Information Exchange

Welcome to IFACCA’s Information Exchange. Use the tools and links below to help find the information you need. Your input to the ‘exchange’ is essential to keep these resources up-to-date so please email us at any time with new reports, evaluations, conferences or other material that you think will interest others.

Search the IFACCA website

By 2014 the IFACCA website contained almost 20,000 resource items (news, publications, conferences). As it continues to grow with each new edition of ACORNS, the website is a mine of information on arts and cultural policies. You can search the IFACCA website

  • By country: via The IFACCA Directory.
  • By keyword: use the search box at the top of the page to search the IFACCA website.
  • By topic: browse IFACCA’s research themes and topics. IFACCA compiles resources relating to selected topics. Each topic has a D’Art research report or question, and tabs to view additional resources such as publications and events. Topics are grouped into five themes: 'artists', 'arts policies', 'operational policies' and statistics'. Go to the themes and topics page to browse.

Government arts agency publications

  • To make it easier to locate the publications pages of national arts and culture funding agencies, IFACCA has compiled this set of links: Browse publications
  • To search the publications of national government arts and culture agencies by keywords, try our Google custom search Search publications (Beta). This is a trial function that searches a limited selection of mainly English-language agencies.

Online bibliographies

Browse IFACCA’s portal of online bibliographies of arts and cultural policy information.

Journal Keyword Search (Beta)

Try IFACCA’s customised journal search engine that returns results only from the following cultural policy journals:

  • Cultural Trends (article titles from vol.1, 1989; abstracts etc from vol.13, 2004)
  • International Journal of Cultural Policy (titles from vol.1, 1994; abstracts etc from vol.8, 2002)
  • Journal of Arts Management, Law and Society (from vol.26, 1997)
  • Journal of Cultural Economics (from vol.20, 1996)
  • Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy (article titles from 1992 (MIA) and 1996 (Culture and Policy); abstracts etc for both from no. 86, 1998)

Cultural policy databases

If you are looking for arts and cultural policy information for a specific country or selection of countries and you can not find it in The IFACCA Directory, there are a number of other international databases that document arts and culture policies, key organisations and other country-specific information. See our selection of links here: databases of cultural policies around the world.

Research organisations

For portals to the websites of key arts and cultural policy research agencies around the world, try these links: