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November 2015

Report: Conference on Cultural Rights, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 2015

Can cultural rights become a global discourse for supporting inclusive social and political development, and for fostering intercultural dialogue for the mutual understanding of cultures? more >

Denmark’s culture minister wants state broadcaster DR to introduce login to online media

Minister responds to pressure from private media companies to level the playing field. In order to better enable private media companies to compete with the state broadcaster, Bertel Haarder, the culture minister, is pushing for DR to introduce a log-in for its online media. more >

July 2015

Five libraries nominated for the award as the world’s best public library

Five libraries are competing to win "Systematic – Public Library of the Year Award 2015”. The award was established by the Danish Agency for Culture and was sponsored this year by the IT company Systematic with a US $5,000 donation. more >

April 2015

The International Culture Panel

The International Culture Panel is a cross-ministerial collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Culture. The purpose of the panel is to bring together an array of prominent cultural institutions in order to strengthen the cultural exchange and give it a shared focus. more >

November 2014

Ministry of Culture to distribute 100,000 free books next April

The Cultural Ministry will hand out 100,000 free books on April 23 next year to mark World Book Day. The day – which is Shakespeare's birthday – is observed globally, and Denmark too will take part with its own campaign, 'Denmark Reads Day', in which 20,000 free copies of five different books will be distributed all over the country. more >

October 2014

Resurrected kings and queens tell about Denmark’s World Heritage sites

A new prize-winning app provides an opportunity to explore three of the Danish UNESCO World Heritage sites. The app will now be honored with the 2014 World Summit Award mobile. more >

Strategies for children’s and youth’s encounter with art and culture

Everything starts with children and young people. That’s why art and culture should be an integrated part of all children’s and young people’s life from a very early age. more >

Denmark launches a 'Cultural Season' in China with more than 60 events

Broad-shouldered vikings, experimental contemporary art, intriguing paper cut-outs, dance performances, thought-provoking documentaries and musical performances will be available for Chinese audiences during the Danish Cultural Season in China. more >

Ministry hands out millions to culture research

The culture minister, Marianne Jelved, has announced that her ministry has earmarked 17.4 million kroner for culture research. The ministry has chosen to completely or partially fund 34 research projects ranging from research by museums and cultural institutions to research in the area of sports. “I am particularly pleased about the scope and the geographic diversity of the projects,” Jelved said in a press release. more >

September 2014

Geir Helgesen gives talk at "Cool North – Cultural Diplomacy in the Nordic Countries"

Cool North – Cultural Diplomacy in the Nordic Countries was a conference organized by Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, a Berlin based NGO in cooperation with Baltic Development Forum, a leading think-tank in the Baltic Sea Region. The conference too place at Christiansborg, home of the Danish Parliament on September 8th and 9th and a wide range of societal leaders, politicians and government officials was present. Speaker of Parliament Mogens Lykketoft opened the conference, together with Danish Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved; former Secretary General of the Nordic Council of Miniasters, Halldór Àsgrimsson, and Dagfinn Høybråten, the present Secertary General. Read the presentation by NIAS’ director in the attached. more >

August 2014

The best new public library of the year is Australian

Australia has been awarded the new architecture prize, which was established by the Danish Agency for Culture and sponsored by schmidt hammer lassen architects. more >

June 2014

Danish Agency for Culture and schmidt hammer lassen architects launch new library and architecture award

Danish or foreign public libraries that opened in January 2012 or later may now participate in a competition for a new architecture award in the amount of DKK 25,000. more >

May 2014

New Action Plan for International Cultural Exchange

The International Culture Panel is a cross-ministerial collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Culture. more >

April 2014

New Danish Architecture Policy Is Putting People First

The Danish government is initiating a new architecture policy focusing on citizen involvement, environmental and social sustainability and the maintenance of buildings in rural districts.   more >

February 2014

Danish architectural policy - Putting people first

The architectural policy has been developed in close cooperation between a number of ministries and stakeholders. It launches 64 specific initiatives in different ministerial fields of responsibility. The policy was presented at an event in February 2014. more >

January 2014

The International Culture Panel

The International Culture Panel is a cross-ministerial collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Business and Growth and the Ministry of Culture. more >

