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Latest Publications:

On the ground and in the know

The Victoria-Asia Cultural Engagement report 2013.  more >

United Nations Creative Economy Report 2013 Special Edition

The special edition of the Report focuses on creative economy at the local level in developing countries. It is co-published by UNESCO and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the UN Office for South South Co-operation. The Report is organized in two volumes: a policy report and a web-documentary that brings to life cases and trends, and opportunities and challenges of creative economy on the ground. more >

National Arts and Health Framework

The Framework has been developed to enhance the profile of arts and health in Australia and to promote greater integration of arts and health practice and approaches into health promotion, services, settings and facilities. more >

Culture & Development No.11 World Heritage in the Caribbean

The results of the Second Periodic Report on the State of World Heritage in Latin America and the Caribbean were presented at the 37th session of the World Heritage Committee held in Phnom Penh (Cambodia), in June 2013. more >

Understanding the value and impacts of cultural experiences

The Arts Council wants arts and culture to reach more people, but we also want to increase the depth and quality of their cultural experience. But do we understand what people actually value from their experience of arts and culture. more >

Critical Mass: Theatre Spectatorship and Value Attribution

Critical Mass: Theatre Spectatorship and Value Attribution is a research project looking at how theatre audiences value the experience of attending performances. more >

Arts Facts Overview

Australia Council Chief Executive Officer Tony Grybowski said the Arts Facts Overview was the latest addition to the Council’s Art Facts project.  It brings together valuable information about the arts sector from data collected by the Australia Council, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and industry stakeholders. more >

Punto de Cultura

 Traducción en español de “Pontos de Cultura: O Brasil de Baixo para cima de Celio Turino. more >

Inspiring Prospects: Arts Council Strategic Review 2014 - Report of the Steering Group

In 2013 the Arts Council took the decision to initiate a strategic review of its work. The decision came at the end of arguably the most significant decade in the history of the Arts Council. Beginning with the 2003 Arts Act, the decade saw five years of unprecedented public investment in the arts and unparalleled development and achievement. Much of that development became severely stressed and some of it was lost in the ensuing five years of sudden, severe and sustained contraction in public investment (from a range of sources) as well as in private giving, corporate sponsorship and in other earned income. more >

ASEF launches new publication: Enabling Crossovers | Good Practices in the Creative Industries

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Netherlands and Het Nieuwe Instituut, presents a new publication comprising 36 good practices in the creative industries across Asia and Europe. more >

Wisdom or Madness? Comparing Crowds with Expert Evaluation in Funding the Arts

In fields as diverse as technology entrepreneurship and the arts, crowds of interested stakeholders are increasingly responsible for deciding which innovations to fund, a privilege that was previously reserved for a few experts, such as venture capitalists and grant-making bodies. Despite the growing role of crowds in making decisions once left to experts, however, we know little about how crowds and experts may differ in their ability to judge projects, or even whether crowd decision-making is based on any rational criteria at all.  more >

Public Libraries in the United States Report

The Institute of Museum and Library Services released its Public Libraries in the United States Report, an in-depth examination of Fiscal Year (FY) 2011 survey data with important findings about the state of public library service in the U.S. more >

Five thematic papers by European Creative Alliance

more >

Community Arts and Dementia

The Community Arts Partnership, the organisation at the forefront of the promotion, development and delivery of community arts practice in Northern Ireland, unveiled a new report , “Community Arts and Dementia” at the Belfast Trust’s supported housing facility, Hemsworth Court. more >

Engaging the World - Towards a Global Cultural Citizenship

A report giving evidence of the added value a European strategic approach to culture in its external relations and the need for the EU to give a new impetus to its cultural diplomacy. more >