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IFACCA in partnership with music community in bid for new gTLD

IFACCA announced today that it is one of many partners in an application to create ‘.music’, a new community-based generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) for the music sector.

The application is being coordinated and funded by the .MUSIC and ART.MUSIC Initiative.  The Initiative focuses on supporting a diversity of arts and culture by building geographic networks that promote arts and music internationally.

A ‘TLD’ is the group of letters that come after the dot in an internet domain name.   There are two types of  TLDs: those for country codes (called ccTLDs, such as .uk or .br or .au); and generic TLDs (called gTLDs, such as .com or .gov or .info).

The governance of existing TLDs, as well as the opening up and assessment of applications for new TLDs, is managed by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

The application process for the new gTLDs closed on 30 May 2012 and the list of applicants will be revealed at midday (GMT+1) today. The cost of an application for a new gTLD was $US185,000. The assessment of applications for the gTLDs will take at least nine months and could take up to two years.

The aim of a community-based approach for the ‘.music’ gTLD is to enable the music community to brand and represent itself through a dedicated and differentiated domain. In preparation for the application, the .MUSIC and ART.MUSIC Initiative has spent five years consulting extensively with the music community globally and has produced policies and safeguards to ensure that the community’s values and mission will be met and that intellectual property and copyright will be appropriately protected.

Over 1.5 million people have signed the .music petition to launch the gTLD and the Initiative has also amassed a social media following of over 5 million.

If successful in getting approval, the Initiative would create and support a .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund that would distribute proceeds from its domain name registrations.  Such a fund would seek to enhance global exposure of a diversity of artistic and cultural expressions through country-based web networks led by alliances of government arts funding agencies, international music export offices, artist associations, and arts agencies. The .MUSIC Arts and Culture Fund would be focused on:
• Promoting Arts & Music education and the inclusion of the arts in school curricula;
• Protecting artistic intellectual capital;
• Advocating artist's welfare, rights & fair compensation;
• Enriching society by promoting artistic & cultural diversity globally;
• Encouraging innovation in the arts and music and in government programs that support the arts.
IFACCA and ICANN's Government Advisory Committee (GAC) would be consulted about developing a process to distribute funds to organisations that support the Initiative's mission, core values and objectives.

IFACCA would also be part of a global multi-stakeholder Advisory Committee and Policy Board that will guide the Initiative, and assist in representing the interests of governments and the arts sector in the project. Other members of the music community such as songwriters, publishers, labels, promoters, collection agencies, unions, managers etc would also be part of the governance structure.

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