November 2013

Nordic-Baltic dance professionals in close contact with local citizens

Networking, competence building and geographical outreach are on the keðja project´s agenda. more >

May 2013

International coalitions continue to work toward artistic freedom

Founded in 1921, PEN International is the oldest organization devoted to freedom of artistic expression for writers. PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee was established in 1960 to raise awareness of increasing numbers of imprisoned writers (including journalists, translators and historians).   more >

January 2013

Nordic Cool

Nordic Cool 2013. This is the title of a major 4-week cultural festival in Washington, D.C., featuring art and culture from the frozen North. more >

December 2012

New Danish Minister for Culture

The New Danish Ministry for Culture since December 2012 is Marianne Bruus Jelved. more >

Former Danish Culture Minister Wants to Reveal Names of Artists Who Failed to Get Grants

Denmark’s former culture minister Uffe Elbaek wants to disclose all the names of artists who applied for government grants, whether they were awarded funding or not. more >

Danish lawmakers want to play the naming game

The country's former culture minister wants to disclose the names of all artists who have applied for government grants, including those whose proposals were rejected. more >

August 2012

Denmark's Aarhus picked for European Capital of Culture 2017

The Danish city of Aarhus was recommended on Friday by an EU selection panel as one of two European Capitals of Culture to be chosen for 2017.   more >

June 2012

Debating Soft Power and Cultural Cooperation in the EU

As part of the Danish EU Presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Culture are hosting a ‘Meeting of Cultural Directors’ from 13-15 June. more >

February 2012

Team Culture 2012 - The Danish Minister for Culture launches a search for new European opportunities

”What can art and culture do in a time of crisis?” That is the assignment given by the Danish Minister for Culture, Mr Uffe Elbæk, to 12 European cultural notabilities when they meet in Copenhagen on February 27-28. more >

January 2012

The Capital Region of Denmark enters into a strong new cultural collaboration

For the first time, a cultural agreement has been signed between the region, the municipalities and the government, according to a press release issued by the Capital Region of Denmark.
more >

Culture and creativity as engines for a stronger and innovative Europe

Article by the Danish Minister for Culture Uffe Elbæk more >

Danish Agency for Culture

The Danish Agency for Culture is an agency under the aegis of the Danish Ministry of Culture, established on January 1, 2012.  The agency is a merger of three former agencies: The Danish Arts Agency, the Heritage Agency of Denmark, and the Danish Agency for Libraries and Media. more >

November 2011

Per Arnoldi resigns as chairman of the Danish Arts Council

Per Arnoldi has decided to resign as the head of the Danish Arts Agency with immediate effect. more >

February 2010

Danish cabinet reshuffled

Denmark's Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has reshuffled his cabinet, changing the holders of all but five of the 18 ministerial portfolios. Per Stig Møller is the new Minister for Culture. more >

December 2009

A copyright violator in Denmark wants authorities to arrest him

A citizen of Denmark Henrik Anderson decided to check the force of the copyright laws in the country and copied some DVDs anyway, a whole bunch of them. Having uploaded the contents of 100 discs to his computer (for personal use), he's asking to be arrested. The Anderson case shows the public the paradox of contradictory laws and selective enforcement. more >

November 2008

Sydney Opera House architect dies

The Danish architect of the iconic Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon, has died at the age of 90, after suffering a heart attack. Mr Utzon, an award-winning architect, put "Denmark on the world map with his great talent," said Danish Culture Minister Carina Christensen. more >

July 2008

Experience economy is good, but why, nobody knows

Research reports have found that too little is known about Denmark’s experience economy and that government policy is fractured across multiple ministries. more >

April 2008

What's Denmark's cultural secret?

Even in an age of funding cutbacks, the Danes have done a better job than most in promoting the arts in Europe. more >

March 2008

Turn artists into teachers, say Danes

Unemployed artists in Denmark should teach in schools instead of just receiving unemployment benefits, the ministries of culture and education have proposed. more >

February 2008

Artist-in-residence program in Denmark 2009

To promote creative exchange between Danish and foreign artists and art institutions, The Danish Arts Council has established an artist-in-residence program in Denmark. The program makes it possible to invite artists from abroad to stay and work in Denmark for extended periods. more >

January 2008

Culture is good for you!

