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How to judge the cultural climate in a country?

The Budapest Observatory launched the Cultural Climate Barometer 2015 on the 2nd of November. The link to the survey was alive for five weeks. Based on the responses from the actors of the culture scene in as many countries of Europe and beyond as possible, the report tells the main similarities and differences between the respective cultural ecologies. Changes from the previous 2014 edition are also highlighted. Read the Concise Report. more >

Pacific companies see some success at New York trade show

For the first time, four small Pacific businesses are showcasing their goods at a massive trade show in the United States' biggest city, New York. The 4 companies come from Samoa, Solomon Islands and Fiji - and beat more than 50 others to secure the highly sought after opportunity.

more >

Arts Council England conducts survey into disabled arts workers

Arts Council England is undertaking a survey into disability as part of wider research aimed at better understanding the experiences of disabled people working in the arts. more >

Council on why we need the arts

Funding cuts have made the past two years low points for the arts in Northern Ireland financially but Arts Council boss Roisin McDonough isn't downbeat about the the future of a sector she sees as having a particularly important function in a divided society. more >

Who Should Pay for the Arts in America?

At 50, the National Endowment for the Arts is still fighting to make the performing arts available to everyone, while the influence of wealthy donors increasingly tilts the balance. more >

Despiden a casi 500 empleados de Cultura

El ministro de Cultura, Pablo Avelluto, despidió a casi 500 empleados de esa cartera, denunció la Asociación Trabajadores del Estado (ATE). more >

La incidencia del posconflicto en presupuesto para la cultura este año

Este año, según lo estipulado por el Presupuesto General de la Nación (PGN), los procesos musicales para la convivencia y la reconciliación serán uno de los ejes centrales. more >

‘Poster child’ for culture: Sunderland praised by Arts Council chairman

“We believe arts and culture has the power to really drive urban regeneration in ways that change the culture of a place and how we feel about the place we live. It can drive employment and growth and Sunderland is a poster child for this,” says Sir Peter Bazalgette, chairman of Arts Council England. more >

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs survey reports lack of diversity in City’s cultural institutions

Artinfo’s Mostafa Heddaya reports that a review from New York City’s Department of Cultural Affairs says that the people operating various cultural institutions throughout all five of New York City’s boroughs are almost half as diverse as the city’s residents. more >

Welsh Government backs changes to youth arts infrastructure

The national youth arts ensembles of Wales are to be joined under a single legal identity through the umbrella body National Youth Arts Wales. The move is made following recommendations by a ‘task and finish’ group established by the Welsh Government in response to concerns of possible funding cuts. more >

UK finally stakes a claim in global cultural policy

The International Theatre Institute was set up to encourage the international exchange of knowledge and practice in the performing arts while also raising public awareness of how theatre can create dialogue for the betterment of humankind. more >

Study of cultures key to unity

To foster national unity, the Social Studies Association of Nigeria (SOSAN) is advocating the study of cultures in schools. Its members made the suggestion at the end of their 31st yearly conference. more >

Bahamas Artisan Connection launches organization with seminar

Giving local artisans a leg up on international competition is the name of the game for The Bahamas’ first privately coordinated co-op for local creatives, The Bahamas Artisan Connection (BAC). more >

Creative Scotland to hold first 'advocacy' event for Westminster, co-hosted by Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister

Scotland's main arts funding body is to hold its first showcase event in London to "celebrate the arts, screen and creative industries". more >

Switzerland puts $2 million into disputed art research

The Swiss government has announced that it is to spend some $2 million helping museums to research the provenance of works thought to have been looted during WWII. more >