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What’s on the mind of our members? Read the IFACCA member blogs to find out. Each month, we will publish a short blog written by the CEO of an IFACCA member organisation. The aim of this blog spot is to provide members with the opportunity to exchange personal observations, experiences and knowledge about arts policy or research in an informal way. We encourage you to comment on any of the blogs below.

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Of Spaces and Cultural Investment

On 8th August, Valletta’s most recent cultural infrastructure, Pjazza Teatru Rjal, was inaugurated as part of the larger city entrance project. An open-air theatre designed by world-renowned architect Renzo Piano. The venue hosted an exceptional performance by the European Union Youth Orchestra as part of the Malta Arts Festival.  more >

Reflections on a Brief Santiago Sojourn

Hola is the typical Chilean greeting so it seems apt to use here. The IFACCA Board meets together face to face twice a year, and our first 2013 meeting has just taken place in Santiago Chile. more >

The Length of an Arm

Next year our national arts funding organization, The Danish Arts Fund, will celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Fund was created in 1964 by the brand new ministry of culture as an independent body. Its remit was to support the arts and the artist in our country at an arms length from the ministry. The role of the minister should be ”to fund but not to control” as said by  Julius Bomholt, the first Danish minister of culture. more >

Diversity in the arts

At the most recent IFACCA board meeting in London, hosted by Arts Council England CEO, Alan Davey (and also Chair of IFACCA), we had a session on diversity in the arts which is still reverberating with me. more >

Thoughts on culture in Tunisia

Hi cultures …a salutation that I‘d like to address to my current blog readers on IFACCA’s Website.  I think it summarizes what a human being is in the end…a representative of a culture that is transmitted endlessly and diversely no matter the time. more >

Elise Huffer at the Festival of Pacific Arts

The 11th Festival of Pacific Arts just held in Solomon Islands began and ended with a bang... more >

Welcoming the World

Weather-wise it’s the worst summer here in England since the early 20th century…. more >