Two Nordic Council committees are co-hosting a hearing about culture and health. more >

New Danish focus on culture and experience economy

The Danish government has launched a new initiative to boost the national culture and experience economy by strengthening the interaction between culture and business. 
  more >

October 2007

Denmark's offer of help to persecuted writers

The Danish government has proposed providing refuge for persecuted writers in Denmark. more >

March 2007

Policy by donor countries

What part does culture play in the development cooperation policy of the various donor countries? more >

November 2006

Ministers criticised for their absence

"Is it down to lack of interest that none of the Nordic Ministers of Culture are here to present the new culture reform?" Lars Wegendal, the Social Democrat chairperson of the Nordic Council Culture and Education and Training Committee asked during Thursday's debate in Copenhagen. more >

October 2006

Annual culture fix renewed

City museums, galleries and cultural institutions open their doors after-hours on Annual Culture Night for an evening of unusual and sometimes bizarre experiences. more >


Danish Centre for Performing Arts is presenting its first international website, www.DanishPerformingArts.info. more >

September 2006

Culture from the Middle East in Denmark

Every third year the Danish Centre for Culture and Development organises a huge cultural festival focused on a specific region in the world. more >

May 2006

Danish Arts Council's new publication

The Danish Arts Council has commissioned a review into its arts education in folkeskole, the Danish municipal primary and lower secondary school. more >

February 2006

First Nordic Culture Forum

Artists, administrators from the culture sector, politicians and civil servants from throughout the Nordic Region gathered for Culture Forum in Copenhagen on Monday 27 February. Key figures in Nordic culture came together for the first time to discuss an interdisciplinary platform for the development of Nordic art and culture. more >

January 2006

Denmark's greatest hits

The minister of culture unveiled the nation's cultural canon yesterday, turning up the volume of the debate that has been raging ever since he announced plans to create the list. more >

Parliaments to influence culture policy?

The Nordic Council Culture Committee has mandated a new working party to draw up proposals for a long-term Nordic cultural policy. more >

December 2005

Denmark creates new music portal

The Danish Arts Agency, under the Danish Ministry of Culture, has created a new online portal for music. more >

November 2005

Mohammed cartoons on the agenda of Mecca summit

Caricatures of Mohammed published in a Danish paper, which have already caused uproar in Muslim communities in Denmark and abroad, will be on the agenda at an Islamic summit in Mecca in December. more >

Danish Arts Council support overseas residencies

The Literature Committee of the Danish Arts Council has announced support to enable two Danish writers to take up artists' residencies in New York. more >

October 2005

Minister's Muslim culture comments upset canon work

Work to establish a canon over milestones in Danish culture has become bogged down. Several members of the canon committee have threatened to resign after the Minister of Culture implied it was a tool to fight Muslim culture. more >

September 2005

Culture takes centre stage for city governments

Cities are looking to cultural events as a way to attract wealthy taxpayers. more >

August 2005

Shortlist chosen for Danish Arts Council festival funding

The Danish Arts Council has announced the allocation of development funding for three short-listed proposals, one of which will receive major funding in order for the project to be realised during an International Festival of Contemporary Art to be held in 2007-2008. more >

March 2005

Danish Arts Council Earmarks EUR 800,000 for International Contemporary Arts Festival

The Danish Arts Council has earmarked DKK 6 million (approx. EUR 800,000) toward realizing its ambitious International Contemporary Arts Festival, 2007. more >

UNESCO Programme Grants Funding to 51 New Media Projects in Developing Countries

The Bureau of UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication granted US$1,050,000 million to 51 media projects in developing countries and countries in transition at its meeting at Headquarters, (March 7 - 9), which was chaired by Torben Krogh from Denmark. more >

February 2003

Danish museum suffers spending crunch

After widespread furor over spending cuts at the Royal Cast Museum, Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen reluctantly granted the museum funding enough to open 10 hours per week. more >

October 2015

Call for proposals: RE-DO, a conference on sustainability

RE-DO, a conference on sustainability and culture's role in sustainable futures, is the second of a series of conferences organised by Aarhus University in cooperation with Aarhus 2017 (Aarhus Capital of Culture in 2017). more >

