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Latest Publications:

Report of the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights

The latest report of the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Ms. Farida Shaheed, related to patent policy and the right to science and culture. The report is available in all official United Nations languages. more >

International Arts Activity – Australian Arts Sector

The International Arts Activity – Australian Arts Sector report highlights the value of a strategic approach to international arts development and explores the existing activity and future priorities of the sector. more >

African Arts Institute And National Arts Council Collaborate On 2015/16 South African Handbook On Arts And Culture

A new edition of The South African Handbook on Arts and Culture is now available, published by the African Arts Institute (AFAI), with the National Arts Council of South Africa (NAC) as the primary partner. more >

Répertoire d’outils d’appui à la mise en place et au renforcement de politiques et statistiques culturelles ACP

Découvrez le Répertoire d’outils d’appui à la mise en place et au renforcement de politiques et statistiques culturelles dans les pays ACP. Cette publication vise à contribuer à la réalisation d’un des objectifs d’ACPCultures+  : l’amélioration de l’environnement réglementaire des secteurs de la culture au sein des pays ACP. more >

Directory of tools to implement and strengthen Cultural Policies and statistics in ACP Countries

Directory of Tools to Implement and Strengthen Cultural Policies and Statistics in ACP Countries. more >

Creating Cities

Marcus weaves a local story of how identifying and fixing small scale failures in Newcastle into a larger set of ideas and “why-to” strategy with potential applications in cities and towns around the world. Creating Cities is an inspiring must read for creative people, civic and business leaders, town planners, citizens and anyone who cares about the communities that they live in. more >

Libraries at the crossroads

The public is interested in new services and thinks libraries are important to communities. more >

Cashback for Creativity report

Evaluation report reveals over 21,000 opportunities to engage in youth arts were created from 2011-14. more >

New publication: Directory of Tools to Implement and Strengthen Cultural Policies and Statistics in ACP countries

This publication aims to contribute to the achievement of one of the ACPCultures + main objectives: improving the regulatory environment of the cultural sectors in ACP countries. The achievement of this goal is facilitated by the collection and provision of data on cultural policies and statistics to ACP policy makers and cultural operators. more >

Curators of Cultural Enterprise

Curators of Cultural Enterprise is based on the authors' (Philip Schlesinger, Melanie Selfe, and Ealasaid Munro) fieldwork inside Cultural Enterprise Office (CEO), a small Scottish agency that supports creative businesses. For a year, the research team had access to all aspects of CEO's work, getting to grips with its routines, relationships with clients, and its place in the wider policy landscape. more >

Arts Council Mongolia Annual report 2014

The Arts Council of Mongolia is very happy to present the annual report for 2014. In 2014, ACM effectively and successfully continued its activities while creating new initiatives and implementing sustainable projects. more >

Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development

The main results of the Action have been published in "Culture in, for and as Sustainable Development. Conclusions of the COST IS1007 Action Investigating Cultural Sustainability".  The publication  defines and describes the three roles of culture  in sustainable development identified by the Action and illustrates them with real-life cases. Furthermore it reflects the implications for policies and developing assessment frameworks.  The publication  is addressed to scientific community, policy-makers and practitioners interested in the field. more >

Annual report and accounts

Annual Reports provide an opportunity to look back on the past year’s activities and to acknowledge the most notable achievements. This year the ACNI looked a little further back, to the late 1960s, with the development and launch of the Troubles Archive. The Troubles Archive is an online archive of art relating to the 30-year period of the Northern Ireland Troubles, covering the main art forms from visual arts to TV and film. more >

Post-2015 Development Agenda, finalised text released

Sustainable Development Goals document 'Transforming our world' - finalised text for adoption released 1 August 2015.  more >

How Creativity Works in the Brain

This report summarizes themes and trends emerging from psychological and neurobiological studies of creativity. It explores models for trans-disciplinary research collaborations and it foregrounds artistic creation as a process worthy of more rigorous study. more >