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Indigenous arts policy


D'Art Topic No. 22: Indigenous Arts Policy: Initiatives and Challenges

Report: Indigenous Arts Policy Forum, October 2011

Since the first World Summit on Arts and Culture in Canada in 2000, several IFACCA members have expressed interest in facilitating opportunities for networking between Indigenous arts policy experts to discuss policy, research and funding programs for supporting Indigenous arts practice. Discussions at IFACCAs World Summits and regional meetings, and subsequent monitoring of issues by the IFACCA secretariat, suggest that government support for Indigenous arts practice is a common and significant area of interest.

Indigenous arts contacts
In March 2005 we were asked by Louise Profeit-LeBlanc from the Canada Council and Mark Stapleton from the Australia Council to assist with developing a database of organisations (operating nationally or internationally) that support Indigenous arts activity. See the question here. From this starting point, we continued to collect contact information and news resources on the topic which are provided here on this Topic page

Indigenous Arts Policy: Initiatives and Challenges

Then in 2011, IFACCA conducted a survey to gather information about the policy and funding programs administered by national arts funding agencies to support Indigenous arts practice. An analysis of the information collected in the survey was presented in a Discussion Paper that was then discussed at the inaugural Indigenous Arts Policy Forum, co-hosted by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board of the Australia Council and IFACCA in October 2011 in Melbourne, Australia, in conjunction with the 5th World Summit on Arts and Culture.

The author of the Discussion Paper, IFACCA's Research Manager, Annamari Laaksonen, has now supplemented it with information provided by Forum participants and other survey respondents to produce DArt Research Report No. 22 Indigenous Arts Policy: Initiatives and Challenges. We thank the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board of the Australia Council for their financial support to present this Report.

We believe that this D'Art Report and the report on the Forum (see above) make a significant contribution towards developing a more comprehensive and informed framework for discussion and ongoing information exchange. We anticipate being able to hold a second Forum on Indigenous Arts Policy in the next two years.

As IFACCA continues to gather information on this area of arts policy, updates will be added to the Topic page We welcome comments and any further information on the topic.


D'Art Report: Indigenous Arts Policy: Initiatives and Challenges

Since the first World Summit on Arts and Culture in Canada in 2000, several IFACCA members have expressed interest in facilitating opportunities for networking between Indigenous arts policy experts to discuss policy, research and funding programs for supporting Indigenous arts practice. more >

Understanding Aboriginal Arts in Canada Today: A Knowledge and Literature Review

This knowledge and literature review examines a broad range of material on Aboriginal arts in Canada.  Recognizing the importance of oral traditions in Aboriginal knowledge transfer, it also includes information gathered through one-on-one interviews with six senior Aboriginal artists. more >

We Have to Hear Their Voices: A Research Project on Aboriginal Languages and Art Practice

This report outlines a range of concepts within Aboriginal worldviews that may be unknown to non-Aboriginal language speakers. more >

International Symposium on Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, Traditional Cultural Expressions and Genetic Resources: Towards Sustainable Development for Indigenous Communities

The International Symposium took place from October 31 to November 4, 2010, in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. The meeting was organized by the Ministry for Regional Development of the Russian Federation, in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). more >

Intellectual Property and the Safeguarding of Traditional Cultures: Legal Issues and Practical Options for Museums, Libraries and Archives

Museums, libraries and archives carry collections of photographs, sound-recordings, films and manuscripts that document indigenous peoples’ and traditional communities’ lives, cultural expressions and knowledge systems. A new awareness has emerged of indigenous peoples’ and traditional communities’ interests in owning, controlling and accessing this documentation. more >

Plugged in: remote Australian Indigenous youth and digital culture

Even in the most remote Indigenous communities, global influences pervade everyday life and new forms of media and communications are reshaping youth culture. more >

Your genre is black: indigenous performing arts and policy

In February 2008, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologised to the Stolen Generations on behalf of the Australian people. Now what?  In this Platform Paper, mid-career Indigenous performing artists think about their post-apology future. more >

Indigenous Art and the Law

This project is premised on the objective of promoting full recognition and protection for what has been variously defined as Australian Indigenous peoples' cultural knowledge, traditional cultural expression, traditional knowledge or Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property (ICIP). more >

Beyond Guarding Ground - the case for a National Indigenous Cultural Authority

In the past 20 years Indigenous Australians have called for greater recognition of Indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights. more >

Using intellectual property tools to protect Traditional Cultural Expressions/Traditional Knowledge related issues at Arts Festivals

A paper on intellectual property issues prepared for the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts in American Samoa in July 2008. more >

