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Ministry of Culture presents the report of activities 2004-2012

In a ceremony held in the Auditorium Enriquillo Sanchez, with the massive presence of collaborators, cultural managers, artists and personalities from the cultural sector, the Ministry of Culture presented its Report of Activities 2004 -2012.

The event was chaired by the Minister of Culture, José Rafael Lantigua, who was accompanied by the deputy ministers Alexander Santana, Bernarda Jorge, Lourdes Camilo de Cuello, Mateo Morrison and Enegildo Peña.

The report consists of 240 pages, entitled "Memoirs, 8 years of Creativity, Passion and Management," that summarize the politico-cultural management developed during 2004-2012.

Lantigua, in his introductory remarks, said that "these memoirs express, without further introductions, what we could do with the financial resources provided to us and with the human resources that came with us or were adhered along the years  with very happy results. We wish to reaffirm our strong commitment to culture - the only heritage that makes a great nation - and to the builders of the culture, in all of its manifestations that its strenght and invigorate the Dominican cultural reality of our time. "

"Let it be the following pages that speak for us and for all that vast legion of wonderful colleagues with whom we shared these eight years, efforts, labors, achievements, hopes, dreams, fulfilling goals for decades. It is to this troop of tireless sincere, effective, honest and capable troop of contributors that the glory of our achievements belongs to. These memories are theirs, "Lantigua said.

In the event also introduced was the catalogue of MINCpublications, whichgathersmore than 500 published titles , includinghighly specializedcollections, literary treasures, awarded books,texts ofDominican intellectualdiaspora, and collections of famous authors.




Show latest news, more from July 2012.