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January 2007

Summary: a Study of Design Policy and Design Promoting

This report is the summary of a study of design policy and design-promoting initiatives in the Netherlands, Flanders, South Korea and the USA. more >

Opening up Space: Toward an Expansive Vision for Multidisciplinary Arts in Canada

A research report by Rachael Van Fossen prepared for the Multidisciplinary Workgroup of the Canada Council for the Arts.   more >

Civil Service - Public bodies

Public Bodies: A Guide for Departments. This updated guidance supersedes the previous September 2004 version of the NDPB Guidance.   more >

Arts Queensland Code of Conduct

Our professionalism and high standards of ethical conduct are shown in all our work activities and are supported in this Code of Conduct by a clear statement of what is expected of us and how we should behave and perform our work. more >

Impacts08 Baseline Report 2006/07

The main aim of Impacts 08 is to develop an exemplary, longitudinal ‘Liverpool Model’ for cultural impact assessment that will measure and analyse the socio-economic and cultural impacts of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture program. more >

CARFAC Copyright Fee Schedule

CARFAC's schedules of recommended minimum artist fees. more >

Study on Impediments to Mobility in the EU Live Performance Sector

more >

Policies for Culture E-Bulletin, Issue 24

more >

Arts Policies

more >

Cultural Policy in the Netherlands 2006: Executive summary

more >

Grant Seeker's Guides 2007

more >

The arts debate - About the consultation

more >

Cultural Policies and Immigration seminar report

more >

Paving the way: Mapping of young people's participatory theatre

more >

Recent Developments in Cultural Economics

The aim of the book is to bring readers up to date on cultural economics. more >

Sponsorship and Taxes

The Budapest Observatory website has a page dedicated to sponsorship and taxes in the cultural sector from a European perspective. more >

Assessing the Intrinsic Impacts of a Live Performance

Attempts to define and measure how audiences are transformed by a live performance. more >

Progress Europe Culture Report

A report on European culture and cultural policies. more >

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February 2007

The Cultural Dynamics Map

more >

Culture 2007

more >

An Analysis of the 2006/07 Governance Survey

more >

What’s culture got to do with HIV and AIDS?

more >


more >


more >

Financing the Arts and Culture in the European Union

more >

This Much We Know: Impact of Creative Partnerships

Four publications that describe and evaluate 'Creative Partnerships', the UK Government’s flagship creativity programme for schools and young people. more >

Cultural Values and International Differences in Business Ethics

Explores whether culture plays a significant role in explaining country differences in business ethics policies. more >

Iceland artists' pay rates as set by Ministry

Iceland's Ministry of Education, Science and Culture provides funding for 'artists salaries'. more >

Cultural Diplomacy

Argues that culture has a vital role to play in international relations, but that culture should not be used as a tool of public diplomacy; the value of cultural activity comes precisely from its independence. more >

Culture and Creative Industries in Germany

A report on the culture and creative industries in Germany, in the context of international and European research. more >

International list of arts law services

An international list of arts law service organisations from the newsletter 67, 17 Feb 2007. more >

Resourcing Dance: An analysis of the subsidised Australian dance sector

The Australia Council has published a report of which the D'Art was a part. more >

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March 2007

Innovate, participate: A cultural policy agenda for The Netherlands

more >

Artists in Figures

more >

New and Alternative Financial Instruments: Consultation draft

This report considers methods of financing arts and cultural organisations (A&COs) which extend beyond the mainstays of contributed income. more >

Review of Policy Research Vol 24 No 2

more >

Culture & Creativity in 2007

more >


more >

Trends in the arts and arts funding: National and international perspectives

Current trends in the arts and arts funding from a national and international perspective. more >

Balancing the Scorecard: Review of DCMS Performance Indicator Framework

Reviews performance indicators for sponsored museums and galleries and makes recommendations on whether indicators should be retained, refined or removed. more >

A Cultural Dimension to the EU's External Policies from Policy Statements to Practice and Potential

Provides insights about attitudes to, and the potential for, a cultural dimension tot the EU's external policies. more >

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April 2007

Involving Youth in Nonprofit Arts Organizations

more >

Resale Royalty Right for Visual Artists: Discussion Paper

more >

Arts Council England's Work with Local Government

more >

Cities and Communities: Cultural Indicators at the Local Level

more >

Disability Equality Scheme

more >

Educating for the Creative Workforce: Rethinking Arts and Education

more >

Free Trade and Culture: A Study of Relevant WTO Rules and Constraints on National Cultural Policy Measures

