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Disability: Arts and disability policies


D'Art Report: Arts and disability policies

D'Art Topics in Arts Policy no.10, September 2004

IFACCA and Arts Council of Northern Ireland

This report looks at definitions, concepts and the terminology surrounding disability in the arts. It explores the types of policies and programs adopted by arts funding agencies to promote access to the arts for people with disabilities and to encourage involvement in the arts by people with disabilities. Examples of initiatives are provided.

The report aims to provide a quick introduction to the major issues in disability in the arts, using examples from the resources consulted, and to provide links and references for more detailed follow-up. The report should be of interest to anyone looking to develop arts and disability initiatives or review existing policies and programs.


Expanding the Arts: A Guidebook for Working with Artists who are Deaf or have Disabilities

This document is a resource for organizations working with people who are Deaf or who have disabilities. This guidebook was developed by the Canada Council for the Arts to support the implementation of its Expanding the Arts: Deaf and DisabilityArts, Access and Equality Strategy. more >

Understanding Disabled People as Audiences 2012-13

This is Shape's first annual report looking at audience behaviour and audience development in 2012-13, within the context of Shape's Audiences services. The aim of this report is to help organisations better understand disabled people as audiences, the barriers they may face and how they access the sector. more >

Arts and Disability Action Plan Training (ADAPT) - Top Tips and Practical Resources

To facilitate increased access to arts and culture for all Victorians, Arts Victoria in partnership with Office for Disability commissioned Arts Access Victoria to create a model of Arts Disability Action Plan Training (ADAPT) and deliver it to key organisations and leaders in Victoria’s arts sector. more >

Handicap et accès à la culture

Il ressort du courrier que nous recevons de notre public et surtout de nos actions de terrain qu’il existe un certain mécontentement chez les personnes présentant un handicap, et particulièrement lorsqu’il s’agit d’un handicap sensoriel. D’une façon générale, elles se sentent les laissées pour compte de l’offre culturelle. more >

Art Works - Arts Employment for people with disability

This report captures the results from national research into employment levels, barriers and strategies around employment in the arts for people with disability in Australia. more >

Transcripts: Arts Activated Conference 2012

The third Arts Activated conference was held at The Concourse in Chatswood, Sydney on 30 and 31 October 2012. In this collection of transcripts from the conference, leading thinkers, artists, advocates, practitioners and producers with and without disability from across Australia and overseas discuss the theme of 'Desire and Destination', to network, debate, and further strengthen Australia’s arts and disability sector. more >

Disability in the Classroom: Current Trends and Impacts on Music Education

From Music Educators Journal. This article covers current trends in disability rights and raises questions about how society’s views of disability influence the music education of students in need of special education services.  more >

Art and Disability: Intersecting Identities among Young Artists with Disabilities

From Disability Studies Quarterly. Disability arts in the United Kingdom and disability culture in the United States play important roles in expressing a positive disability identity. This paper reports on expressions about identity, in both artwork and reflective words, of 47 young artists with disabilities who were finalists in the VSA arts / Volkswagen arts competition between 2002 and 2005.  more >

Enacting change: Disability and the arts in Northern Ireland

From the Journal of Arts & Communities. Disability Arts (arts created by people with disabilities as a political act), which grew out of the Disability Rights movement in the United States and in England in the 1970s-1980s, is not widely practised or recognized in Northern Ireland.  more >

Identities of dis/ability and music

From British Educational Research Journal. Centring on a small‐scale capability‐based case study of music provision for adults with profound dis/abilities, this paper considers the significance of music and music education in people’s lives.  more >

Removing the obstacles: Disability Access and the Arts

This project involves researching disability and heritage state, federal and international legal frameworks and their application for arts organisations and services that are located in heritage buildings. more >

Arts and Disability Action Plan 2011-2013

 The Arts and Disablity Action Plan is a policy within the Australia Council's Cultural Engagement Framework. more >

Focus on Disability & Deaf Arts in Canada

Certainly since 2001 an international explosion of expression in all art forms has arguably made Deaf and disability cultural self-determination a frontline issue for the 21st century. more >

What's special? Opera, dance and music education for and with people with special needs across Europe

