia Council for the Arts and ABC TV will give Australians greater access to more of the Australian arts across ABC TV’s expanding digital delivery platforms. more >

    Support for new media art: your help please

    Our latest D'Art question (the 33rd) on how government agencies support 'new media' arts will be used to prepare for a mini-summit in Singapore in July 2008. more >

    New arts body embraces computer games

    Creative Scotland vows to take technology under its wing. more >

    Are Tax Credits for 'Cultural' Games a Good Thing?

    Should video games with 'cultural value' receive government support? more >

    Turning creative in a digital world

    Arts grants and prizes contribute to promoting and supporting new media arts, though they remain scarce. more >

    Australia Council introduces 'The Story of the Future'

    The Story of the Future is a strategic initiative that aims to develop Australian writing and narratives for digital media. more >

    Australia Council for the Arts to co-host virtual artists' forum

    The Australia Council for the Arts, in partnership with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), will host its first ever artist forum in Second Life. more >

    Australia Council Embraces New Media Art

    The Australia Council has reaffirmed its commitment to media arts practice after endorsing the recommendations of the New Media Arts Scoping Study presented to it last month. more >


    In August 2004 the Arts Council of Finland, m-cult and IFACCA co-hosted a 'mini-summit' on media arts and media culture policy in Helsinki, Finland. The mini-summit resulted in the release of the 'Helsinki Agenda', which recommended further actions be taken by IFACCA. The IFACCA response seeks comments and feedback on a process by which IFACCA can further work on new media arts support and gauge interest among members in establishing an ongoing network. more >

    New media culture policy recommendations released

    A strategy for the international development of new media culture policy, the Helsinki Agenda, has been proposed by the participants in the expert meeting on media arts and media culture policy which took place on 22-23 August. The paper outlines the values of new media culture, provides 11 recommendations and three proposals for further action. The meeting was co-hosted by IFACCA, the Arts Council of Finland and m-cult centre for new media culture during ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art. more >

    Helsinki to host IFACCA's first Mini-Summit

    m-cult, centre for new media culture in association with Arts Council of Finland and IFACCA will host an expert meeting on 22-23 August to share information on policies to support media arts and new media culture. With participants from Canada, India, the Netherlands, England, Thailand and Australia, the meeting is bound to generate an interesting debate. Reports on the meeting will be published online by IFACCA and the Arts Council of Finland will pubIish (in English) a special edition of their quarterly magazine, ARSIS. The meeting is held in affiliation with ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art 12-22 August 2004. The mini-summit will also aim to:
    * assess implementation of new media policy, both models of best practice and failures
    * understand the implications of media arts-specific policy in relation to a model where "new media" is supported across the spectrum of all art forms
    * discuss new media culture policy, where media arts is a focus area
    * discuss the increasing focus on combined research and production and the challenge the approach poses for traditional divisions in funding
    * discover ways through which international collaborations (productions, networks, non-local organizations) could be better funded: the networked new media culture.
    * develop concrete collaborations, possible funding schemes, statistics accumulation, research and development projects amongst the participants ISEA2004, the 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art 12-22 August 2004, is a major media arts and culture event that spans Helsinki and Tallinn and Baltic Sea cruise. To see the ISEA2004 tabloid magazine about its programme, go to: more >

    France to help computer game industry

    The French Minister for Culture and Communications, Jean-Jacques Aillagon, and Minister Delegate for Industry, Nicole Fontaine, have launched a program through the National Centre for Cinematography to help growing computer game companies in France. more >

    OZeCulture Conference opens in Brisbane

    The 2003 OZeCulture Conference kicked off at Brisbane Powerhouse today, with 200 delegates coming together to discuss and debate a wide range of digital media issues in the cultural industries. more >

    Australia Council announces new media arts funding

    A total of more than A$500,000 in funding from the Australia Council's New Media Arts Board, to be spread among some 40 recipients nationwide, was recently announced. more >


    Foro Internacional de los Contenidos Digitales

    FICOD es el Foro Internacional de los Contenidos Digitales, herramienta fundamental de la Agenda Digital para España y un evento organizado por el Ministerio de Industria, Energía y Turismo, a través de, que impulsa y fomenta el desarrollo de la economía digital española -dentro y fuera de nuestras fronteras- como uno de los principales motores de crecimiento actual. more >

