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Cultural organizations can be added to national register

Within the framework of the Second National Culture Conference, the Director of Arts and Access to Culture of the Ministry of Culture, Mariela Noriega, introduced the National Register of Points of Culture, a tool that will allow the recognition by the Peruvian State organizations that develop and / or promote cultural initiatives.

The National Register ofPoints of Culture's main objective isto generatea network of exchangesand synergiesto strengthencommunity culturalorganizationsnationwide,through accessto resources forcapacity building,financingstrategiesandpartialvisibilityfor various projects.

Organizations,associations, groupsorcultural groupswho wish to berecognized asPoints of Culturemayregister through theonline.Once theonline registration is completed, theMinistryof Cultureawardsa document certifyingtheir membership of theNetworkPoints of Cultureof Peru.

This toolis based onthe Brazilian experienceof the same nameand,so far,has managed to mobilizemore than thirtycultural organizations in thecountry.With the recent launchof theofficialregistration it is expectedthat by theend of the year, the numberwill triple.

Show latest news, more from August 2012.