Integration of people with special needs- a key issue for our societies, and an inspiring challenge for opera and dance! more >

Picture This: Increasing the cultural participation of people with a disability in Victoria

These reports provide a unique snapshot of a dynamic and burgeoning Victorian arts and disability sector, and identify some of the barriers that we need to continue to work to remove. more >

Raw Law booklet & DVD

Barrister and human rights advocate Julian Burnside AO QC launched Raw Law, an essential guide for artists with disabilities. The Raw Law booklet and DVD package can be ordered from the Arts Access Victoria website. more >

Arts for All | Ngā toi mo te katoa

This is a practical guide to help artists and arts organisations become more accessible, build new audiences and market their arts to the disabled community. more >

Career development among young disabled artists

From Disability & Society. This paper reports on the experiences of 47 young disabled artists and the interaction between disability, impairment and the arts in their educational and career pathways. more >

Building a Canadian Disability Arts Network: an Intercultural Approach

A growing body of scholarship highlights the critical import of interdisciplinary dialogue between performance studies and disability studies.  more >

Disability: creative tensions between drama, theatre and disability arts

From RiDE: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance. more >

Art for art's sake: a qualitative study exploring the facilitation of creativity within disability services

This qualitative study focuses on how creativity is facilitated within a range of creative art services for adults with disabilities. more >

Worlds remade: inclusion through engagement with disability art

From the International Journal of Inclusive Education. This paper revisits the 2007 Disability Studies in Education Conference plenary session, ‘Using Disability Art in Teaching About Disability: Riva Lehrer, David Mitchell, Sharon Snyder and Linda Ware’.  more >

National Arts and Disability Strategy - discussion paper

The National Arts and Disability Strategy is an opportunity for the Australian Government and state and territory governments to make a national commitment on arts and disability issues. more >

Literature Review for an Arts and Disability Action Strategy for New South Wales

This Literature Review explores significant and underlying issues of arts and disability. The review focuses on research conducted in Australia and uses international literature to enhance what already exists in Australia. It provides an insight into how creativity and the access needs of people with disabilities is a matter of concern to many organisations and individuals, if not everyone. more >

Arts and disability action plan 2008-2010

An arts and disability action plan 2008-2010 to guide the Australia Council in its operations, programs and strategies in relation to access and equity for people with disabilities. more >

Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities enters into force

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has welcomed the entry into force of the first international treaty on the human rights of persons with disabilities, after the required twentieth country ratified the landmark convention on 3 April. more >

Las bellas artes y la discapacidad

Blog: Las técnicas provenientes de las disciplinas artísticas se han venido utilizando en rehabilitación psicosocial desde hace más de cinco décadas en todo el mundo. La inclusión de estas técnicas, favorecerían la integración de pacientes con capacidades especiales. El factor primordial e la disminUción de estrés que se observa en los niños que mejoran a través del arte. more >

Disability Portfolio

Guides on how best to meet the needs of disabled people as users and staff in museums, archives and libraries. more >

Beyond the Ramp: Accessibility as an organizational asset

Over the past 15 years many organizations have made their facilities, processes and programs accessible... more >

Disability Equality Scheme

more >

Disability equality scheme

Sets out ACE's approach to achieving disability equality within the arts council and within the arts and creative sectors that it funds and supports. more >

Disability equality scheme

more >

The Mayor of London’s Disability and Culture Research

more >

Accessing the Arts

‘Accessing the Arts’ is a collection of practical checklists and information sheets for arts and cultural organisations to assist in improving access and developing audiences. more >

Drama and the Arts for Adults with Down Syndrome: Benefits, Options and Resources

No abstract available.  more >

Artes escénicas y discapacidad

De Sociedad y utopía: Revista de ciencias sociales. En el escrito se considera la visión del mundo que las personas con discapacidad pueden mostrar desde su propuesta artística, desde la expresión escénica: profesional y aficionado. more >

Encounters with exclusion through disability arts

From Jorsen: Journal of Research in Special Education Needs. This paper examines disability arts and its role in identifying exclusion and barriers to participation within society. more >

D'Art Report: Arts and disability policies

Looks at definitions, concepts and the terminology surrounding disability in the arts. more >

Towards Inclusion: Arts and Disability information booklet

more >

Déclaration Européenne Art Culture Média & Handicaps

Dix ans après l’adoption de la Résolution 48/96 de l’ONU en 1993 pré-cisant les droits des personnes handicapées dans l’ accès aux activités culturelles, la majorité d’entre elles (tous âges, tous handicaps) reste exclue de l’accès aux œuvres, au patrimoine, aux pratiques artistiques et aux médias. more >

Arts and disability interfaces: new technology, disabled artists and audiences

This report (in 4 parts) was undertaken as a New Audiences scoping study for Arts Council England to recommend a suggested programme of further activities and research, designed to enable disabled artists to choose, utilise and adopt new technologies.  more >

Library Services for Visually Impaired People: a Manual of Best Practice

more >

Challenges in Transitioning From a Professional Dance Career

more >

Access all areas: guidelines for marketing the arts to people with disabilities

How to identify this audience, how to reach them and how to provide what they want is the key advice contained in Access all areas. more >

Disability fact pack

Outlines a variety of issues for arts organisations regarding people with disabilities including access, attitude, employment and discrimination. It also provides an overview of the Disability Discrimination Act. more >


    Arts Council England conducts survey into disabled arts workers

    Arts Council England is undertaking a survey into disability as part of wider research aimed at better understanding the experiences of disabled people working in the arts. more >

    Ní Chuilín announces sign language legislation framework

    The Minister expressed her hope and belief that equal rights for British and Irish Sign Language users would attract cross-party support, and that work in this regard would continue when responsibility for sign languages transfers to the Department for Communities in the next Assembly mandate. more >

    Special education schools' curriculum to focus on arts, sports

    Under a programme with the National Arts Council, special education school teachers will be able to work with artists for their lessons; while the Ministry of Education will continue to support schools in PE and sports. more >

    Accessibility in museums: creating a barrier-free cultural landscape

    Accessibility to museums and their collections is a pursuit that is taken seriously by the majority of institutions. But are they getting it right and what new initiatives are being set up to improve things?  more >

    Walled City Music leads the way with UK-wide music project

    Entitled ‘Inclusive Creativity’ the initiative aims to develop new approaches to the composition and performance of music that are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or disability. The project is a UK-wide collaboration between Walled City Music, Ulster University, Drake Music, London and the St Magnus International Festival in Orkney. more >

    A new Magna Carta created in song and dance by young people with special educational needs

    Young people from four special schools in Wiltshire have created a new 'great charter' of rights and freedoms presented through music, drama, dance and the visual arts. more >

    Bibliometro ya cuenta con mil audiolibros gracias a la donación de la Corporación para Ciegos

    Las personas en situación de discapacidad visual están desde hoy más cerca de la lectura gracias a la donación de material literario en formato auditivo que la Corporación para Ciegos entregó Bibliometro, favoreciendo la accessibilidad a las obras en los diversos puntos de préstamo de la biblioteca pública más popular del país. La actividad contó con la presencia del Ministro de la Cultura. more >

    Bibliometro has a thousand audiobooks thanks to the donation of the Corporation for the Blind

    People with visual impairment have a better access to reading thanks to the donation of literary material in audio format that the Corporation for the Blind gave to Bibliometro, promoting accessibility in the most popular public library in. The activity was attended by the Minister of Culture. more >

    El videojuego, el único medio cultural con barreras de acceso

    La dificultad de algunos videojuegos se convierte en una barrera insalvable para numerosos usuarios. more >

    New NEA Research on Arts Participation among People with Disabilities

    Nearly 28 million U.S. adults have some type of disability related to hearing, sight, cognition, walking, and other activities of daily living. The latest NEA research offers the first, nationally representative analysis of arts-participation patterns among people with disabilities. more >

    Buscan abrir acceso a obras literarias a personas con discapacidad

    El Pleno de la Cámara de Diputados aprobó con 352 votos a favor reformas al artículo 148 de la Ley Federal de Autor, a fin de que las obras literarias y artísticas ya divulgadas puedan ser utilizadas, sin autorización del titular del derecho patrimonial y sin remuneración, en publicaciones dirigidas a personas con discapacidad. more >

    New Disability Action Plan launched

    The Arts Council of Northern Ireland has published its Disability Action Plan 2015-18 online. more >

    Funds Support Deaf Artists and Artists with Disabilities

    The Ontario Arts Council (OAC) has established resources for Deaf artists and artists with disabilities. OAC’s new strategic plan, Vital Arts and Public Value, identifies Deaf artists and artists with disabilities as a new priority group. A number of initiatives have been established to support this group. more >

    El Foro de Cultura Inclusiva aumenta proyectos para 2015

    Aumentar los hábitos lectores entre las personas con discapacidad, instalar sistemas de audiodesripción en los cines o la creación del Premio Reina Sofía de Cultura Inclusiva, estos son algunos de los proyectos para 2015 planteados hoy en la segunda reunión del Foro de Cultura Inclusiva. more >

    El Real Patronato sobre Discapacidad acoge la segunda reunión del Foro de Cultura Inclusiva

    Presidido por el secretario de Estado de Cultura, está integrado por el Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte, del Ministerio de Sanidad, Servicios Sociales e Igualdad, el Consejo de Patrimonio Nacional, del Comité Español de Representantes de Personas con Discapacidad (CERMI), y de instituciones públicas y privadas more >

    A million dollar commitment to artists with disability

    Australia Council Chief Executive Officer Tony Grybowski said the decision to extend the dedicated arts and disability funding was made after a successful pilot was run earlier this year. “Last December on the International Day of People with Disability I announced three initiatives - the Artists with Disability Pilot Program; the Council’s Disability Action Plan for 2014-2016; and additional funding for Arts Access Australia to increase career development and employment opportunities for artists with disability,” Mr Grybowski said. more >

    I’m an Artist Campaign to change attitudes

    Arts Access Aotearoa is organising this social change campaign with funding from the Ministry of Social Development’s Making a Difference Fund. The campaign promotes disabled people and people with lived experience of mental ill-health as artists who make great art, often with the support and guidance of community-based creative spaces. more >

    Arte y Cultura para todos

    Cultura presenta este proyecto que incluye múltiples actividades para facilitar el ejercicio del derecho de acceso a la cultura a las personas con discapacidad. Las actividades tendrán lugar en seis museos estatales.   more >

    Mandate to facilitate direct subtitling of TV programmes

    The Government today instructed the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority to conduct a pilot project on converting speech to text. This would allow direct subtitling of TV programmes. more >

    Uruguay sería el primer país en ratificar el Tratado de Marrakech para acceso de libros a personas ciegas

    La aprobación del Tratado de Marrakech, que se encuentra en el Parlamento, garantizará el acceso de las personas no videntes a derechos tales como: la educación, información e inclusión social. more >

    Uruguay is the first country to ratify the Marrakesh Treaty to Facilitate Access to Published Works by Visually Impaired Persons and Persons with Print Disabilities

    The adoption of the Treaty of Marrakech, currently in the Parliament, ensure the access of blind people to rights such as education, information and social inclusion. more >

    A National Disabled Visitors' Card Scheme fit for a purpose

    The aim of the project is to create a single National access scheme for disabled customers and their carers enabling them to access consistent concessions when purchasing tickets across all theatres and arts centres in Wales. more >

    Swedish Agency for Accessible Media assumes responsibility for easy-to-read literature

    On 18 March, the Government presented the bill Easier to Read, on easy-to-read literature, to the Riksdag. The Government proposes that the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media assume responsibility for easy-to-read literature from 2015.   more >

    New Awards Scheme for Artists with Disabilities

    The Arts Council is working with Arts and Disability Ireland to devise a new Awards Scheme for Artists with Disabilities in the Republic of Ireland. Supported by the Arts Council it is anticipated that the scheme will have a fund of €25,000 to distribute as part of its initial pilot phase in 2014. more >

    Limitations and Exceptions: Access to Books for the Visually Impaired – Background Brief