Indigenous Art - Securing the Future

more >

Our Culture: Our Future - Report on Australian Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property Rights

This Report is part of a process to develop practical reform proposals for the improved recognition and protection of Indigenous Cultural and Intellectual Property. more >


    Consejo de la Cultura da a conocer los primeros lineamientos de la Consulta Indígena

    El encargado de la Unidad de Pueblos Originarios del CNCA, José Ancan, aseguró que la Consulta Indígena es “un ejercicio democrático que busca concluir con un Ministerio de Cultura avalado por la ciudadanía”. more >

    Subsecretaria de Cultura dialoga sobre consulta indígena con artistas y académicos mapuche

    Como un encuentro "fraterno y espontáneo" calificó la subdirectora del Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA), Lilia Concha, el Nütram (conversatorio) que tuvo este sábado con artistas, cultores y académicos de origen mapuche, en la capital de La Araucanía. more >

    Through Certification, Indigenous Artists Take Back Their Work

    To kick off Aboriginal Week, an idea to curb appropriation and benefit creators, too. more >

    Ministra Barattini: La consulta indígena es un deber ineludible para la creación del Ministerio

    En el marco de la sesión de la Comisión de Cultura de la Cámara de Diputados, la Secretaria de Estado recalcó la necesidad de constituir un Estado inclusivo y pluralista que considere a los pueblos originarios en la indicación sustitutiva del proyecto de ley que creará el futuro Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio.   more >

    El Ministerio de Cultura publica la Ley de Lenguas en las cinco lenguas originarias más habladas del Perú

    En el marco de la Semana de la Diversidad Cultural y Lingüística se publicó la Ley N° 29735 en las lenguas quechua, aymara, ashaninka, awajún y shipibo, con el objetivo de recuperar y difundir las lenguas originarias del Perú.   more >

    CNCA hará consulta a pueblos indígenas para creación del Ministerio Cultura

    "Es un desafío, pero sobre todo una enorme oportunidad. El Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CNCA) hará una consulta que va más allá de los estándares y que enriquecerá nuestro proyecto de ley de creación del Ministerio de Cultura", dijo hoy la ministra de Cultura, Claudia Barattini, sobre el anuncio que la Presidenta Michelle Bachelet hizo en la primera cuenta pública de su actual mandato.   more >

    Ministra de Cultura anuncia Unidad de Pueblos Indígenas

    La ministra de cultura, Claudia Barattini, anunció la creación de la Unidad de Pueblos Indígenas en el Consejo de la Cultura que tendrá por misión evaluar y coordinar la relación con programas ya existentes la entidad. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura participa en la IV edición de la Fiesta de Lenguas Indígenas en Colombia

    Delegación de representantes de pueblos indígenas de Loreto viajó a la Feria del Libro de Bogotá. more >

    Ministro de Cultura firma con municipio acuerdo que dará vida a Centro para las Artes de Rapa Nui

    El ministro de Cultura, Roberto Ampuero, y el alcalde de Isla de Pascua, Pedro Edmunds Paoa, firmaron el acuerdo que da inicio al desarrollo del Centro para las Artes de Rapa Nui.   more >

    Cultural cooperation

    Cyprus and China on Saturday signed an agreement for an Executive Program on Cultural Cooperation for the years 2014-2018. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura continúa publicación de Base de Datos de Pueblos Indígenas

    Ministerio de Cultura publicó una nueva información sistematizada sobre los pueblos indígenas mastanahua, marinahua y sharanahua, cuyas lenguas forman parte de la familia lingüística pano, se informó hoy. more >

    Escritores indígenas y afro descendientes de Costa Rica se presentarán en Espacio Cultural Carmen Naranjo

    Las artes literarias indígenas y afro descendientes de Costa Rica se podrán escuchar el lunes 2 de diciembre, en el Espacio Cultural Carmen Naranjo, instancia del Colegio de Costa Rica del Ministerio de Cultura y Juventud. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura publicó la Base de Datos de Pueblos Indígenas

    El Ministerio de Cultura publicó ayer la Base de Datos de Pueblos Indígenas luego de dos años de promulgada la Ley de Consulta Previa. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura declara Patrimonio Cultural a la Danza Negrería de Huayllay

    Esta tradición de la comunidad campesina de San Juan, se representa en honor al Niño Jesús, entre los días 24 al 30 de diciembre de cada año. more >

    Secretaría de Cultura lanza módulo “Pueblos Indígenas” en el Sistema de Información Cultural

    La Secretaría de Cultura de la Presidencia junto a la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo, AECID, lanzó el módulo “Pueblos Indígenas”  del Sistema de Información Cultural, SIC, este 8 de octubre en el Museo Nacional de Antropología Dr. David J. Guzmán.   more >

