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Latest Publications:

Cutural Routes management: from theory to practice (2015)

This first ever step-by-step guide to the design and management of Council of Europe Cultural Routes will be an essential reference for route managers, project developers, students and researchers in cultural tourism and related subjects. It addresses aspects ranging from the Council of Europe’s conventions to co-creation, fund-raising and governance. more >

Art Workers – Material Conditions and Labour Struggles in Contemporary Art Practice

The book presents case studies from the local art contexts of Estonia, Finland and Sweden, collects artist-testimonies, discusses activist practices and reflects on contemporary and historical forms of art workers’ organising within the international art contexts. more >

Expanding the Arts: A Guidebook for Working with Artists who are Deaf or have Disabilities

This document is a resource for organizations working with people who are Deaf or who have disabilities. This guidebook was developed by the Canada Council for the Arts to support the implementation of its Expanding the Arts: Deaf and DisabilityArts, Access and Equality Strategy. more >

Policy Handbook on Artists’ Residencies

The OMC Working Group’s mandate was to identify the success factors in preparing, carrying out and following-up artists’ residencies, with a specific focus on building capacity and with the goal of reducing imbalances in incoming/outgoing residencies. The good practice identified should help to build capacity, both inside the EU and when developing residencies in third countries, as well as to facilitate networking at EU level. more >

Culture and Sustainability in European Cities. Imagining Europolis

European cities are contributing to the development of a more sustainable urban system that is capable of coping with economic crises, ecological challenges and social disparities in different nation-states and regions throughout Europe. 

more >

Festival Statistics: Key Concepts and Current Practices

This report reacts to 'the need for a greater understanding of how festivals can be measured and data collected in a standardised, systematic manner based on existing, effective models and current practices'. more >

Culture Strategy Elaboration versus project Management

The new manual is aimed at state and non-state actors in EaP countries operating in the culture sector to promote and stimulate participatory strategic planning practices. This, in turn, will result in tangible culture policy reforms. more >

CPRA 2012: Developing Cultural Industries: Learning from the Palimpsest of Practice

Exploring the connection between culture and broader goals of human development, this research focuses on cultural and creative industries in what is commonly referred to as 'developing countries'. more >

The resilience of employment in the Culture and Creative Sectors (CCSs) during the crisis

In April 2013 the Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) of the European Commission requested the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) a study on “The resilience of employment in the Culture and Creative Sectors (CCSs) during the crisis, the percentage of youth employment in the CCCs, and the projections of employment and growth of the CCCs notably in the digital environment”. more >

The value of creativity

The Council for Culture and the Advisory Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (Awti) jointly have an exploratory study of the dynamics in the creative industry. more >

Evaluating Culture

In 2008, Pro Helvetia and the Migros Culture Percentage jointly issued guidelines for the evaluation of cultural projects, strategies and institutions, thereby making a contribution to quality assurance in the world of culture. A second, revised edition is now being published under the title of «Evaluieren in der Kultur. Warum, was, wann und wie» (Evaluating culture. Why what, when and how). The goal of the guidelines is to provide practical information and advice on how to conduct such an evaluation. more >

Producing Okinawan Cultural Identity in Hawai'i’s 'Multicultural Paradise'

This paper highlights some of the issues associated with the fluidity of identity, and the processes involved in constituting cultural identity within specific types of representation. more >

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian arts

Arts Nation: An Overview of Australian Arts is a new report which provides evidence as a catalyst for informed discussion about arts and culture in Australia. It will be an evolving report which fills a critical gap by creating and interpreting a set of national indicators to increase our understanding of the Australian arts industry. more >

Annual Report 2013-2014: Culture in Motion

Annual Report 2013-2014: Culture in Motion.  more >

Gouvernance mondiale et culture: De l’exception à la diversité

Cet ouvrage porte sur le processus de la construction politique d’un cadre normatif comme celui de la Convention sur la diversité des expressions culturelles et il s’interroge sur les facteurs qui ont contribué au passage de l’exception culturelle à la diversité culturelle et à la nécessité de la mise en place d’un instrument international majeur dans la gouvernance mondiale de la culture. Comment interpréter la nature, le degré et les implications de cette évolution ? De qui émane le cadre normatif, pour quelles raisons, sous quelles conditions et comment ? more >