Gives virtually all answers to questions related to culture and trade. more >

D'Art report: Policy research by government arts agencies: a review of approaches

According to the report, the majority of national agencies undertake some sort of research activity, with all but four respondents undertaking research 'in house' and all bar one agency contracting research externally. more >

Arts Integration: Frameworks, Research Practice

A literature review of research on 'arts integration' or 'interdisciplinary' arts educational practices from 1995 to 2007.
  more >

The European Union and Culture: Between Economic Regulation and European Cultural Policy

Explains why and how the European Union has started to intervene in the cultural policy sector. more >

ECF e-zine special issue on mobility

This special e-zine provides an array of insights on the subject of mobility, and a brief guide to the funds and tools available. more >

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May 2007

A Segmentation Model for Donors

 Outcome of a two-year study of the values and motivations driving performing arts donations.   more >

Towards a healthy ecology of arts & culture

more >

Arts & Economic Prosperity III

more >

Urban Cultural Programme - Full Evaluation Report

more >

Building Creative Partnerships: a handbook for schools

more >

CreateBiz - Business Assistance Programs

more >

DIALOGUE Vol 26, No 1

more >

Taking part: The national survey of culture, leisure and sport

more >

A framework for evaluating cultural policy investment

A framework developed by Frontier Economics for assessing the economic impact of cultural interventions. more >

Turning vision into reality: Arts and culture education in Korea

An overview of arts and education policies in South Korea. more >

The European Union and Cultural Policy – Chimera, Camel or Chrysalis?

An ECF commissioned consultative paper assessing the position of, and advocacy for, cultural policies for Europe. more >

Danish Architectural Policy 2007

Intended as a contribution to a broad and lively discussion on how to retain and further develop architectural quality as a central conduit of culture. more >

Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage: Key Factors in Implementing the 2003 Convention

Is the 2003 Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention up to the task it has set for itself? more >

Fair Culture? Ethical dimension of cultural policy and cultural rights

Seeks to analyse the ethical dimensions in cultural policy discourse and to open and make visible ethical choices made in cultural policy. more >

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June 2007

Intellectuals and cultural policy

Much has been written on the history both of intellectuals and cultural policy. Relatively little work has been done, however, on the specific relations between intellectuals and processes of cultural policy formation. more >

Creative Partnerships Literature Reviews

Creative Partnerships, the Arts Council England's flagship creativity and cultural programme, has recently launched a series of literature reviews, commissioned in recognition of the fact that the programme works in cross-disciplinary ways, drawing on the widest fields of endeavour. more >

Staying ahead: the economic performance of the UK's creative industries

more >

Volunteers with Arts or Cultural Organizations: A 2005 Profile

more >

Arts and Culture in Australia: A Statistical Overview, 2007

more >

Indigenous Art - Securing the Future

more >

Events and Festivals: Current trends and Issues

more >

Mapping Cultural Participation

more >


more >

A report on 21st-century philanthropy and on the role of trusts and foundations in supporting the arts in the United Kingdom

Explores support to the arts by independent grant-making trusts and foundations in the UK . more >

D'Art report: Support for Major Performing Arts Organisations: Preliminary Report

In preparaton for the Mini Summit on this topic, respondents were asked to provide the definition (if there was one) of major performing arts organisations used by their agency, and to rank by order of importance a list of issues relating to the support of major performing arts organisations. more >

UNESCO Statistics on Cultural Industries: Framework for the Elaboration of National Capacity Building Projects

A framework for the collection and analysis of cultural industry statistics across Asia. more >

The social status of artists debate

Transcript of a debate in the European Parliament over the report by Claire Gibault, on behalf of the Committee on Culture and Education, on the social status of artists. more >

Framing Infrastructure in a Cultural Context: A National and International Policy Scan

Through a scan of online policy and program information, this paper explores uses of the term cultural infrastructure in Canadian federal policy and in policies and programs internationally. more >

Planning for Cultural Infrastructure on a Municipal or Regional Scale: Key Frameworks and Issues from the Literature

Explores the contributions of academic research and professional planning literature to understanding various approaches to, and issues involved in, planning for cultural infrastructure on a municipal or regional scale. more >

So, What Do You Do? A new question for policy in the creative age

Explores the crucial role of public policy in supporting the creative economy. more >

