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37th annual Social Theory, Politics and the Arts Conference

As the first decade of the new century has come to a close, it has become clear that the new century may bring realignment in arts and culture infrastructure. Change is all around us.

How will the arts adapt to a new reality?
How will the policy decisions affect the arts and artists?
What are the policy alternatives for the arts community?
How are the art institutions and artists adapting to the new infrastructure?
What continuities will remain in the 21st century?
How are these trends and forces developing in the United States and other countries?
Proposals that address this theme from a variety of perspectives as either an individual presentation or a panel discussion are particularly welcome. In addition, proposals that address the broader scope of issues affecting cultural policy, policy actors, art and art making will also be accepted.

Deadline for Submission: April 22, 2011

Show latest news, more from October 2011.