    Hundreds of negotiators from nations around the world gathered in Morocco to finalize an international treaty designed to ease access to published material for persons who are blind, visually impaired, or otherwise print disabled. more >

    New three year programme for Unlimited

    Unlimited’ a three year commissioning programme to support disabled artists in developing ambitious and high quality work, will be delivered throughout England and Scotland, it was announced today. more >

    New Funding for Artists with Disability

    The Australia Council for the Arts will provide a new funding program for artists with disability. more >

    MinC lança editais de acessibilidade

    A ministra da Cultura, Marta Suplicy, lançou nesta quarta-feira (16), dois editais de acessibilidade. Um destina R$ 1,5 milhão ao fomento, produção, difusão e distribuição de livros em formato acessível: Daisy, Braille, audiolivros ou outro modo que permita o acesso de pessoas com deficiência visual ao seu conteúdo. more >

    Inclusión y lectura para discapacitados visuales

    En Uruguay, más de 300.000 personas sufren de baja visión o ceguera. En junio se firmó un tratado para que las personas con esas dificultades puedan acceder a textos y materiales con mayor facilidad. more >

    MYSC Participates At The Education and Information Exposition For The Deaf

    The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture was part of the service providers that took part in the education and information exposition aimed for the people with hearing impairment held in Francistown on the 8th - 12th July 2013. more >

    Topic page on Arts and Disability updated

    IFACCA has updated the resources available on its topic page for ‘arts and disability’ with news, events and publications relevant to this policy area. more >

    Landmark Treaty for Visually-Impaired Persons

    The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) joined a United States interagency delegation in negotiating a historic multilateral treaty that will oblige all nations to establish copyright exceptions for people with print disabilities. more >

    Auckland mayor applauds arts advocates

    Participants in a series of workshops on effective ways to advocate for improved access to arts and cultural events for people with disabilities or sensory impairments were recognised by Auckland Mayor Len Brown at a function in the Corbans Estate Arts Centre, Henderson on Saturday 22 June. more >

    Centre for the Arts becomes the first arts venue nationally to join the Dementia Action Alliance

    Herefordshire’s Courtyard Centre for the Arts has made history by becoming the first arts venue nationally to join the Dementia Action Alliance and pledge to improve the experience of some of the 800,000 dementia sufferers in the UK. more >

    International Online Leadership Network convenes for inaugural meeting

    The International Online Leadership network for artists and arts workers with disability held its first meeting on 12 February 2013. The focus of the meeting was to decide on topics of interest for future meetings, which included international collaboration and managing travel logistics as a person with disability, how to break down attitudinal barriers and a regular opportunity to share leadership experiences and challenges and learn from the significant collective experience of the network. more >

    International leadership network established

    Arts Access Australia (AAA) has committed to leading on the establishment of an international network exclusively for artists and arts and cultural workers with disability to come together to develop skills, build networks and share experiences. more >

    Arte y derechos de personas con discapacidad

    El centro fotográfico Manuel Álvarez Bravo fue la sede de la conferencia Arte y derechos de personas con discapacidad, evento organizado por la asociación civil Gerardo Nigenda, dedicada a apoyar a personas con discapacidad así como a cambiar la percepción que la población tiene de estos. more >

    Personas con discapacidad, productores de arte

    La Asociación Nacional de Artistas Discapacitados A. C. fue fundada hace una década; ha difundido el teatro, la danza y otras actividades, a pesar de la poca ayuda que recibe y de la carencia de espacios que padece. more >

    The Arts Council announces a new Arts and Disability policy and strategy

    The Arts Council has published a new policy and strategy in the area of Arts and Disability, which will assist it to address issues of equity, access and participation for artists and audiences with disabilities over a five year period. more >

    El arte una forma de superar la discapacidad

    El Ayuntamiento de Ávila ha organizado un ciclo de conferencias sobre el “Arte y la discapacidad” del 10 al 13 de diciembre en el Episcopio. Es una forma de romper estereotipos y de visualizar las capacidades de las personas con discapacidad. more >