    Ministry of Culture launches the "Indigenous Peoples" module in the Cultural Information System

    The Secretary of Culture together with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, AECID,  launched  the "Indigenous Peoples'  module in the Cultural Information System SIC on 8 October at the National Museum of Anthropology. more >

    II Encuentro Mesoamericano de Artistas Indígenas

    El II Encuentro Mesoamericano de Artistas Indígenas, se estará realizando en la ciudad de Guatemala,  los días 10 y 11 de octubre, como parte del seguimiento al Primer Intercambio Internacional de Artistas Indígenas que impulsó el Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes -MCD- y la Organización Civil Indígena TIMACH de Guatemala en el año 2011.   more >

    El Festival Internacional de la Cultura Maya busca preservar valores, identidad y tradiciones: Jorge Esma Bazán

    Del 17 de octubre al 3 de noviembre se realizará el Festival Internacional de la Cultura Maya cuya programación está integrada en un 65 por ciento por actividades sobre el pasado y el presente de los pueblos mayas. more >

    Cultura continúa su labor de apoyar a los pueblos indígenas

    La Secretaria Nacional de Cultura a través de la Dirección de Asuntos Indígenas continúa visitando a las diferentes comunidades indígenas del país en el marco del Plan Nacional de la lucha contra la pobreza. more >

    Ministra de Cultura destaca la diversidad cultural como riqueza y reto en la sociedad peruana

    “Nuestra diversidad cultural es nuestra principal riqueza, pero también uno de nuestros retos más importantes como sociedad”, afirmó Alvarez-Calderón en el discurso que dirigió a los jóvenes líderes. more >

    Alistan el Tercer Encuentro del Libro Intercultural y en Lenguas Indígenas

    Busca fortalecer el espacio de diálogo para la creación de libros y materiales que coadyuven en la construcción de sociedades plurilingües.more >

    Minister of Culture highlights cultural diversity as richness and challenge for Peru

    "Our cultural diversity is our main asset, but also one of our biggest challenges as a society," said Alvarez-Calderon in her address to the youth leaders.   more >

    El Gobierno de Costa Rica consulta a indígenas sobre bienes y derechos

    El Gobierno de Costa Rica lleva a cabo una serie de consultas a comunidades indígenas sobre lo que consideran bienes y derechos culturales con el fin de elaborar una política nacional y una ley general en esa materia, informó hoy el Ministerio de Cultura.   more >

    Ministra de Cultura y representantes indígenas se reúnen para coordinar trabajo en conjunto

    La ministra de Cultura, Diana Alvarez-Calderón Gallo, se reunió con representantes de las organizaciones indígenas nacionales, a fin de coordinar los puntos de trabajo conjunto en torno al diseño e implementación de las políticas destinadas a la población indígena. more >

    Culture Minister highlights advances in preserving indigenous heritage

    The Museum of Anthropology under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport held a cultural ceremony today in commemoration of the start of Heritage Month which will officially commence on Sunday.   more >

    Ministra de Cultura inaugura Foro sobre Diversidad Cultural y reitera compromiso con la defensa de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas

    La ministra de Cultura, Diana Alvarez-Calderón, expresó durante la inauguración del Foro Internacional Los retos de la diversidad cultural que la defensa de los derechos de los pueblos indígenas es la piedra angular de una sociedad democrática, y por ello el Ministerio de Cultura trabaja en la formulación de políticas públicas que fortalezcan los mecanismos de protección de esos derechos. more >

    Organizaciones indígenas entregan informe final al ministro de Cultura

    El lunes 22 de julio los representantes de una serie de organizaciones indígenas y funcionarios del Viceministerio de Interculturalidad entregaron al ministro de Cultura, Luis Peirano Falconí, el Informe Final del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Institucionalidad Pública en materia de Pueblos Indígenas u Originarios, el cual incluye una conjunto de acuerdos en torno a las características de entidad encargada de las políticas públicas indígenas. more >

    Final report from the Working Group on Public Institutionalisation for Indigenous Peoples presented to the Minister of Culture

    On 22 July, representatives of key indigenous organizations together with officials of the vice-ministry of Interculturalism presented to the Minister of Culture, Luis Peirano Falconí, the final report from the Working Group on Public Institutionalisation for Indigenous Peoples. The report outlines a series of agreements that specify the characteristics of the institution in charge of indigenous public policies. more >

    First Minister visits Manx language school

    First Minister Alex Salmond today personally invited Manx language teachers to the annual Gaelic teachers’ conference in Scotland as he continued to develop educational partnerships across these islands to help to protect indigenous languages. more >

