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Latest Publications:

First cultural mobility experiences for European artists and cultural professionals in China

On the Move, the cultural mobility information network, launches its new online publication 'First cultural mobility experiences for European artists and cultural professionals in China: a repertory of web-links', developed to help artists and cultural players prepare their first travels to China – and make the most out of it. more >

Stakeholder Focus Research

Support for public funding of arts and culture in England continues to increase, according to the independently commissioned Stakeholder focus research, published today. more >

The Department of Arts and Culture Launches the Craft Business Guide

The guide is intended to equip role players along the craft value chain with the knowledge of how to operate sustainable enterprise that produce good quality and marketable products which are supported by sound business fundamentals. more >

Keeping My Day Job: Identifying U.S. Workers Who Have Dual Careers as Artists

What are the latest employment figures for working artists—both full-time and their moonlighting counterparts? Keeping My Day Job: Identifying U.S. Workers Who Have Dual Careers As Artists is the third installment in the National Endowment for the Arts' Arts Data Profiles, which reports on employment statistics for U.S. workers who name “artist” as their primary or secondary job. more >

DCMS fund profiles for English library authorities

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have commissioned CIPFA (Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy), to produce comparative profiles for all English library authorities for the second consecutive year. more >

The value of arts and culture to people and society – an evidence review

Focussing on the impact arts and culture has on the economy, health, wellbeing, society and education, the review presents research that helps demonstrate the importance of arts and culture on society. more >

Why Should Government Support the Arts?

NASAA has updated and expanded its popular policy brief, Why Should Government Support the Arts? This resource offers a wealth of reasons why public support of the arts is vital to a thriving democracy. more >

Study on projects using cultural expressions as a lever for employment, human rights, democracy and other human development areas

The European Commission’s Directorate General responsible for development cooperation has commissioned a study to identify, select and analyse a sample of culture related selected projects supported by the European Union. more >

Tackling poverty through culture

This report by Baroness Kay Andrews OBE was commissioned by the Welsh Government to find ways in which cultural and heritage bodies can work more closely together to broaden access to, appreciation of and participation in culture in ways that contribute to reducing poverty. more >

Kulturfabrik's (Luxembourg) Environmental Charter

Kulturfabrik, an independent cultural centre in Luxembourg, is commited to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste. Their Environmental Charter is available at Trans Europe Halles (TEH)'s knowledge centre The Resource. more >

Mentoring in the creative sector: Industry Insights

This report looks at how businesses in the creative sector view mentoring. more >

This England: How Arts Council England uses its investment to shape a national cultural ecology

Today we publish This England: our report responding to recent debate on the geographical spread of our investment. more >

Move on! Cultural mobility for beginners

On the Move presents the updated version of Move on! Cultural mobility for beginners: a short and agile guide for young and emerging artists and cultural professionals willing to live their first experience working internationally. more >

Sustainable Models for Shared Culture. Case Studies and Policy Issues

The FCForum has recently published a report entitled "Sustainable Models for Shared Culture. Case Studies and Policy Issues" which aims at "supporting experiences, collecting challenges, sharing skills and building sustainable models for the cultural sector in the digital era". more >

Report on the Contribution of Culture to the French Economy

The French Ministries of Economy and Culture have jointly commissioned a report on the impact of cultural activities to the country's economy. more >