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Will the Emerging Field of "Social Practice" Shake Up the Arts Funding Landscape?

Social practice has been defined by the Los Angeles Times as "art that requires the engagement and participation of its audience." The concept of social practice has some seemingly innocuous quirks that make it stand apart, while simultaneously borrowing from other movements and genres. more >

Belarus' Culture Ministry signs seven international agreements on cooperation in 2014

A total of Br79.4 billion was assigned for the state program “Culture of Belarus” in 2014, Belarus' Culture Minister Boris Svetlov told a press conference, BelTA has learned. He noted that Br67.5 billion will be allocated for the program this year. more >

Tourism through culture is opening new avenues

"The development of one's culture can only be boosted when it is put at the center of the tourism development of the country," says Benjamine Rose, the PS for Culture at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of the Seychelles. more >

Nueva política para financiar la cultura

El Gobierno cubano aprobó una nueva política de financiamientos para proyectos culturales que, entre otras fuentes, permitirá aportes privados y de entidades extranjeras, y otorgará mayor autonomía al sector, informaron este sábado medios oficiales.   more >

Minor changes in budget for culture ministry

There was a small 0.46 percent increase in the budgetary allocation for the ministry of culture for 2015-2016 as compared to last year. more >

Economic growth must include cultural development: Scholar

People call him a cultural researcher, a translator, a journalist, a “culture importer and exporter”, and a bridge between Vietnamese and other cultures. At the age of 97, he has made significant contributions to Vietnam’s culture and has helped international friends learn more about Vietnamese culture. more >

Value Culture, Roko Tui Urges Youths

Roko Tui Nadroga and Navosa Viliame Burenivalu while speaking to youth of the province yesterday morning said, “There is a swift erosion of the knowledge of our traditional culture not only in this province but in Fiji as a whole. more >

Cultural Donations on the Rise

Nearly $30 million worth of cultural items were donated to Australian galleries, museums and libraries in 2014 with the help of the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, according to new Government figures. more >

Acuerda el Sistema Nacional de Creadores del Fonca innovaciones en sus procesos de selección

partir de este 2015, la convocatoria para formar parte del Sistema Nacional de Creadores, a cargo del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes (Fonca), se realizará con ciertas innovaciones como son un proceso de insaculación para la formación de los jurados y la participación de un creador emérito en todas las comisiones de selección. more >

Aumentó comportamiento cultural de los uruguayos según investigación

La Dirección Nacional de Cultura presentó el tercer informe sobre el consumo y comportamiento cultural de los uruguayos que fue elaborado por el Observatorio Universitario de Políticas Culturales de la Universidad de la República. Entre los datos obtenidos por la investigación se evidenció un incremento en el acceso a la cultura con un aumento de las ocasiones de lectura y uso de internet para la comunicación. more >

Government considering cultural policy: Umashree

Umashree, Minister of State for Kannada and Culture, on Thursday said the State government was contemplating of coming up with a cultural policy during the budget session. more >

What ABS cultural participation data tells us about cultural policy

The purpose of this article is to summarise the key results from the cultural participation survey to demonstrate the usefulness of the data in relation to cultural policy. more >

Minister throws weight behind ‘Made in Ghana’

Tourism and Creative Arts Minister, Elizabeth Ofosu-Adjare, has thrown her weight behind the national call on Ghanaians to patronise and consume locally made goods and services. more >

Artistes must embrace technology

Technology and Courier Services minister Supa Mandiwanzira has urged local artistes to embrace information communication technology (ICT) to promote and market their works. more >

UN post-2015 development agenda : final round of talks

Update of the International campaign for the inclusion of culture in the UN post-2015 agenda. The last round of negotiations on the UN post-2015 development agenda launched in NYC on January 19, 2015. The Endorsement to Declaration reached 2,200 signatories from 120 countries, including more than 800 organizations. more >