    Pueblos indígenas discuten Ley Orgánica de Cultura

    La formulación de una propuesta de inclusión de un capítulo especial vinculado a la Ley Orgánica de Pueblos y Comunidades Indígenas en donde tomen en cuenta aspectos socioculturales, expresó viceministro.   more >

    Ministerio de Cultura y organizaciones indígenas logran acuerdos en torno institucionalidad indígena

    El viceministro de Interculturalidad, Paulo Vilca Arpasi, informó que el martes último representantes de diferentes organizaciones indígenas y del Ministerio de Cultura, quienes conforman el Grupo de Trabajo sobre Institucionalidad Pública en materia de Pueblos Indígenas u Originarios (creado mediante Resolución Ministerial N° 361-2012-MC), suscribieron el Informe Final de éste espacio de diálogo. more >

    Le ministre Moore annonce du financement afin de créer 2 500 emplois d’été dans des institutions muséales et patrimoniales

    Au cours de la toute première Semaine de l’histoire du Canada, l’honorable James Moore, ministre du Patrimoine canadien et des Langues officielles, a annoncé aujourd’hui l’octroi d’un appui financier visant à soutenir la création d’emplois partout au Canada afin que les jeunes puissent poursuivre une carrière dans les musées et les établissements du patrimoine. more >

    Minister Aglukkaq Announces Support for Preservation of Canada’s Heritage

    The Honourable Leona Aglukkaq, Minister of Health, Minister of the Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, and Minister for the Arctic Council and Member of Parliament (Nunavut), on behalf of the Honourable James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, today announced funding for two projects that will help preserve the Aboriginal heritage of the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation and the Tlicho people. more >

    La ministre Aglukkaq annonce un appui financier à la préservation du patrimoine du Canada

    L’honorable Leona Aglukkaq, ministre de la Santé, ministre de l’Agence canadienne de développement économique du Nord, ministre du Conseil de l’Arctique et députée du Nunavut, a annoncé aujourd’hui l’octroi d’une aide financière pour deux projets qui aideront à préserver le patrimoine autochtone de la Première Nation des Dénés Lutsel K’e et du peuple tlicho. more >

    New application process for indigenous arts funding

    The Australia Council for the Arts today announced a new application model for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts funding after extensive consultation with stakeholders in the sector.   more >

    First Indigenous Cultural Manager

    The Secretary of Culture, through its Minister Graciela Bartolozzi, appointed the first cultural manager of First Peoples.more >

    4ª Edição do Prêmio Culturas Indígenas

    Foram prorrogadas para 25 de fevereiro as inscrições para a 4ª Edição do Prêmio Culturas Indígenas. more >

    New Indigenous arts and culture fact sheets available

    New fact sheets have been released promoting Indigenous culture, languages, visual arts and employment programs and the achievements in the initiative, 'Closing the Gap'.   more >

    Ministry of Culture will offer training for regional government officials on the right to consultation

    From 18 to 20 October at the University "Antonio Ruiz de Montoya," the city of Lima, the Ministry of Culture will hold a training session for regional government officials from around the country. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura capacitará sobre Derecho a la Consulta Previa a funcionarios de gobiernos regionales

    Del 18 al 20 de octubre, en la Universidad “Antonio Ruiz de Montoya”, de la ciudad de Lima, se llevará a cabo una jornada de capacitación a funcionarios de los gobiernos regionales de todo el país; evento organizado por el Vice Ministerio de Interculturalidad del Ministerio de Cultura. more >

    Art leadership: boosting Indigenous participation in the art world

    Indigenous art is making waves around the world but the challenge in Australia is ensuring that more Indigenous people are becoming involved in professional roles in the art world.   more >

    National Culture Award in Indigenous languages

    The Ministry of Culture and Peru Petroleos (Petroperu SA) announced the call for the National Culture Award (PNC) 2012 not only in Spanish but also in native Indigenous languages (asháninka, shipibo, conibo, awajún, aymara, quechua). more >

    Premios Nacionales de Cultura se convocan en lenguas nativas

    El Ministerio de Cultura y Petróleos del Perú (Petroperú S.A) anunciaron que el Premio Nacional de Cultura (PNC) 2012, que se lanzó en el mes de junio para reconocer el arte y la cultura, se extenderá hasta el 28 de setiembre próximo y su convocatoria se hará no solo en castellano sino también en los principales idiomas nativos del Perú: ashaninka, awajun, aymara, quechua, shipibo-konibo.   more >

