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Cultural Management: the new frontiers of Digital Engagement for cultural organisations

The theme of the day is dedicated to "the new frontiers of Digital Engagement for cultural organisations" which will talk with Jasper Visser, one of the foremost international experts in a confrontation with some important cultural operators from Ticino and Italy. more >

The Festival Academy and Beiteddine Art Festival generate inspiration for world class festivals at the Atelier for Young Festival Managers BEIRUT 2015

The first Atelier for Young Festival Managers in the Arab world took place in Beirut, Lebanon, from 21 to 27 March 2015, and was hosted by the Beiteddine Art Festival. more >

Fact check: has arts funding been decimated or protected?

Although we’ve had to make cuts in grant-in-aid, we’ve increased the amount of money going into the arts through the National Lottery. Take those two sums of money together, and you’ll see that roughly the same amount of money has gone into the arts as went into the arts at the peak of the last Labour government. - Ed Vaizey, Conservative culture minister, in an interview on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row. more >

Simon Brault on the Canada Council for the Arts’ 21st-century overhaul: ‘We want to be able to have more impact’

Simon Brault is trying to bring the Canada Council for the Arts into the 21st century. Brault, who joined the CCA as CEO in 2014, gave a powerful keynote speech at the Canadian Arts Summit over the weekend detailing a massive slate of changes upcoming to the organization. more >

The fine art of cultural preservation

Borvornvate Rungrujee, director-general of the Fine Arts Department, has an ambitious plan: every year for the next 10 years he will submit one cultural site to be considered for Unesco's World Heritage. more >

Culture, Community and Youth Ministry to support committee looking into Founding Fathers' memorial

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth - Lawrence Wong - has thrown his ministry's weight behind a committee that will examine ideas for a memorial to Singapore's founding fathers. more >

Seychelles and Reunion cultural troupes put their talents to test

Reunion Island and Seychelles have one common cultural forte. Both islands share the same passion for its traditional dances. When the two talents combine, the result can somehow turn out to be spectacular. more >

Unión de Gobiernos locales apoya ley de derechos culturales

Miembros de la Unión Nacional de Gobiernos Locales (UNGL) comparecieron ante la Comisión de Ciencia, Tecnología y Educación, donde expresaron su apoyo al expediente 19054, el cual busca establecer una ley general de derechos culturales. more >

Aprueban asambleístas Ley de Derechos Culturales

La Asamblea Legislativa aprobó ayer la Ley de Derechos Culturales de la Ciudad de México, que reconoce como derecho humano de todas las personas que habitan y transitan por la Ciudad de México, el libre acceso a la cultura y a participar en las actividades culturales de la comunidad. more >

Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong will sign agreements to bring opportunities for cooperation in youth and the arts.

Singapore Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong will visit Beijing and will sign a Memorandum of Understanding between Singapore’s National Youth Council and the All-China Youth Federation, to bring more opportunities for collaboration between the institutions.

more >

The Rise Of Biocultural Rights

Can law be used to protect and advance the commons? One of the most promising new developments here is a new jurisprudence of “biocultural rights.” Biocultural rights represent a bold new departure in human rights law that recognizes the importance of a community’s stewardship over lands and waters. Instead of focusing on individual rights and private property, biocultural rights explicitly recognize a community’s identity, culture, governance system, spirituality and way of life as embedded in a specific landscape. In other words, it recognizes the existence of a commons. more >

Aprueban Ley de Derechos Culturales del DF

ALDF aprobó la creación de la nueva Ley de Derechos Culturales para el libre acceso a la cultura y a la participación democrática. more >

Experts talk about public space

The Vasconcelos Library will host on 15 and 16 April the International Conference and Workshop on Public Space, organized by the Department of Architecture at the Universidad Iberoamericana in cooperation with the Laboratory for the City, which seeks to discuss the importance of inclusive and equitable public space. more >

Faced with Faltering Economy, Mexican Government Slashes Arts Funding

As the US economy has picked up steam in the last few years, falling oil prices and a stronger dollar have left the peso floundering. Last month, the Mexican currency hit its lowest value since 1993, even lower than when it crashed in March 2009, during the global recession. You know things are bad when street taco prices start to go up. The tumble has the federal government here drawing blood from public funds, especially the arts and culture sector. more >

Conservatives launch manifesto: ‘Arts tie our country together’

The Conservative party has claimed the arts “help tie our country together” in its manifesto for the upcoming general election in May. more >