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Older artists: policies and programs of support for senior artists


D'Art research report: Policies and Programs of Support for Older Artists
D'Art Topics in Arts Policy, no. 28, December 2007
IFACCA and Joyce Zemans

The research, headed by Professor Joyce Zemans of York University, was undertaken at the request of the Canadian Artists’ Heritage Resource Centre Steering Committee. The D'Art report outlines a selection of policies and programs that provide support to senior artists who are experiencing financial difficulty or are no longer able to work. The initiatives, which come from eighteen countries, are classified into six broad types:

  • pension schemes
  • multi-year grants
  • guaranteed income
  • subsidised housing programs
  • dancer’s transition centres
  • grants for senior artists awarded for artistic contribution.



New research finds arts and culture helps combat loneliness among old people

The results also show that over half of older people (52%) say they attend or participate less in arts and cultural activity now than in their teenage years, with respondents citing better access to venues and having someone to go with as key ways in which to encourage attendance from this age group. more >

Evaluation of the Arts & Older People Programme 2013 - 2016: Interim Report

Initially launched as a three year pilot programme in 2009 and jointly funded by the Arts Council and The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Arts and Older People Programme aimed to increase opportunities for older people to engage with the arts, by providing funding to arts-based projects which addressed age relevant issues such as poverty, isolation and loneliness, as well as promoting positive mental health.  more >

Community Arts and Dementia

The Community Arts Partnership, the organisation at the forefront of the promotion, development and delivery of community arts practice in Northern Ireland, unveiled a new report , “Community Arts and Dementia” at the Belfast Trust’s supported housing facility, Hemsworth Court. more >

Towards a better participation of seniors in education and culture

This publication presents a summary of the results achieved within the ASLECT (Active Seniors Learn, Educate,
Communicate and Transmit) project throughout the two years of its implementation. more >

Evaluation of the Arts and Older People Programme: Interim Report

This document provides an overview of progress towards the Arts and Older People Programme's aims and outcomes as reflected in its Logic Model at Interim stage. It summarises recent research and policy developments and presents an analysis of the work conducted to date. The implications for programme development are also discussed. more >

State artist pensions in Finland in 1970-2011 - Summary

Nowadays supplementary state artist pensions are awarded to artists over 60 years of age. Publication summary (6 pages) available in English). more >

The situation and needs of Canadian senior artists

In 2006, a group of artists’ associations and individuals came together in response to the growing awareness of the serious challenges facing Canada’s professional senior artists. With the intention of developing programs and services to respond to these challenges, they launched the Senior Artists Research Project (SARP) in 2009 to investigate the circumstances, situation, needs and interests of senior artists. more >

It opens a whole new world: Older people’s perceptions of the role of the creative arts as leisure in their lives

Examines the benefits gained by older people through participation creative arts and makes recommendations for policymakers and funding bodies. more >

Journal of Aging, Humanities, and the Arts

Launched in 2007, this journal is dedicated to interdisciplinary appraoches to creativity and ageing. more >

D'Art report: Policies and Programs of Support for Older Artists

The D'Art report outlines a selection of policies and programs that provide support to senior artists who are experiencing financial difficulty or are no longer able to work. more >

Above Ground: Information on Artists III Special Focus New York City Aging Artists

A needs assessment of aging artists in New York City, with an executive summary in English, Chinese and Spanish. more >

Essential Services for Aging Artists

more >

A Guide to the Living History Theater Program of Elders Share The Arts

more >


    Luminate: Scotland's Creative Ageing Festival

    Today, Wednesday 25th July, 2012, Luminate: Scotland’s creative ageing festival announces of a nationwide programme of arts activities celebrating our creative lives as we age. more >

    Old age scheme for artists in offing

    The Information Communications and Culture Ministry is preparing a paper on the setting up of an old age scheme for artists to meet their special needs arising from disability or old age. more >

    Never too late to take art

    The Arts Council is challenging community, voluntary and arts organisations to create opportunities for older people to take part in the arts by developing new community-based projects. more >

    Arts and Older People Funding

    The Arts Council has a history of funding and supporting work with older people in Northern Ireland.  Recent funding secured from Atlantic Philanthropies means that we can extend our work further in respect to the opportunities we can provide older people in accessing and participating in the arts, particularly in dealing with social justice issues. more >

