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November 2015

Read Read, Read Some More

 Botswana have been urged to develop a culture of reading and to nurture creative writing. more >

August 2015

Botswana, China grow cultural ties

Botswana and China yesterday signed the Implementation Programme for 2015 - 2017 under the Agreement On Cultural Cooperation. more >

May 2015

BIHL Joins Forces With Artists To Save Rhinos

Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) Trust have announced the launch of a nationwide project aimed at increasing awareness around rhino conservation efforts. more >

March 2015

Minister Olopeng upholds the preservation of arts and cultural heritage

As a way of promoting the livelihoods of Batswana, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture Thapelo Olopeng has revealed that his ministry continues to uphold the preservation of arts and cultural heritage. - See more at:  more >

February 2015

Culture Revival Can Generate Income

A principal programmes officer in the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MYSC), Bernard Kaisara has said the revival of culture can not only be used in nation building but can also be used for income generation. more >

November 2014

UN expert calls for renewed 'nation-building' to celebrate rich diversity

Following an official visit to Botswana, the UN Special Rapporteur on cultural rights has called on the country to embark on a second phase of nation-building that reflects, builds on and celebrates its cultural diversity, stressing that issues relating to the recognition of communities as tribes must be addressed. more >

Education Ministry Values Culture

Speaking at a cultural day celebration at Sehithwa in Ngamiland District recently, Mr Goya said the ministry encouraged culture not only through reading books but through other cultural practices such as traditional dances and beliefs. more >

UN expert to assess cultural rights in Botswana

United Nations Special Rapporteur Farida Shaheed will visit Botswana from 14 to 26 November 2014 to assess the country's efforts to enhance the right of all persons to participate in cultural life and to enjoy and access cultural heritage. more >

September 2013

MYSC sponsors traditional groups to Australia

Ngwao Letshwao Performing group is fast becoming a brand that will sustain itself in the near future. more >

July 2013

MYSC Participates At The Education and Information Exposition For The Deaf

The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture was part of the service providers that took part in the education and information exposition aimed for the people with hearing impairment held in Francistown on the 8th - 12th July 2013. more >

December 2012

Bomu Awards thrill the audience as artists go all out to impress

The Assistant Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Keletso Rakhudu says the Botswana Music Union (BOMU) Awards are an important platform for artists to gauge themselves against one another and compete with the best in the country. more >

BNSC Chairman launches Art Botswana

Botswana National Sports Council Chairman, Mr Solly Reikeletseng says art is growing in leaps and should be accorded the respect it deserves in building any society more >

November 2012

Govt supports creative industries

In the wake of skyrocketing graduate unemployment, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture (MYSC) Shaw Kgathi pledged government's commitment to support creative industries on Tuesday. more >

Kgathi lauds artists at the Taya

The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi has commended artists at the Thapong Artist of the Year Awards(TAYA) on Friday. more >

July 2012

Ministry of Culture exhibits at Consumer Fair 2012

The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture is currently exhibiting their programmes and services at the annual Botswana Consumer Fair 2012. All the five Departments are showcasing their successes and interacting with the public to get feedback on how to improve service delivery to their customers. more >

May 2012

Ministry celebrates National Culture Day

The Department of Arts and Culture in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture in collaboration with Goodhope Sub- District held National Culture Day Commemoration on the 21 May 2012 at Goodhope Main Kgotla. more >

February 2012

Minister of Culture officiates at the National Languages Day

The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi is expected to officiate at the National Languages Day commemoration in Bobonong on the 21st February 2012. more >

February 2011

Talking Musika

It is becoming ever more important that Botswana should consider the proper structuring of what is popularly known as the 'entertainment industry'. more >

January 2011

Botswana needs arts council, says Bakwena

The coordinator of the Thapong Visual Arts Centre, Reginard Bakwena, has called for the establishment of an arts council in Botswana. more >

December 2008

Ratification of the 2003 Convention on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage

The Government of Botswana is in the process of ratifying the 2003 Convention on the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage in order for the country to be able to safeguard and ensure respect for its intangible cultural heritage. more >

Musicians Must Be Ready To Fight For Their Cause

It is important that the musicians, in cooperation with artists under the banner of an arts federation, to have a fighting vehicle that will enable the practitioners to impose their will upon any decision that is made in relation to the way in which they make their livelihood. more >

August 2008

Local authors cry foul

The country should have an arts council focussed on a wider definition of the arts and a supervisory council free from government control. more >

