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Arts Council England responds to CLG consultation on Draft National Planning Policy Framework

Arts Council England has published its response to the Department for Communities and Local Government consultation on the Draft National Planning Policy Framework. The Framework seeks to significantly reduce the number of pages of planning policy and guidance but this streamlined approach has meant that arts and culture are not referenced.

In recent years, arts and cultural buildings have been the focus of urban and rural regeneration, bringing renewed vitality to neighbourhoods, towns and cities across England. Arts and culture are popular, and we believe that they have an important role to play at the heart of civil society. We would like to see arts and culture given the same status as sports, heritage and leisure.

Museums, libraries, galleries, theatres and other arts organisations are valued assets which are vital to the development of sustainable and energised communities. They are the bedrock of the creative, local and tourist economies, contributing to the nation's prosperity, its sense of identity and its international reputation.

We are encouraging arts and cultural organisations and our partners to read this response, and respond to the CLG consultation by the 17 October 2011 deadline.

Show latest news, more from September 2011.