September 2014

Symposium on Cultural Diplomacy in the Nordic Countries

"Nordic Strategies for Regional Development, Cooperation, Peacekeeping, and Humanitarian Assistance"
Copenhagen; September 8th - 9th, 2014    

more >

August 2013

NCCPR 2013 - 6th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research

The 6th Nordic Conference on Cultural Policy Research, titled 'Cultural Policy in a Transformed Cultural Landscape' will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark in August 2013. more >

Call for Papers: 'Post-Digital Research' - International Research Conference and PhD Workshop

"Post-digital Research" aims at exploring what, in the afterglow of digital art and culture, lies beyond the digital as a form of existence. We are witnessing fundamental changes: not only do we no longer distinguish between online and off-line or analogue and digital practices, the medium of digital technology also seems to hold less fascination. more >

June 2012

Next Step - setting culture on the agenda for the future of Europe

A conference debating the decisions to be made in regard to EU 2014 -2020 policies and budget and these desicions' impact on the cultural landscape of Europe in the future. An international conference under the Danish EU Presidency. more >

November 2011

Joint Nordic Conference 2011 'The Future of Development Research'

Call for Papers: Workshop number 3, 'Culture and Development: The role and meaning of culturally sustainable development in development research and praxis'.   more >

May 2011

Building Bridges, Crossing Borders

The ASSITEJ PERFORMING ARTS FESTIVAL FOR YOUNG AUDIENCES will be a significant event for the entire Öresund Region. A cornucopia of international performances will be presented to children and young people in Copenhagen and Malmoe, to their parents and grandparents and to everyone, who already has – or now will find – an interest in exciting, innovative theatrical expressions and new international visions and outlooks. more >

June 2010

16th International Conference on Cultural Economics

The Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI) invites you to attend its 16th international conference on cultural economics in Copenhagen on June 10-12, 2010. The Call for Papers has just started. more >

April 2010

Journeys of Expression VIII

Celebrating through times of crisis: prospects and potentials for tourism, festivals and cultural events in Copenhagen. more >

September 2008

Digital Content Creation: Creativity, Competence, Critique

This conference will present and discuss the most advanced and exciting research on digital content creation, its socio-cultural contexts and educational consequences. more >

August 2008

Understanding Conflicts - Cross-Cultural Perspectives

An international, interdisciplinary research conference on the diversity of conceptions and cultural images of conflicts. more >

May 2007

Shortcut Europe 07

more >

April 2005

Socio-Economic Approaches to the Creative Industries

more >

June 2015

New Rapport on Danish Museums

As part of the educational plan for Danish museums, which is to contribute to improving the educational role of museums. The Danish Agency for Culture is conducting a number of different user surveys. more >

November 2012

UNESCO commissions 'World Heritage: Benefits beyond borders'

To celebrate the 40th anniversary  of the World Heritage Convention, UNESCO commissioned the Director of the International Institute for the Inclusive Museum to compile and edit a book: "World Heritage: Benefits beyond borders". more >

July 2012

Welcome to Team Culture 2012

The present crisis is about much more than economy, finances or debt. In reality it represents a much deeper crisis in our European values. To us – the members of Team Culture 2012 – it is clear that we as Europeans have lost our vision of the good society. more >

April 2011

Mapping of International Design Policies and Strategies for Leading Design Schools and Research Institutions

Prepared for the Danish Vision Committe 'Design 2020'. Internationally, there is an increasing awareness of the possibilities afforded by design policies and design when it comes to creating stronger innovation policies and more innovation. more >

June 2009

Declaration from the CBSS' 15th Ministerial Session

The declaration from the CBSS' 15th Ministerial Session which took place in Elsinore 3-4 June 2009 is now available. The Session of the Council of the Baltic Sea States (CBSS) was attended by Ministers from almost all Member States and the Vice-President of the European Commission. more >

October 2008

Visas: the discordant note

This White Paper sums up some of the problems and challenges of bringing international artists into Europe, or from one country in Europe to another. more >

November 2007

Culture Stories:Understanding Cultural Urban Branding

Published in the academic journal Planning Theory, this article argues for a narrative approach to the study of urban branding and planning. more >

July 2007

The History of Danish Arts Policy

more >

May 2007

Danish Architectural Policy 2007

Intended as a contribution to a broad and lively discussion on how to retain and further develop architectural quality as a central conduit of culture. more >

April 2006

The Ildsjael in the Classroom

more >