    From Yoko Ono to Leonard Cohen – the old masters finding new inspiration

    Artists who attained fame and glory in the culturally revolutionary decades of 60s and 70s still making waves later in life. more >

    Director appointed to deliver national creative ageing festival

    Creative Scotland, the Baring Foundation and Age Scotland are delighted to announce Anne Gallacher's appointment as Festival Director for a new national festival that will celebrate arts, creativity and ageing. more >

    Professional Development Opportunity for dancers and choreographers

    The Arts Council’s Arts and Older People’s programme is helping to support a professional development opportunity for dancers and choreographers working with older people. more >

    New major arts festival planned with the focus on arts, creativity and ageing

    Next year, Scotland's world famous festivals will be joined by another major event, an inspiring and ambitious annual festival of the arts for, by, with and about older people organised by Creative Scotland and Age Scotland, in partnership with The Baring Foundation. more >

    Creative Ageing: arts and older people

    Over 200 arts participants (aged 50+), policy makers, local authorities and health boards united on Tuesday, 29 March 2011, to celebrate the benefits of a creative older population. more >

    Arts and Older People

    The three year Arts and Older People Programme,launched in July 2010, provides older people with the opportunity to use arts as a creative vehicle to explore and highlight social justice issues through a series of artist-led interventions. more >

    Arts and Older People Programme

    The Arts Council is developing a pioneering new programme, in partnership with The Atlantic Philanthropies, to greatly extend opportunities for older people to engage with the arts. more >

    The artists who invest in themselves

    The Artist Pension Trust could provide a nest egg for an uncertain future. If it works… more >

    Saraswathi pension scheme for artistes

    A pension scheme for artistes who have dedicated their lives for the progress of the arts called ‘Saraswathi’ is to be introduced. more >

    Portrait of the artist as an older man – this time with a pension

    Creative types have their strengths, but not usually in financial planning. more >

    AGE Concern – Regional Support Programme, North East Region

    “I’ve always wanted to do that!”. Arts: the benefits to older people and organisations. more >

    Nicolas Sarkozy's gold retirement for rock dinosaurs

    Sir Cliff Richard and other ageing British artists may be heading for a more comfortable retirement, thanks to Nicolas Sarkozy and his friendship with the dinosaurs of the early French rock era. more >

    Over 70, creative as ever

    The benefits of art have been touted by many; certain areas researched and the stats rightfully marshaled out to bolster interest, growth and direction. There are few studies on its effects on the older practitioner. more >

    Supporting senior artists

    Our latest D'Art research report is on policies and programs of support for senior artists. more >

    EU funds research into roles for older female performers

    The research will examine what roles exist for older women and how decisions are made when casting parts which can be played by either sex. It will also look how women over 40 are portrayed in television and theatre. more >

    Study: Aging Artists Remain Resilient

    A new study finds that aging artists offer a model for society, especially as the workforce changes to accommodate multiple careers and baby boomers entering the retirement generation. more >

    Avoiding ageism in arts funding

    We're always hearing about funding for youth arts schemes, but what about making the arts accessible to older people? A scheme in the East Midlands is doing just that. more >

    Essential Services for Aging Artists

    How does a visual artist age and still remain active? What are the distinct disadvantages to being an older artist, and what are some of the behavioral patterns that might lead to such disadvantages? A group of graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University has recently taken on these questions in a report that outlines the needs of aging visual artists and recommends several changes that may help older artists with specific challenges they’re likely to face. more >

    A new pension fund for struggling artists

    Members of the art investment world have produced a scheme intended to assure artists some long-term financial stability while making money for investors. more >

    Pension fund for artists

    A new for-profit company has formed in New York that will create a first-of-its-kind pension fund for artists. more >


    Culture and Seniors

    The event will open prof. Margaret Omilanowska - Minister of Culture and National Heritage and Wladyslaw Kosiniak- Kamysz - Minister of Labour and Social Policy. Guests of the conference will discuss the activity of educational, cultural and social of the elderly in Poland, and will share examples of good practice in this field. more >

    Creative Age Symposium: Creating Creative Futures!

    Held in conjunction with the Creative Age Festival, this one-day symposium showcases various initiatives and opportunities that are enhancing the depth and breadth of the field of arts and aging. more >

    Creativity Matters: A National Summit Conference on Arts and Aging

    more >

    The Age of Creativity

    more >