Talking Musica

There appears to be increased government interest in not only making policy statements about the development of arts and culture, but a conscientious initiative to recognise them as a potential contributor to the growth of the national economy. more >

June 2008

'Rights Owners' Must Have Say In Arts Council Formulation

There should be a celebration of the registration of a company that will be entrusted with administering copyright in Botswana, presumably under the auspices of a copyright society. more >

Serowe hosts culture day

Batswana should use the country’s cultural resources to promote national identity and to diversify the economy, the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture has said. more >

May 2008

Serowe braces for Culture Day

According to Head of Division (Culture) in the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth Dineo Phuti, preparations for the event, to be held under the theme: Culture Is My Business, are at an advanced stage. more >

Talking Musika

There is absolutely nothing wrong with government taking an interest in the arts. In fact it must be applauded. But the artists of this county want consideration of the establishment of a national arts council that is not a child of the ministry of culture. more >

Day to rekindle sense of pride

Delivering her National Culture Day message, Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Ms Gladys Kokorwe said the day was intended to rekindle in Batswana a sense of pride in their national identity and cultural diversity. more >

April 2008

Whats on Kokorwe's table?

The appointment of Ms Gladys Kokorwe as the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture has generated zeal and hope in the arts and culture industry.  more >

March 2008

Arts on the advance

Botswana, it is becoming increasingly evident, must take a bold step away from cosmetic 'airport culture'. more >

Culture dept mulls arts council

The government is soliciting views on the establishment of a national arts council for Botswana. more >

December 2007

Talking Musica - I Believe In Art

Our definition of culture in the past years of independence has been limited to bare-breasted girls thumping the earth at the airport to welcome visiting 'dignitories'. more >

October 2007

Orange–Botswerere Botswana Artists Awards

The Department of Culture and Youth is in preparations for the Orange – Botswerere Botswana Artists Awards that recognise and promote the artistic talent of Botswana. more >

August 2007

Culture Is Also Subject To World Views

African countries have, for the better part of the post independence era, placed the study of economics ahead of the development of arts and culture. more >

July 2007

Actor laments poverty in performing arts

A Zimbabwean actor is bitter that the government is not investing enough on visual and performing arts, believing that the reason why the arts are stagnant in Botswana is because government has opted to only invest in soccer. more >

February 2007

National Arts Council Should Replace The BNCC

The Botswana National Cultural Council, as it currently stands, is outmoded, superfluous and redundant. more >

January 2007

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture Created

The Botswana National Sports Council received, with excitement, the news of the establishment of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. more >

December 2006


The Director General, National Commission for Museums and Monuments, Dr. Joe Eboreime, has explained that the concept of the Eco-based museums is to empower local communities, especially the youth, women and the physically challenged persons dwelling in the rural areas. more >

October 2006

Botswana: Government Should Promote Cultural Music

One of the issues that featured prominently in the newspapers after the consultative conference between the private sector and government in Francistown a few weeks ago was the issue of 'branding Botswana'. more >

June 2006

Cuba and Botswana commit to cultural exchange

Artists across two countries will benefit from a new agreement created recently. A Protocol on Cultural Exchange has been made between Cuba and Botswana. more >

January 2006

Dept of Culture and Youth to establish cultural village

The Department of Culture and Youth has secured P500 000 for the design of the national cultural village to be established near Toutswe Mogala Hill at Maope, about 48 km north of Palapye. more >

September 2005

Cultural Activist Receives Recognition

Cultural activist Bogadi Sefhako will be amongst the people honoured by President Festus Mogae on Independence Day - September 30 - in recognition of her immense contribution to arts and culture in the country. more >

November 2004

Disabled Artists Show Their Mettle

The Department of Culture and Youth organised a Visual and Performing Arts Festival for artists with disabilities on November 13 at Boipuso Hall in Gaborone. The event was meant to showcase the cultural and artistic productivity of people with disabilities. more >

August 2004

Artists urged to restore cultural 'richness'

'The richness of our culture has been eroded and it is upon artists to restore it,' said Botswana Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Daniel Kwelagobe at a workshop organised by the Vision 2016 Council. more >

January 2002

Botswana to release a new national cultural policy

The parliament of Botswana recently passed a draft 'National Cultural Policy', prepared by the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, the Department of Culture and Youth and the Botswana National Cultural Council, in March 2001. more >

March 2010

The African Indigenous Knowledge Systems Summit

This summit will explore various issues to do with indigenous knowledge. more >