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New Chair Rupert Myer on the Contribution of the Arts and Culture

The Australia Council's new chair Rupert Myer champions the arts in The Australian.
Rupert Myer has championed the contribution the arts and culture make to Australia in his response to the article by Adam Creighton in The Weekend Australian (4-5 August). He argues that the creation of new artistic works and their presentation in arts institutions such as galleries, museums and theatres represents an important investment in our nation’s creative capital and a significant contribution to its GDP

He also pushes aside some of the misconceptions about arts funding in Australia, particularly the historical evolution, as well as the level of scrutiny placed upon Government investment in arts and culture, cautioning that if such misconceptions go unchecked they risk impacting upon policy decisions.

You can read Rupert Myer's entire article on Artery.

Show latest news, more from August 2012.