    U2 and Elton John invited to Guatemala for the change of the Mayan Era

    Irish band U2, Elton John and Spanish tenor Placido Domingo, among other musicians were invited to Guatemala for the celebrations of the change of era in the Mayan Calendar, on December 21, the Ministry of Culture has announded. more >

    U2 y Elton John invitados a Guatemala para animar cambio de era maya

    La banda irlandesa U2, el cantante británico Elton John y el tenor español Plácido Domingo, entre otros músicos, fueron invitados a Guatemala para animar las celebraciones por el cambio de era maya, el 21 de diciembre, informó este martes el Ministerio de Cultura.   more >

    Indigenous award becalmed in stagnant water

    For an art movement uncertain of its immediate future, and afraid the years of gold already lie behind it, the venerable Telstra-sponsored National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award seems the perfect showcase, and Darwin's near-moribund Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory a fitting venue. more >

    Culture Minister asks to value ​​cultural and ethnic diversity

    On the International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, Culture Minister Luis Peirano, greeted all the communities of Peru and invited citizens to reflect on the value of cultural and ethnic diversity of Peru and the need to build an intercultural society and state. more >

    Ministro de Cultura pide que se valore la diversidad cultural y étnica

    Por el Día Internacional de los Pueblos Indígenas, el ministro de Cultura, Luis Peirano, saludó a todas las comunidades  del Perú e invitó a los ciudadanos a reflexionar sobre el valor de la diversidad cultural y étnica de su país, así como sobre la necesidad de construir una sociedad y un Estado intercultural. more >

    Arte indígena: más allá de la tradición

    El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes instituyó la primera Bienal Continental de Artes Indígenas Contemporáneas. more >

    Indigenous Art: beyond tradition

    The National Council for Culture and the Arts established the first Continental Biennial of Contemporary Indigenous Arts. more >

    Record delegation of Indigenous artists for FOPA

    The Australia Council for the Arts is proud to announce that 50 of Australia’s best Indigenous artists will attend the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) to be held in the Solomon Islands’ capital, Honiara on July 1 – 14. more >

    Canada Council for the Arts Molson Prize winners bring new insights to Canadian opera and Aboriginal languages

    The 2012 winners of the Canada Council Molson Prizes are developing new Canadian voices through song and the spoken word. more >

    Minister of Culture and Sports participates in a youth culture meeting

    The Minister of Culture and Sports Charles Batzin, participated on Saturday May 26 at the First Regional Meeting on Youth, Values​​, Art and Culture of Peace in in Sacatepequez, Chimaltenango and Guatemala, Oxlajuj b'aktun. The event was attended by Indigenous Authorities, Municipal and hundreds of young people from the participating regions.   more >

    Ministro de Cultura y Deportes Participa en encuentro cultural Juvenil

    El Ministro de Cultura y Deportes Carlos Batzin, participó este sábado 26 de mayo en el Primer Encuentro Regional de Juventud, Sobre Valores, Arte y Cultura de Paz, Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango y Guatemala, Oxlajuj B´aktun. El evento contó con la presencia de Autoridades Indígenas, Municipales y con cientos de jóvenes presentes de las regiones participantes. more >

    Ministry of Culture developing a plan for the Afrodescenaent population

    "We are working on the design and development of the National Development Plan for the Afro-Peruvian people whose main goal is to alleviate the gaps, both in terms of poverty, access to education, health. This will improve the situation Afro-Peruvian population as a whole ", said the specialist on Afro-Peruvian Vice Ministry of Interculturality, Owan Lay. more >

    Ministerio de Cultura avanza plan de desarrollo para la población afrodescendiente

    "Estamos trabajando en el diseño y elaboración del Plan de Desarrollo Nacional para el pueblo afroperuano que tiene como principal objetivo mitigar las brechas existentes, tanto en términos de pobreza, acceso a la educación, a la salud. Con esto se podrá mejorar la situación de la población afroperuana en su conjunto”, reveló el especialista en asuntos afroperuanos del Viceministerio de Interculturalidad, Owan Lay.   more >

    IFACCA releases report on Indigenous Arts Policy

    Information on the policy and funding programs administered by national arts funding agencies to support Indigenous arts practice is provided in the latest D’art Report released today by IFACCA, Research Report No. 22 Indigenous Arts Policy: Initiatives and Challenges. more >

    Historic appointment of first female Chair to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board

    The Hon. Simon Crean MP, Minister for the Arts announched on Monday 21 May 2012 the appointment of
    Ms Lee-Ann Buckskin as Chair Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board. more >

    Bolivia participates in the development Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