E Pluribus Unum: Diversity and Community in the 21st Century

Robert Putnam on diversity and social capital. more >

The social security status of artists

The European Parliament adopted a resolution based on the report by Claire Gibault on the social status of artists in the European Union. more >

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July 2007

From State Intervention to Cultural Synthesizism in Bogotá

more >

The History of Danish Arts Policy

more >

Report of the National Meeting on Arts and Education

more >

Journal of Cultural Economy

more >

Publicly Funded Culture and the Creative Industries

more >

Cultural Trends volume 16 issue 2

more >

Culture on Demand: Ways to engage a broader audience

more >

Value of the arts

more >

Opening up Space: Toward an Expansive Vision for Multidisciplinary Arts in Canada

A research report by Rachael Van Fossen commissioned prepared for the Multidisciplinary Workgroup of the Canada Council for the Arts.more >

Final report of the expert meeting on international cooperation

The final report of the expert meeting on international co-operation in July 2007, on the implementation of UNESCO's Convention on cultural diversity. more >

Choreographing Community Sustainability: The Importance of Cultural Planning to Community Viability

This research project examined how cultural planning can be more fully integrated into planning processes of municipalities to evolve healthier, sustainable communities. more >

A collection of essays on Cultural Citizenship

The concept of cultural citizenship has inspired a recent collection of essays published by Eurozine. more >

Communicating Value: Arts Marketing Summit 2007

Presentations from the Australia Council for the Arts' Arts Marketing Summit 2007. more >

Public Art and the Planning System and Process

A review of current policy, guidance and practice regarding public art and the planning system and process in England. more >

The Emergence of Culture-led Regeneration: A policy concept and its discontents

An analysis of the concept of ‘culture-led regeneration’ and the national policies and policy frameworks within which the term has gainedmeaning and credibility. more >

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August 2007

Multiculturalism: A position paper by the Acting Race Discrimination Commissioner

Australia’s acting Race Discrimination Commissioner Tom Calma has called on the federal government to re-commit to Australia’s successful multicultural policy to combat the ambivalence and sometimes antagonistic approach to multiculturalism in the community which has fuelled racism and racial violence. more >

European Glossary on Arts and Cultural Education

more >

Re-visioning arts and cultural policy

more >

International Comparison on Status of the Artist

UNESCO's World Observatory on the Social Status of the Artist. more >

The Artists Legal Outreach

The Artists Legal Outreach is a pilot project of the Alliance for Arts and Culture. It provides artists in all disciplines with access to summary legal advice and hold dialogues on arts-related issues. more >

Call it a tenner: the role of pricing in the arts

A new collection of essays and case studies that debunks the myths and legends surrounding pricing in the arts. more >

Payment of artists advice at OZCO

The Australia Council's website has recommendations on payment of artists. more >

Beyond the Ramp: Accessibility as an organizational asset

Over the past 15 years many organizations have made their facilities, processes and programs accessible... more >

Bright Stars: Charting the Impact of the Arts in Rural Minnesota

Greater Minnesota's communities are coping with economic challenges... more >

The Law Portal

A variety of ersources on legal issues in the arts. more >

Arts and Cultural Organizations

Overview of available data in the USA. more >

Australia's public diplomacy: building our image

Report of the Inquiry into the nature and conduct of Australia's public diplomacy. more >

International Journal of Cultural Policy Vol 13 No 3

more >

Mission, Models, Money

What can be done to deepen understanding of the challenges facing arts organisations and how can we best ensure that their artistic and cultural endeavours thrive? more >

Performing Arts Research Coalition

A collaborative project created to offer a more unified and factually based voice on issues of common concern. more >

Arts RiPPA - 21st edition

Arts RiPPA is a digest of arts and cultural policy research... more >

Community Arts in Rural Settings

Adaption of a presentation by Ontario Arts Council Executive Director John Brotman at a workshop on 'Arts and Heritage in Rural Communities.' more >

Creative Economy Practitioner's Toolkit

Focusses on the role of higher-education institutions in building local creative economies and lays out specific strategies for community and regional economic-development planning. more >

Region in Focus: The Nordic Region

LabforCulture's region in focus for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. more >

Culture employment in a North American context

A comparison of employment in culture occupations in Canada and the USA from 1981 to 2001. more >

Fees and payments

Artists Information Company has a variety of resources on artists' fees and payments. more >


more >

Disability Portfolio

Guides on how best to meet the needs of disabled people as users and staff in museums, archives and libraries. more >

European industrial relations observatory

EIRO has a number of resources on artists' socio-economic status. more >

Musical Instrument Bank

A scheme to acquire quality stringed instruments to be loaned to established or gifted young musicians. more > is the launch pad for artists and writers looking for self help legal information. more >

Status of Artists in Europe

Research resources that describe, discuss and monitor the legal frameworks that influence the professional, economic and social status of artists in Europe. more >

Status of the Artist Saskatchewan

The Government of Saskatchewan has produced a number of resources on status of the artist. more >

Thematic File on Tax Incentives

A 'thematic file' on culture and tax incentives has resources from a number of countries and an excellent bibliography. more >

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts

Provides free legal assistance to artists and arts organizations who otherwise could not afford it. more >

Arts Law Centre of Australia

The Arts Law Centre of Australia is the national community legal centre for the arts in Australia. more >

Creative Communities Initiative

A venture that aims to enhance three USA community's overall prosperity and build upon their quality of life assets. more >

Cultural indicators initiatives

Canada's Centre of Expertise on Culture and Communities has a number of indicators resources. more >

European Cultural Cooperation Resources

LabforCulture's research in focus on cultural cooperation. more >

European Festival Research Project

An informal international consortium of researchers brought together to analyze the dynamics of artistic festivals and to study the explosion of festivals. more >

Impacts 08

The aim of Impacts 08 is to develop a research model for evaluating the multiple impacts of culture-led regeneration programmes that can be applied to events across the UK and beyond more >

Making the Case for Culture

Six papers that detail the “how and why” culture is key to our betterment. more >

Rural Cultural Research Program

A three year (2006-2008) university-based program on rural cultural research. more >

Unlocking the potential through creative commons: an industry engagement and action agenda

This report evaluates and responds to the outcomes of a forum designed to follow up the Action Agenda’s recommendation that industry "engage with work occurring in the area of alternative approaches to intellectual property licensing, such as Creative Commons". more >

Keep Arts in Schools

A website designed to equip individuals with what they need to make compelling cases for arts education. more >

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September 2007

The Feasibility of a Live Music Economic Impact Study

The Department for Culture Media and Sport commissioned Frontier Economics to explore the feasibility of conducting a study on the economic impact of live music on local areas. more >

Dissident Syria: Making Oppositional Arts Official

The battles between artists and totalitarian states resonate widely across cultures. more >

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society Vol 37 No 2

The Summer 2007 edition of The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society is now available on the Heldref web site. more >

Australia's creative economy

The project has developed new definitions and methodologies for revealing the employment and business characteristics of the creative industries. more >

Development of a Drama Strategy: Summary Report

Sets out recommendations for a new drama strategy for the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. more >

Towards a strategy of support for Professional Ballet in Ireland

Reviews the status of ballet in Ireland and creates a direction forward for ballet’s advancement and development in Ireland. more >

Designing a model to estimate the Social and Economic Value of Public Libraries, Museums, Arts and Sport in Northern Ireland

A report from the first phase of a two-phase project to estimate the potential benefits arising from sports, arts, museums and libraries. more >

Mobility of Imagination: a companion guide to international cultural cooperation

A concise guidebook for the arts and culture professionals, explaining in a systematic manner the purpose and expected benefits of international cultural cooperation, its risks and strategic issues, models and success factors. more >

Inclusion, innovation and democracy: Growing talent for the creative and cultural industries

The creative and cultural industries are perhaps the most visible and potent emblem of the way the post-industrial age is transforming Britain’s economy. more >

Media arts: protocols for producing Indigenous Australian media arts

The Australia Council for the Arts fully revised second edition of its Media arts protocol guide will help Australians better understand the use of Indigenous cultural material. more >

Grantmakers in the Arts Reader vol 18 no 2

Parts of the summer edition of the GIA Reader are now online. more >

Kwaliteit en consistentie. Arts and cultural education in Flanders

A research report by Anne Bamford, following on from The Wow Factor, that applies the same framework to Flemish data to enable international comparisons to be made. more >

Lying Abroad: A Critical Study of Cultural Diplomacy

Examines the nature of cultural diplomacy and draws from a conference on cultural diplomacy. more >

Changing Lives and Places: Lessons from the Cultural Pathfinders

Evaluates the cultural pathfinders local government programme, looking at how cultural services can impact on the priority needs of local communities, deliver shared outcomes and drive service improvements. more >