    Convergence: An International Summit on Interdisciplinary Arts and Technology

    Convergence is an arts summit dedicated to exploring the ways that arts practices intersect with each other and with technology in a complex physical and social ecology. The summit will explore what happens when contemporary professional practices in all forms of music, visual and digital art, film, theatre, dance, literature, or interdisciplinary arts cross-pollinate with emerging production and dissemination technologies. more >

    Convergence: Un sommet international sur les arts interdisciplinaires et la technologie

    Convergence est un sommet sur les arts consacré à l’étude des interactions des pratiques artistiques entre elles et avec la technologie au sein d’une écologie physique et sociale complexe. more >

    First Platform Exchange on Culture and Digitisation: "Creating an enabling environment for digital culture and for empowering citizens"

    The First Platform Exchange on Culture and Digitisation is organised in follow-up to a request by European Ministers of Culture at their 10th Conference in 2013 (Moscow) to set up a platform for exchange on the impact of digitisation on culture and to prepare policy orientation papers on promoting the democratic governance of culture in the digital context. more >

    Digital Interventions Symposium: Digital Interventions in Everyday Creativity

    This symposium examines how digital media are implicated in processes of change. It interrogates how people engage digital media in creative practices that intervene in their own and others’ lives, the intentionalities through which they do this, and the processes and experiences involved. more >

    COST Arts & Technologies (CAT) Workshop

    The workshop aims at enabling innovative integration of arts and multi-, inter-, and transmedia technologies and their actual and potential integration with industries and society as a way of enhancing competitiveness and creativeness of European innovation in arts and technologies. The workshop will deliver initiatives and applications enhancing innovation, welfare and greening of Europe. more >

    Call for Papers: 'Post-Digital Research' - International Research Conference and PhD Workshop

    "Post-digital Research" aims at exploring what, in the afterglow of digital art and culture, lies beyond the digital as a form of existence. We are witnessing fundamental changes: not only do we no longer distinguish between online and off-line or analogue and digital practices, the medium of digital technology also seems to hold less fascination. more >

    Electronic Visualisation and the Arts

    Ideas and concepts in culture, heritage the arts and sciences: digital arts, sound, music, film and animation, 2D and 3D imaging, European projects, archaeology, architecture, social media for museums, heritage and fine art photography, medical visualisation and more. more >

    National Policy Frameworks that Support Experimental Arts in a Global Context

    Hosted by the Australia Council for the Arts and IFACCA, the mini-summit on National Policy Frameworks that Support Experimental Arts Practice in a Global Context was held on Friday 14 June 2013 in Sydney, Australia, coinciding with the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Arts.

    Third International Conference on Arts and Technology

    ArtsIT is meant to be a place where people in arts, with a keen interest in modern IT technologies, meet with people in IT, having strong ties to arts in their works. Now in its third edition, ArtsIT has become a leading scientific forum for dissemination of cutting-edge research results in the area of Arts, Design & Technology. more >

    X Media Lab Switzerland: Participation Culture

    XML Switzerland “Participation Culture” has been chosen as the launch event for the Swiss Federal Office of Culture’s inaugural 4-year Digital Culture program. more >


    Cyberworlds are information worlds being formed on Internet either intentionally or spontaneously, with or without design.  This conference will deal with large distributed information worlds on Internet as well as methods and tools used for creating such worlds. more >

    European Cultural Parliament session in Liverpool

    This year's session will discuss the theme "Culture, Media and Democracy", prepared and researched in cooperation with the European Journalism Centre. The session will also continue the topic of the previous meeting in Sibiu "Open Space for Intercultural Dialogue". more >

    Less Remote: The Futures of Space Exploration

    For the first time, the arts and humanities have been officially invited into the professional space explorers global meeting place: The International Astronautical Congress in Glasgow. more >

    Second New Media Arts Policy & Practice

    The key issues impacting on new media arts policy and practice and some key points for action were discussed at a mini-summit, jointly hosted by the Asia-Europe Foundation and IFACCA on 24-26 July 2008 in Singapore, which brought together 54 artists, researchers and policy makers from 26 countries.

    Media and Global Divides

    The congress addresses relationships between media and contemporary global divides, be they historical or emergent phenomena. It will explore the pivotal yet under-researched roles of the media with regard to today’s global inequalities. more >

    ISEA2006 Symposium

    more >

    CALL FOR PAPERS - International Symposium on Electronic Art 2006

    more >

    New Media Arts & Technology

    m-cult, centre for new media culture in association with Arts Council of Finland and IFACCA hosted an expert meeting on 22-23 August to share information on policies to support media arts and new media culture

    1st Festival of New Art

    more >


    more >