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Latest International News:

Africa's creative industries could contribute to poverty reduction: World Bank

The World Bank on Tuesday said Africa's creative industries and cultural revival could contribute to economic growth and poverty reduction. more >

Istanbul International short film festival

To give impetus to the short film industry, the 26th Istanbul International Short Film Festival got underway last week in the city's cultural institutions. more >

Qatar Brazil 2014 Year of Culture

The Years of Culture is an annual initiative by Qatar Museums and co-organised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, aiming to forge new partnerships between Qatar and the world through cultural exchange in the areas of community, culture and sport. more >

Asia-Pacific filmmaking at Hanoi festival

The Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism organised the biennial festival, an important cultural event in the country, to honour Asia-Pacific cinema and promote the development of co-operation and cultural exchange between filmmakers in the region and the world. more >

UK creative industries launch federation

The UK’s creative industries have formed a federation to strengthen the sector and improve access and diversity. more >

Costa Rica y Panamá fomentan el desarrollo de emprendimientos culturales sostenibles

Más de 40 gestores culturales y artistas panameños participaron en el seminario-taller “Emprendimientos culturales, de la idea al Proyecto”, realizado los días 18 y 19 del mes en curso, una iniciativa realizada por la Coordinación Educativa y Cultural Centroamericana-Sistema de Integración Centroamericana (CECC/SICA) en conjunto con el Instituto Nacional de Cultura (INAC), con el objetivo de fortalecer la gestión cultural y mejorar la elaboración de proyectos culturales empresariales. more >

Japan culture returns to Tumon

The 35th Japan Autumn Festival, annual event, began as a small carnival for kids of Guam residents originally from Japan. Fast-forward more than 30 years, and the event has transformed into one of Guam's biggest cultural gatherings, bringing thousands every year to Gov. Joseph Flores Memorial Park at Ypao Beach to enjoy the festivities. more >

Spreading Filipino indigenous music to the world

Musician Nonoy Lanzanas conducts outreach programs to preserve the tipano music, the Cuyono bamboo flute music now on the brink of extinction. Lanzanas has been propagating native Filipino music, mainly the indigenous kind from Palawan since barely out of college. more >

Presentarán anteproyecto de Ley Federal de Culturas

La ministra de Cultura de la Nación, Teresa Parodi, participó el martes pasado de la reunión de la Comisión de Cultura de la Cámara de Diputados de la Nación, que contó con la presencia de la diputada nacional y vicepresidenta primera de la Cámara de Diputados, Norma Abdala de Matarazzo, donde se presentó el anteproyecto de la Ley Nacional Federal de las Culturas, que impulsa el Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación. more >

Arabic must be the main language in UAE education

Arabic is the official language of the UAE, but the Federal National Committee has found it was not used exclusively in universities and schools, where classes are taught in English, and that many were not proficient in Arabic. more >

Sri Lankan Cultural Ministry signs MoU with Chinese Academy of Sciences

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Ministry of Culture and the Arts and the Chinese Academy of Sciences concerning the Joint Project in the search for wreckage of Zheng He's Fleets off the Coast of Sri Lanka. more >

Benefiting from culture

In his address at the recent 19th annual Caribbean Multi-National Business Conference in The Bahamas, Patterson, a former prime minister of Jamaica, quite rightly said that the cultural industries should be packaged into a regional programme that creates job, provides rewarding outlets for the Caribbean’s talent and attracts more visitors to our shores. more >

An art school will complete the UAE big picture, aesthetically

An art school will complement the rest of the art infrastructure by creating local jobs. With the fine arts occupying an increasingly prominent space in this country’s developmental goals, the time to set up an educational institution is now. more >

Collecting cultural statistics in Mongolia to ignite evidence-based policy making processes

Professor Bayaraa Baasandorj, Head of the Department of International Collaboration of the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC), believes that investing in cultural industries represents one of the best ways to help promote this much needed economic diversification. But she also explains why culture hasn’t just yet been considered a top priority on the Mongolian development agenda. more >

Mauritania offers regional culture hub

Mauritania recently wrapped up an event aimed at strengthening the role of culture in the development and stability of the region through effective partnerships. more >