Cultural Trends vol 16 no 3

The latest edition of Cultural Trends is now available online. more >

Media, Culture and Society in Iran: Living with globalization and the Islamic state

A collection of articles on media, culture and globalization with a focus on Iran. more >

Eurobarometer study on Europeans, culture and cultural values

A quantitative Eurobarometer study to measure public opinion on culture and values within Europe. more >

World Culture Project

A project designed to develop the holistic concept of culture in broad, general terms, and apply it to a complex set of global issues and problems. more >

Arts Management Newsletter no 74

The special topic for edition 74 of the Arts Management Newsletter is 'Theatre Management'. more >

Arts Management in Turbulent Times - now available in Arabic

With the help of Al Mawred, the European Cultural Foundation has released an Arabic language version of its publication 'Arts Management in Turbulent Times - Adaptable Quality Mangement'. more >

Cultural Actors of Change in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova

Reports for each region from the ECF's Eastern Reflection Group. more >

Towards more accurate measurement of the value of the arts to society : economic impact and willingness to pay studies at the Standard Bank National Arts Festival

The accurate measurement of the value of the arts to society is becoming increasingly important in developing countries, like South Africa, where the arts must compete with housing, health, education and the like for public funds. more >

Journal of Cultural Economics vol 31 no 3

Volume 31 Number 3 of Journal of Cultural Economics is now available online. more >

UNESCO Chair in Arts and Learning - Newsletter

A quarterly newsletter on Arts and Learning. more >

Broadcasting policy and globalisation

Volume 4 Number 3 of Westminster Papers in Communication and Culture is on broadcasting policy and globalisation. more >

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October 2007

Design as an Instrument of Public Policy in Singapore and South Korea

This report examines the role of design as an instrument of public policy in Singapore and South Korea. The intent of this work is to assist Canada in crafting its own approach to design by learning from the experiences of these two countries. more >

International Grant Making: Funding with a Global View

In this guide, grant makers describe the benefits and challenges of bringing a global perspective to their work. more >

Trade in Culture Services: A Handbook of Concepts and Methods

A research report that looks at the methods and reliability of data on international trade in cultural services. more >

Cultural Exchange

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication has released two publications on Cultural Exchange. more >

National Arts Council of South Africa Annual Report

While the report reflects the work of the National Arts Council (NAC) from April 2006 to March 2007 (the year under review) it is important to state upfront that the Council was only inaugurated in September 2007, six months into the year under review. more >

Canada Council Strategic Plan 2008-11

The Canada Council’s Strategic Plan 2008-11 sets out the values and directions that will guide the Council over the next three to five years. more >

Grantmakers in the Arts Reader Volume 18, No. 3, Fall 2007

A special edition with a range of essays relating to grantmaking in the arts designed to stimulate debate at the GIA annual conference 2007. more >

Participatory Action Research: Involving ‘All the Players’ in Evaluation and Change

A guide to the 'participatory action research' evaluation method, with case studies, for grant-makers. more >

Festival Jungle - Policy Desert? Festival Policies of Public Authorities in Europe

A research report on publicly-funded international artistic festivals in Europe. more >

Liberalism and Cultural Policy in Indonesia

This journal article explores how cultural policy in Indonesia has been influenced by engagement with two applications of liberalism from the late colonial period until the present, against the background of a changing international climate and political events in Indonesia. more >

D'Art report: National Visual Arts and Craft Sector Associations

The report details of thirty-one visual arts and craft organisations in sixteen countries, plus two international organisations. A summary table provides a quick reference to the main activities of the national associations. more >

International Grant Making: Funding with a Global View

In this guide, grant makers describe the benefits and challenges of bringing a global perspective to their work. more >

Development of the Infrastructure and Support of Live Art in Scotland

Assesses existing approaches and models that support both emerging and established Live Art practioners, investigates examples of good practice from other countries and recommends improvements. more >

Development of the Street Arts Sector in Scotland

Explores the current status and future aspirations of the Street Art sector in Scotland and identifies opportunities for its further development. more >

Inspiration, Identity, Learning: The value of museums

An independent evaluation of the national and regional museums partnership programme of education work, 2006-07. more >

The future is in education and culture

A pamphlet that outlines the structure and objectives of Finland’s Ministry of Education, which directs Finnish cultural policy. more >

Review: Angels in the American Theater: Patron, Patronage, and Philanthropy

An excellent review of the book ‘Angels in the American Theater: Patron, Patronage, and Philanthropy’. more >

UNESCO Observatory E-journal Vol 1, Issue 1

This inaugural edition of the UNESCO Observatory, Faculty ABP, UM refereed e-journal offers a variety of perspectives on the term “multi-disciplinary”, particularly in relation to the arts. more >

Cultural statistics: 2007 Pocketbook

A Eurostat pocketbook that sets out the main cultural statistics comparable at the European level. more >

A research agenda for culture - statistics and indicators

Papers from the opening session at the seminar 'Cultural and Creative Sectors at the Lisbon Agenda', 31 October 2007, are available online. more >

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November 2007

Commonwealth Culture Toolkit

The Commonwealth Culture Toolkit is a new interactive resource on culture designed to help encourage the sharing of cultural work in and around Commonwealth countries. more >

The Artist and Power

Aims to understand artists' influence on shaping the role of creativity in culture, focusing on the concept of leadership. more >

Guidelines for Documenting, Recording and Digitizing Intangible Cultural Heritage

Surveys of existing practices, protocols and policies for documenting, recording and digitizing intangible cultural heritage. more >

Evaluation of school-based arts education programs in Australian schools

An evaluation of four school-based arts programmes which finds no evidence that the arts enhance academic outcomes, but that the arts do impact positively on broader factors such as attitude, engagement, and social skills. more >

Public value and the arts in England: Discussion and conclusions of the arts debate

A report that details the findings of the arts debate, the Arts Council England’s first-ever public value inquiry. more >

A Creative Economy Green Paper for the Nordic Region

Aims to develop policy debate about the drivers of the Creative Industries in the Nordic Region, and to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the sector. more >

The Creative Economy: A New Definition

Proposes a standard research methodology and core definition of the creative economy. more >

Greek Cultural Policy after the 2004 Summer Olympics

A look at Greek cultural policies in the wake of the Summer Olympics held in Athens in 2004. more >

Three articles on culture and Belarus

Three articles on Belarus' cultural policy published and commissioned by the European Culture Foundation. more >

Festivals and events - summary policy paper

A page that outlines the Arts Council of Ireland's support to festivals. more >

Re-imagining cultural action in Europe

Recommended reading materials for the 'cultural rights' session at the 15th EFAH Conference and Annual General Assembly 2007. more >

Code of Ethics for Museums

The ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums sets minimum standards of professional practice and performance for museums and their staff. more >

Culture and development: a review of literature

Culture and development : a review of literature : the continuing tension between modern standards and local contexts. more >

30 Years and Counting: A Context for Building a Shared Cross-Cultural Commons

What can we in arts and culture do to about neoliberalism's creation of hollow selves, hollow cities and hollow cultures?  more >

Cultural Infrastructure: Working Bibliography

A working bibliography focussing on resources about planning for cultural facilities on a regional, city-wide, district, and neighbourhood basis. more >

Culture Stories:Understanding Cultural Urban Branding

Published in the academic journal Planning Theory, this article argues for a narrative approach to the study of urban branding and planning. more >

Journal of Cultural Economics Vol 31 No 4

Volume 31 Number 4 of the Journal of Cultural Economics is now available online. more >

Road to Rinks: Government Spending on Infrastructure in Canada, 1961 to 2005

Examines spending on cultural infrastructure across Canada. more >

London’s Creative Economy: An Accidental Success?

The striking thing about any reflection on creative industries policy making is how many of the issues are not new; they are simply unresolved. more >

Artistic Freedom - Anxiety and Aspiration

Issue no. 8 of 'Printed Project' brings together a range of contributors to think about artistic autonomy. more >

To Read or Not To Read: A Question of National Consequence

A comprehensive analysis of reading patterns in the United States. more >

Arts and cultural education in the Netherlands

Netwerken en verbindingen: Arts and cultural education in the Netherlands assesses the current state of these two subjects in the country. more >

Engaging Art: The Next Great Transformation of America's Cultural Life

Explores what it means to participate in the arts in contemporary society – from museum attendance to music downloading – drawing on the perspectives of experts from diverse fields. more >

The cultural and creative industries: a review of the literature

A review by Justin O'Connor, Leeds University, that surveys the literature focusing on the history and theory of the cultural and creative industries. more >

Final Report: Expert Group Meeting on the Statistical measurement of the diversity of cultural expressions