    Congreso Nacional de Arte y Discapacidad

    El Lic. Alberto Athié Gallo, Director General del Consejo Nacional para el Desarrollo y la Inclusión de las Personas con Discapacidad (CONADIS) participó el día de hoy en la clausura del Congreso Nacional de Arte y Discapacidad, el cual se llevó a cabo del 21 al 23 de noviembre del presente año. more >

    Conaculta and Confe announce an Art and Disability agreement

    The agreement promotes the creation and enrichment of national arts programs in institutions that serve people with disabilities. The partnership between the two institutions is part of the Arts and Disability Congress that will be held on 21, 22 and 23 November in Mexico City, more >

    Anuncian Conaculta y Confe firma de Convenio de Arte y Discapacidad

    El acuerdo promueve la creación y enriquecimiento a nivel nacional de programas artísticos en las instituciones que atienden a personas con discapacidad. La alianza entre ambas instituciones se enmarca en la realización del Congreso de Arte y Discapacidad que se llevará a cabo los días 21, 22 y 23 de noviembre en la Ciudad de México.   more >

    Promoverá Conaculta el arte para personas con discapacidad

    El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Conaculta) y la Confederación Mexicana de Organizaciones en Favor de la Persona con Discapacidad Intelectual (Confe) firmaron hoy el convenio “Arte y Discapacidad”, que promueva a nivel nacional la creación y enriquecimiento de programas de arte en las instituciones que atienden personas con discapacidad. more >

    Deaf and disabled artists take centre stage

    With the Paralympics bringing elite disabled athletes to the world's attention, Emily Wight looks at the elite deaf and disabled artists also showcasing their talent. more >

    Equal cultural rights for disabled

    Chinese Vice Premier Hui Liangyu has called for more efforts to ensure the basic cultural rights of the country's disabled people.   more >

    Signs of times as Melbourne theatre heeds deaf

    When Sydney-based actor Luke Watts steps on stage in Tribes this week, he will become the first member of the deaf community to play a leading role for MTC, according to the company's general manager, Ann Tonks. Watts, who has severe to profound hearing loss, said theatre companies needed to make their productions more accessible to the deaf. more >

    Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality and Ministry of Culture present first accessible multimedia museum guide for people with disabilities

    At the Sorolla Museum in Madrid on Tuesday, the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality (through the Royal Trust for Disabilities) and the Ministry of Culture presented the first universally accessible multimedia guide. more >

    Vice minister of culture announces efforts in production of books in Braille

    The vice minister of Culture, Cornélio Caley, manifested on Thursday, in Luanda, concern about the absence of literature in Braille, to help materialise various projects. more >

    Creative New Zealand sponsors access award

    Creative New Zealand is sponsoring a new award in Arts Access Aotearoa’s Big ‘A’ Awards 2011 to recognise an arts organisation or company that has gone to extraordinary lengths to become more accessible to the disabled community. more >

    Accessible Arts

    The Arts and Disability Equality Charter (ADEC), publicly funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, is encouraging arts organisations to look at how accessible their venue is for people with disabilities. more >

    Australia’s National Arts and Disability Strategy

    Arts Minister Peter Garrett and the Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Bill Shorten, today commended the Cultural Ministers Council for endorsing the National Arts and Disability Strategy at their national meeting. more >

    National Endowment for the Arts to convene National Summit on Careers in the Arts for People With Disabilities

    First summit in more than 10 years to address underrepresentation in the arts field. more >

    Ian Rankin launches drive for more books in Braille

    On the 200th anniversary of the birth of Braille's inventor, bestselling crime writer Ian Rankin has launched a campaign calling on writers, publishers and booksellers to make more books available to the visually impaired. more >

    Disability arts mini-summit to be held in Auckland

    IFACCA is working with the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa (Creative New Zealand), Diversityworks Trust and the International Guild of Disabled Artists and performers (IGODAP) to organise a mini-summit about disability arts policy on 27 February 2009 during Momentum 09, the International Disability Arts Symposium, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, on 25-28 February. more >

    Arts and disability strategy for comment

    A discussion paper on developing a National Arts and Disability Strategy was released by Cultural Ministers Council. Submissions are open until 3 November 2008. more >

