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10th Cultural Diversity in Music Education Conference: The cultural aesthetics of teaching

10th Cultural Diversity in Music Education Conference : The cultural aesthetics of teaching

Conference Dates: Monday 11 - Wednesday 13 January 2010 

Venue: Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, NSW, Australia
(Please note: Sydney Conservatorium of Music is located in Macquarie St, Sydney, in the CBD. It is not on the main campus of The University of Sydney)

Deadline for paper and workshop proposals: October 1, 2009 

Conference theme: The cultural aesthetics of teaching

Increasingly, scholars are turning their attention to the development and use of culturally appropriate pedagogies that match the music they chose to teach. Tensions between ways of teaching, what happens when music travels to new teaching and learning settings, the outcomes of mismatches between culturally developed learning styles and teaching methods in music, how teachers adapt methods to suit learners from different learning backgrounds - all of these are issues on the agenda if music education is be truly culturally diverse.

Proposals on other topics relating to cultural diversity in music education are also welcome.

Conference convenor Peter Dunbar-Hall, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia.
Tel.: +61 2 9351 1334 
Fax.: +61 2 9351 1287 
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About CDIME 

CDIME: Cultural Diversity in Music Education, is a network for institutions and individuals with interests in the dynamic life of music, education and culture, who wish to pursue questions of position, content, and methodology relevant to teaching music and culture to students in a variety of contexts, including multicultural populations in elementary and secondary schools, in undergraduate music programs in colleges, universities, and conservatories, and in community schools (a phenomenon that is strongly present in urban settings of Western Europe). The CDIME movement to study the phenomenon of ‘teaching world music’ began in Amsterdam in 1991 as a gathering of specialists in music education, ethnomusicology, and world music performance studies. Mostly European at the outset, conferences in Switzerland, the U.K., Sweden, the Netherlands, and Australia have attracted an international roster of specialists in search of appropriate and effective pedagogy for the incorporation of art, folk/traditional, and popular musics of the world’s cultures in educational settings ranging from studio lessons by artist-teachers and university ensembles to children in elementary schools.

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