    On behalfof the Plurinational StateofBolivia, FelixCardenas, Deputy Minister ofDecolonization, attended thefourteenthsession of theOASto workon the draft"Declarationon the Rightsof Indigenous Peoples," whichtook placeinWashington DC from 18 to20 April 2012.The session was attended by 36Statesand representatives ofindigenouspeoplesfrom different countries.more >

    Indigenous Experimental Arts Fund

    The Indigenous Experimental Art Fund is a new initiative supporting Indigenous-led projects that benefit the development of contemporary Indigenous media, interdisciplinary and hybrid art practitioners. more >

    Funding for groups to grow and retain Māori arts

    Groups who want to see the arts thriving on their marae, are invited to apply for Toi Ake funding from Creative New Zealand. more >

    Ministry of Culture gave Indigenous integration the first step

    With the commitment to turn to aspirations of Indigenous peoples into rights culminated in the "First Intersectoral Public Policy for Indigenous Peoples," organized by the Ministry of Culture.   more >

    Dayaw 2011: A Grand Celebration of Indigenous Cultures

    A grand celebration and gathering of indigenous Filipino cultures recently concluded in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, where about 40 indigenous groups and clusters performed and discussed issues, exhibits were mounted, traditional games and dishes were showcased and vernacular architecture was displayed. more >

    A culture crying out for celebration

    Hetti Perkins acknowledges her call for the creation of a national indigenous arts institution is not a new idea. But comments by the indigenous art curator have reignited a debate that has simmered for several years. more >

    Australia Council's triple bill of results: developing market demand for our Indigenous arts

    The Australia Council for the Arts is pleased to announce the delivery of three exciting new projects in the Indigenous performing arts sector: the National Indigenous Touring Consortium (NITC), the Emerging Indigenous Producer Mentorships (EIPM), and a National Indigenous Playwrights’ Conference. more >

    Reconciliation action plan

    The House’s first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) aims to close the gap between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians and their fellow Australians by introducing a number of targets across the organisation. more >

    Melbourne wants to be Indigenous arts capital

    Melbourne City Council has set itself a target to become the nation’s premier city for Indigenous arts by staging a new three-day festival next year. more >

    Preservation of Indigenous Culture

    The major ongoing schemes of Ministry of Culture to uplift and preserve various indigenous culture in the country including Assam and other North-Eastern States are listed.  more >

    WIPO Indigenous Intellectual Property Law Fellow

    The WIPO Indigenous Intellectual Property Law Fellowship builds on a series of initiatives to ensure that indigenous peoples are actively and effectively involved in the work of WIPO on issues that matter to them. more >

    Indigenous art code launched

    Art galleries, dealers and auction houses have been urged to sign up to code of conduct aimed at ending dodgy sale practices within the multi-million dollar indigenous art sector. more >

    Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct

    The Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct is now available. more >

    National Gallery launches Indigenous jobs push

    Indigenous artists are a strong presence on the Australian and international art scenes, but their voices are almost silent when it comes to leadership roles in many of the country's public and private galleries. more >

    $42 million supports Australia's Indigenous arts, culture and heritage

    $42 million from five Australian Government programs is supporting over 380 Indigenous arts, culture and heritage projects across Australia, the Minister for Arts and Heritage, Peter Garrett, announced today. more >

    Song Cycles shows Indigenous musicians have a tough gig

    The talent and quality may be there – and so is audience interest – but new research shows that only a fraction of the rewards and airplay is going to Indigenous musicians. more >

    Registration opens for Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct

    Registration is now open for art dealers, including agents, galleries and arts centres to register their interest in becoming signatories to the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct. more >

    Indigenous market enters era of the code

    With the release of the finalised Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct, encrusted with high principles and complex reporting provisions, Peter Garrett's grand architecture for the Aboriginal art market is at last visible in its entirety. more >

    Minister welcomes support for Indigenous Art Code of Conduct

    Minister for the Arts Peter Garrett today welcomed endorsement of the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct by Australian and New Zealand cultural ministers. more >

    New program accelerates Indigenous leaders

    A unique international cross-cultural program will boost the careers of Indigenous Australians working in creative industries. more >

    Four indigenous movements awarded Musgrave Medals

    The Institute of Jamaica on Thursday presented Special Musgrave Medals to four of Jamaica's indigenous movements - the Maroons, Rastafari, Kumina and Revivalist. The groups, according to the Minister of Culture Olivia Grange, "represent the richness, vibrancy and dynamism of our forebears, as they sought to maintain their African heritage while in distant, foreign lands". more >

    Indigenous art code of conduct consultations enter next phase

    Public consultation forums will be held across Australia to gather more feedback on the draft Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of Conduct. more >

    Breakthrough for Indigenous musicians

    A new national Cultural Ministers Council project 'Breakthrough' provides Indigenous musicians with an opportunity to make a high quality recording of the best tracks of their repertoire. more >

    Valoriser le passé

    Le ministre de la Communication et de la Culture, Oulégoh Kéyéwa, a assisté samedi à Kantè dans la Kéran, à la fête traditionnelle Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam. more >

    Valuing the past

    The Minister of Communication and Culture, Oulégoh Kéyéwa, attended Kant in Kéran, on Saturday, the traditional feast Tislm-Lifoini-Oboudam.
    more >

    Making solid ground for Indigenous arts infrastructure

    A report summarising consultations on the Australia Council’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts key organisations has been released. more >

    Consultation on draft Indigenous art code of conduct

    A draft commercial code of conduct for the Indigenous art industry is available for public comment. more >

    Tapardjuk appointed Minister of Language

    Minister of Culture, Languages, Elders and Youth Louis Tapardjuk was given a new portfolio shortly before the Legislative Assembly dissolved on Sept. 19. The new ministerial position is intended to aid in the implementation of the Inuit Language Protection Act which was passed Sept. 18. more >

    Indigenous culture needs a shot in the arm

    The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has 'lopsided priorities' in its support for indigenous cultural practice. more >

    Garrett announces $37.5m in Indigenous arts funding

    Nearly 250 Indigenous organisations will get a share of $37.5 million in federal arts funding. more >

    $37.5 million in Indigenous Arts and Cultural Support

    Arts Minister, Peter Garrett and Indigenous Affairs Minister, Jenny Macklin today announced more than $37 million in funding for Indigenous arts, cultural, languages and broadcasting programs across Australia in 2008–09. more >

    Australian Government responds to Senate Indigenous Arts Inquiry

    Arts Minister Peter Garrett has today tabled the Australian Government’s response to the 29 broad recommendations outlined in the Senate Inquiry Report Indigenous Art: Securing the future. more >

    Training program on documenting cultural traditions

    WIPO will launch in September 2008 a pilot program to assist indigenous communities to document their cultural traditions, archive this heritage for future generations, and manage intellectual property.  more >

    WIPO to Launch Pilot Training Program for Indigenous Communities

    The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) will launch in September 2008 a pilot program to assist indigenous communities to document their own cultural traditions, archive this heritage for future generations, and safeguard their interest in authorizing use of their recordings and traditions by third parties.  more >

    Australia Council to consult further about Indigenous key organisations

    The Australia Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts board chair Dr Chris Sarra today announced the board would extend to September 2008 its consultation with the Indigenous arts sector about proposed changes to the Indigenous key organisations funding program. more >

    Guides to help do the right thing with Indigenous culture

    The Australia Council for the Arts has released a fully revised second edition of its protocol guides to help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. more >

    Code bolsters Indigenous artist protection

    Aboriginal artists will have more commercial protection with the finalisation of a National Code of Conduct on Indigenous Art. more >

    Matsuura on international day of indigenous people

    On the international day of the world’s indigenous people, Director-General of UNESCO Koïchiro Matsuura has released a message on the importance of intangible cultural heritage. more >

    A right of resale? Indigenous art under the hammer

    In light of Sotheby's auction of Indigenous art, it is surely time to re-open the policy debate in Australia as to whether Australian artists - especially Indigenous artists and their families - deserve a right of resale. more >

    Ministry supports grants artistic training of indigenous youth

    The Minister for Culture, Communication and Women’s Rights has announced that $50,000 will be provided to the Wapikoni Mobile Corporation to help train indigenous youth in remote areas. more >

    Australia Council forms National Indigenous Arts Reference Group

    The Australia Council for the Arts has formed a National Indigenous Arts Reference Group to provide cultural insight and expert advice for the development and implementation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts programs. more >

    Proposal for an indigenous art database

    The federal government should adopt a national online database system to crack down on indigenous art fraud, a Senate committee has heard. more >

    Spotlight Falls On Indigenous Language for Academic Purposes

    Education Minister Naledi Pandor says the future of South Africa's indigenous languages as areas of academic study and research is a matter of pressing concern. more >

    Indigenous Rock Art to be Sacrificed

    Australia's Minister for Heritage and the Environment, Senator Ian Campbell, plans to sacrifice some ancient Indigenous rock art in order to build a gas processing plant. more >

    Discussions On Indigenous Languages Still Underway

    South Africa's Education Minister Naledi Pandor says discussions regarding the use of indigenous languages in higher education institutions are still taking place. more >