    National arts and disability strategy

    The Council Minister’s Council (CMC) has agreed to develop a National Arts and Disabililty Strategy which is about giving people with a disability a greater voice in the develoment of arts policy and practices. more >

    'Seeing' the theatre through new eyes

    The Disability Discrimination Act has boosted a professional service that allows visually impaired people to experience the immediacy of theatre. more >

    Arts and disability website an essential tool, the first all-Ireland website to provide information, resources and facts about arts and disability, is already proving to be an essential tool for parents, families, advice workers, arts bodies and the wider community. more >

    Arts and Disability Website an essential tool

    The first all-Ireland website to provide information, resources and facts about Arts and Disability, is proving to be an essential tool. more >

    The Ministry of Culture is committed to the artistic expression of people with physical disabilities

    The Ministry has just opened the call for proposals to participate in the XV National Biennial of Art and Visual Expressions for People with Physical Disabilities and to participate in the training workshops that will be organized in preparation for it. more >

    Mincultura, comprometido con las expresiones artísticas de personas con discapacidad

    El Ministerio abre la convocatoria para participar en la XV Bienal Nacional de Arte y Expresiones Visuales de personas con discapacidad y en los laboratorios de formación que se realizarán como antesala. more >

    Commission on Culture and Disability

    Christine Albanel, Minister of Culture and Communication, and Valérie Létard, Secretary of State for Solidarity, reaffirmed the resolve of the government to give the greatest possible number of disabled people access to the world of culture. more >

    Commission Culture et Handicap

    Christine Albanel, ministre de la Culture et de la Communication, et Valérie Létard, secrétaire d'Etat chargé de la Solidarité, ont présidé la réunion annuelle de la Commission Culture et Handicap pour réaffirmer la volonté du gouvernement de respecter les engagements de la loi du 11 février 2005 afin de faire accéder plus largement les personnes handicapées à l’univers de la culture. more >

    Melting pot provides next step for disability arts

    Momentum 09 is an International Disability Art Symposium being held in Auckland, New Zealand, in February 2009. more >

    New website for Accessible Arts

    Accessible Arts has launched its new website, with a wealth of information on arts and disability. more >

    Disabled dancers playing it safe

    Restless Dance, South Australia's pioneering disability dance group, has set up a professional arm, where disabled dancers will be paid professionally for the first time in Australia. more >

    New opportunity for the disabled: A decree which supports reading for the visually impaired

    The decree makes reading possible for people who are visually impaired thanks to new publications being transformed into a digital format. more >

    Museums Throw Open Their Doors to the Disabled

    The Venezuelan Culture Ministry has launched a programme, 'Creating Without Limits', to draw in people with a disability to take part in the creative and artistic enjoyment that museums have to offer. more >

    Hong Kong gov't promotes arts for disabled persons

    The government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is seeking more performance opportunities through the provision of a barrier-free environment. more >

    Pledge to make cultural facilities more accessible

    The Ministry of Arts and Culture has pledged R162-million over the next three years to make cultural facilities accessible to persons with disabilities. more >

    Reading Habits of Blind and Physically Handicapped Defy National Trend

    Participants in the Talking Book program, provided by the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), Library of Congress, read more than the general population by a significant amount. more >

    Research examines barriers to disabled people's participation in and access to the Arts in Northern Ireland

    The Arts Council is pleased to announce the release of a substantial body of research examining disabled people’s participation in and access to the arts in Northern Ireland. more >

    Melvyn Bragg on the role of disability arts in the nation's cultural life

    The motion - that disability and deaf arts ought to be dead and buried, ie that we are all in the mainstream now - clearly found little favour. more >

    Arts and Disability website launched

    On the international Day of Disabled People (Monday 3rd December), the Irish Arts Councils have launched a website that contains information, resources and facts about arts and disability. more >

    Abbey Theatre to stage subtitled play

    The facilities, which are being used for the first time in the Abbey’s 104-year history, are being co-ordinated by Arts & Disability Ireland (ADI) with funding from The Arts Council. more >

    Disability Strategy and Action Plan 2007 - 2008

    The Arts Council wishes to consult as widely as possible with all interested parties on the outcomes of the Disability Strategy and Action Plan 2007 - 2008 screening. more >