Report on the UIS and UNESCO Culture Sector meeting on the measurement of the diversity of cultural expressions involving 12 experts from around the world. more >

Focus on Youth: Canadian Youth Arts Programming and Policy

Youth arts is a distinctive type of artistic practice that does more than include youth in existing artistic frameworks;  it positions the needs of specific, localized youth communities at the very centre of the artistic practice. more >

Theme: culture and ethics

Standards and values are an integral part of any culture; hence, culture is the bedrock supporting every development. more >

Offshore brochure: Dutch cultural activities abroad

Offshore is the most complete and current overview of Dutch cultural activities abroad. At this moment (November 2007) Offshore contains data on more than 18,000 activities that took place in 101 countries between 1999 and 2007. more >

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December 2007

Creativity Matters: The Arts and Aging Toolkit

A resource designed to increase the expertise of those who direct existing community arts and aging programs and give others in the community the tools to take the first step—and keep going. more >

The Arts of Democracy: Art, Public Culture, and the State

This volume illuminates the often contradictory impulses that have shaped the historical intersection of the arts, public culture, and the state in modern America. more >

The SAGE Handbook of Cultural Analysis

With the 'cultural turn', the concept of culture has assumed enormous importance in our understanding of the interrelations between social, political and economic structures, patterns of everyday interaction, and systems of meaning-making. more >

Above Ground: Information on Artists III Special Focus New York City Aging Artists

A needs assessment of aging artists in New York City, with an executive summary in English, Chinese and Spanish. more >

Cultural Hubs: an evaluation of year one

Summarises the findings from the evaluation of the Cultural Hubs programme. more >

Creativity and Neighborhood Development: Strategies for Community Investment

Offers approaches and recommendations for investment in arts- and culture-related activity as a strategy for neighborhood development.more >

Statistics on Cultural Industries: Framework for the Elaboration of National Capacity Building Projects

a guide for the elaboration and implementation of tailor-made national projects to collect and analyse statistical data on creativity in general and cultural industries in particular. more >

A Survey of Live Music in England and Wales in 2007

Results of research aimed at better understanding the provision of live music in ‘secondary venues’. more >

Cultural exports

Arsis no. 3 2007 looks at Finland's cultural export project from a variety of viewpoints, with articles on the role of cultural programs in national branding and competitive advantage. more >

Culture within multicultural cities

Report of the parallel session on 'Culture within multicultural cities – Agenda 21 for culture' at UCLG’s second world congress 2007. more >

Social Status, Lifestyle and Cultural Consumption: A Comparative Study

A macro-sociological study of cultural consumption in Britain, France, the Netherlands and the USA undertaken by the Department of Sociology, University of Oxford. more >

Theatre and Development

Six articles on the relationship between theatre and development in three continents. more >

The Status of the Artists in Europe

The Compendium for Cultural Policies in Europe has comparative tables on status of the artists policies and strategies and a listing of key resources. more >

Moving Art: A guide to the export and import of cultural goods between Russia and the European Union

A user-friendly handbook that describes the procedures and regulations for the import and export of cultural goods between Russia and the countries of the European Union. more >

D'Art report: Policies and Programs of Support for Older Artists

The D'Art report outlines a selection of policies and programs that provide support to senior artists who are experiencing financial difficulty or are no longer able to work. more >

The Intercultural City: Planning for Diversity Advantage

In this new book, Phil Wood and Charles Landry ask ‘when will cities stop complaining about cultural diversity and start seeing it as one of their greatest assets and sources of advantage?’ more >

Social Justice: A Journal of Crime, Conflict & World Order

Two recent editions of this journal focus on art and social justice. more >

Sustainable Development Strategy 2007-2009

Focuses on ensuring that the environmental impacts of Canadian Heritage’s decisions are understood, weighed and appropriately addressed.   more >

Freedom of the arts as a fundamental right under the Finnish constitution

A study that explores interpretations of the provision in the Finnish constitution that states: 'The freedom of art is guaranteed'. more >

Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society Vol 37 No 3

Contains articles on arts support, including the Sociology of arts support and case studies from a selection of countries. more >

Entrepreneurship in the creative industries: an international perspective

Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries: An International Perspective is a collection of papers divided in two chapters addressing a diversity of issues within the creative industries agenda from an entrepreneurial and international perspective. more >

Cultural Trends Vol. 16 no. 4

Volume 16 Issue 4 of Cultural Trends is now available on the Taylor and Francis website. more >

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