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National Advisers

A call for national advisers to assist the work of the Arts Council of Wales

Do you feel passionate about the arts in Wales? Are you prepared to offer your ideas, experience and expertise to develop new opportunities for people across Wales to enjoy and take part in the arts?
If your answer to these questions is "yes" we, the Arts Council of Wales, want to hear from you.

We exist to fund and develop the arts in Wales. We have a governing Council, whose members are appointed by the Welsh Government’s Heritage Minister, who use their experience and expertise about Wales and the arts to guide our work.

What we ask our National Advisers to do
Day to day work is undertaken by the Council’s professional staff – arts experts with a range of specialist knowledge. It’s essential that we’re well informed, balanced in our views and aware of the full diversity of contemporary creative activity. It’s also important that we’re familiar with the latest developments and thinking in the arts, in Wales and further afield.

One of the ways that we do this is through a network of National Advisers – people who give voluntarily of their time to assist us, and their peers, in developing the quality of the arts in Wales.

Currently we’re renewing the membership of our National Advisers and recruiting new members to join this network.

We’re looking for individuals with an appropriate calibre of arts experience. The range of views and experience we are seeking is broad. We have a list of specialisms which our advisers cover. The Prospectus covering the role of National Adviser sets out how we work with our advisers (and what we offer them) and what we expect from them.

Our Advisers bring with them a diverse range of expertise, often as artists, or arts managers themselves. Our Advisers also include academics, writers, consultants and business people – indeed, anyone with demonstrable knowledge, expertise in, and commitment to, the arts. Working together, our Council, staff and Advisers offer to Wales the country’s most dynamic and comprehensive resource of specialist arts expertise.

We’re keen to be able to tap into expertise across the whole range of topics covered in our list of specialisms. You’ll notice that some category specialisms are "catch alls". But in some fields – such as music and dance – we’re looking for advisers who have specialist expertise within individual arts areas, for example across the whole spectrum of dance from Parkour to Ballet, and the whole range of genres of music classical music to jazz.

Show latest news, more from September 2012.