    Indigenous Languages in Final Throes

    Hundreds of languages disappeared from Latin America and the Caribbean over the past 500 years, and many of the more than 600 that have survived could face the same fate in the not-so-distant future. more >

    ACCC closes Indigenous art probe

    A second major investigation into the Aboriginal art industry has been closed after it was unable to establish concrete evidence of fraud and misrepresentation. more >

    Indigenous Knowledge

    The Department of Canadian Heritage entered into the exploration of Indigenous Knowledge and policy development with 2005’s National Gatherings on Indigenous Knowledge. more >

    $77,710 to indigenous broadcasting in Canada

    The Minister for Culture and Communication and minister responsible for the region of Montreal, Line Beauchamp, and the minister of state for Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Geoffrey Kelley, announced financial assistance of $77,710 to support the management of Indigenous Peoples Community radios on the territory of Nord-du-Québec. more >

    Una base de datos de organizaciones que apoyen actividades artísticas indígenas

    Los Consejos de las Artes de Canada y de Australia le solicitaron a IFACCA, desarrollar una base de datos de organizaciones (con operación nacional o internacional) que apoyen actividades artísticas indígenas. La base da datos será un invaluale recurso, así como una herramienta para estimular el intercambio de información y el turismo internacional. IFACCA aceptó compilar la base de datos pero necesita su ayuda apara comenzar. Estaremos muy agradecidos si responde las preguntas acquí. Agradeceríamos recibir su respuesta a más tardar el Lunes, 9 de mayo de 2005. Si conoce otra persona que puede ayudarnos, por favor reenviarles este mensaje. more >


    The Canada Council and the Australia Council have asked IFACCA to develop a database of national and international organisations that support Indigenous arts activity. The database will be a resource for encouraging information sharing, cultural exchange and international touring of Indigenous arts. IFACCA has agreed to compile the database, but we need your help to get started. If you can help, please take a few minutes to answer the questions on the D'Art question and return to IFACCA by email or fax. If you know of someone else who can help, please forward this request on to them. The deadline for responses is 9 May 2005. more >

    Australian Government commissions Indigenous contribution to French museum

    The Australian Government has announced it will fund the commissioning of a major permanent artwork by Australian Indigenous artists for the Paris-based Musee du quai Branly. more >

    New body to help Indigenous artists in NT

    The Northern Territory Government has established an Indigenous arts reference group to advise it on how Indigenous artists can make the most of their talents. more >

    Museums Australia revises indigenous culture policy

    Museums Australia has redrafted its 1993 policy document regarding indigenous cultural heritage to reflect changes in areas like technology and reconciliation over the past ten years. more >

    International Indigenous Authors to tour Australia

    The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board of the Australia Council is set to host the second Honouring Words: International Indigenous Authors Celebration Tour starting July 30. more >

    New branding for Indigenous funding board

    The Australia Council's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board (ATSIAB) has a new look. more >

    Indigenous performing arts to feature at CINARS

    The Australia Council has announced that it will focus on Indigenous arts product for the tenth Canadian performing arts trade show, CINARS (Commerce International des arts de la scene), at the invitation of organisers. more >

    International Indigenous Authors Celebration

    The Canada Council for the Arts (CCA) has announced that the first-ever International Indigenous Authors Celebration and Tour, featuring writers from Canada, Australia and New Zealand, will be launched in Canada on October 20. more >

    Canada Council focuses on Indigenous art

    A new article, 'Look Both Ways', is available on the Canada Council website, and details the presence of Aboriginal art within Canada and its impact on national culture. more >

    First recipients of the Maori Made Mark announced

    The first recipients of the toi iho Maori Made Mark, a registered trademark denoting authenticity and quality, have been announced as part of an initiative developed by Te Waka Toi, Creative New Zealand's Maori Arts Board, in collaboration with Maori artists. more >

    Indigenous trademark website launched by Creative NZ

    National arts development agency Creative New Zealand has launched a website to complement its recently developed Maori Made Mark for indigenous arts product, 'Toi Iho'. more >

    How to marry contemporary and indigenous arts - the Ilonggo experiment

    Late last year in the Phillipines' second oldest city, Iloilo, a defunct indigenous cultural festival was resurrected. The 2001 Ilonggo Arts Festival might have been concerned with ancient and indigenous culture but the methods it used to expose that culture were distinctly contemporary. more >

    Creative NZ to launch 'Maori Made Mark'

    New Zealand's national arts funding and development agency will launch the 'Maori Made Mark', a trade mark recognising the authenticity and quality of artworks created by the nation's indigenous Maori people, at the Auckland Art Gallery (Toi o Tamaki) on 8 February. more >