    Supporting artists with disabilities - EU Contacts

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    ACW Publishes Its Disability Equality Scheme

    Arts Council Wales has published its "Disability Equality Scheme", a follow-up to "Moving Beyond", its widely acclaimed 2005 arts and disability strategy for Wales. more >

    New web resource for library staff working with disabled people

    The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) has launched a new web resource to provide information and learning for public library staff relating to access and equal opportunities for disabled people. more >

    Implementing A Holistic Approach To E-Learning Accessibility

    A paper on e-learning accessibility and culture. more >

    Links between architecture and disability to be explored online

    A new project initiated by Arts Council England Inside will explore the relationship between disability and architecture by looking at the responses of disabled artists. more >

    Arts Council Wales launches arts and disability strategy for Wales

    As the attending arts population in Wales continues to grow, The Arts Council of Wales (ACW) is to launch Moving Beyond, a new arts and disability strategy to improve access to venues and performances across the country. more >

    MLA launches Disability Experts database

    The Museums, Libraries and Archives Council has launched a new online tool, 'Disability Experts', to help cultural and heritage organisations meet their disability access needs. more >

    New Zealand Disability Arts Festival a world first

    As part of the Auckland Festival, New Zealand will be featuring its first disability arts festival, Giant Leap. Featuring international professional disabled artists, this is the first disability festival in the world to be incorporated into a mainstream arts festival. more >

    Disabled Artists Show Their Mettle

    The Department of Culture and Youth organised a Visual and Performing Arts Festival for artists with disabilities on November 13 at Boipuso Hall in Gaborone. The event was meant to showcase the cultural and artistic productivity of people with disabilities. more >

    Festival for disabled artists on the cards

    The South African Department of Culture and Youth will host a visual performing arts festival for artists with disabilities, in line with the recognition of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Creators Day and African Decade of People with Disabilities. more >

    Arts Council England launches new dance fellowship programme

    Arts Council England is set to launch a Senior Dance Managers’ Fellowship Programme to enhance the professional development of experienced dance managers around the country. more >


    IFACCA today released its latest D'Art report, Arts and Disability Policies. Written by IFACCA's research analyst, Chris Madden, with the help of 11 respondents, the report looks at concepts and issues surrounding disability and the arts, and explores disability policies and programs adopted by arts funding agencies. Examples of arts and disability initiatives are provided, with resources listed both by type of initiative and by country. The report will be of interest to anyone looking to develop arts and disability initiatives or review existing policies and programs. IFACCA welcomes feedback and additional comments on the report. For more information on the D'Art program, click here. more >

    New Film Festival For Learning Disabled

    Arts Council England are lending a helping hand with a new film festival, set to provide more opportunities for artistic expression for the learning disabled. more >

    High Beam on disability

    A two-day international conference on the social impact of disability culture and arts will be the centrepiece of next year's High Beam festival in Australia. more >

    New publication celebrates 30 years of disability arts

    Arts Council England today published Celebrating Disability Arts, marking the United Nations International Day of Disabled Persons. more >

    Resource Launches Disability Database for Museums, Archives and Libraries

    Providing online access to a database of 200 trainers, auditors and consultants specialising in disability issues is the latest step towards reducing access barriers in museums, archives and libraries by Resource. more >

    Australia's first international arts and disability festival launched

    Australia’s first international arts and disability festival will be held from November 16-23 in Brisbane, showcasing the talents of over 300 artists from 14 countries in the Asia-Pacific. more >

    Disabled people engage with the digital arts

    Arts Council England has funded major new research into the involvement of disabled people with the digital arts. more >

    Development Officer - Disability

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    Arts And Disability Policies - Can You Help?

    The latest D'Art question, on arts and disability policies, was circulated today to coincide with the International Day of Disabled Persons The query comes from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, which is looking for arts and disability policies from like organisations around the world so that it can refine its own policies. Check out the full query at . We would appreciate any assistance you can provide on this important issue. more >

    Disabled make themselves heard

    The Drake Music Project is using music technology to remove physical barriers for disabled people. more >

    London Arts Disability Research

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