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January 2008

Welcome to Arts Queensland

We are delighted to welcome Arts Queensland as our latest affiliate member. more >

Participation in Salzburg Seminar provides legacies

As the result of an informal partnership with the Salzburg Global Seminar, IFACCA members were given the opportunity to nominate delegates for the October 2007 session. more >

European meeting report finalised

A summary report of the recent meeting of IFACCA's European members has been finalised. more >

Agreement signed to produce ConnectCP Latin America

IFACCA is delighted to announce its new partnership with Organisation of Ibero-American States for Education, Science and Culture (OEI) and Interarts Foundation to create ConnectCP Iberoamericano , a Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese subset of ConnectCP, the international who's who in cultural policy, planning and research. more >

Memberships 2008 - be part of IFACCA

It's time to renew IFACCA memberships. more >

New look website for IFACCA

IFACCA’s new look website, www.ifacca.org, launched today, provides the world’s most effective tool for monitoring global developments in arts and cultural policy. Following a launch of the 'beta' site last August, the 'look' has been redesigned by Stephen Goddard and implemented by Greg Turner.  Featuring an Information Exchange, a listing of topics and themes and a national directory, the website is the portal to the world of arts funding. more >

Se firma acuerdo para producir la versión iberoamericana de ConnectCP

La FICAAC se enorgullece en anunciar su nueva alianza con la Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos para la Educación, la Ciencia y la Cultura –OEI- y la Fundación Interarts para crear el capítulo iberoamericano de ConnectCP: una ramificación española, latinoamericana y portuguesa del quién es quién internacional de la investigación y planeación de políticas culturales. more >

Sad news for IFACCA family

Many will be saddened to hear of the sudden death of Andy Palacio, Cultural Ambassador and Deputy Administrator of the National Institue of Culture and History of Belize, a national member of the Federation. more >

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February 2008

ConnectCP - maintenant disponible en français et en espagnol

Grâce à deux associations clés, ConnectCP est maintenant disponible en espagnol et en français. more >

ConnectCP ahora puede ser consultado en español y francés

Gracias a dos alianzas estratégicas, ConnectCP, el quién es quién internacional de políticas, planificación e investigación cultural, ahora está disponible en español y francés. more >

ConnectCP now in French and Spanish

Thanks to two key partnerships, ConnectCP is now available in Spanish and French. more >

Mini Summit to explore funding of the major performing arts

IFACCA and the Australia Council for the Arts will host a Mini Summit on Support for Major Performing Arts Organisations in Adelaide, Australia, later this month. more >

IFACCA Welcomes Sweden

We are delighted to announce that the Swedish Arts Council, Statens Kulturråd, has joined IFACCA. more >

New 'read' function on IFACCA's website

If you don't have time to read ACORNS, but don't want to miss the 'big story', then check the 'READ' box at the top of the IFACCA website's home page. more >

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March 2008

IFACCA co-hosts international summit on funding of major performing arts

Thirty delegates from 16 countries met in Adelaide, Australia, 26 to 29 February 2008, to share their expertise on how governments support major performing arts organisations. more >

Sad loss of Mark Schuster

We are deeply saddened by the news that Mark Schuster has passed away after a protracted battle with cancer. more >

Browse ACORNS news by country

Did you know that at the IFACCA website you can view all current and past ACORNS news items by country? more >

Sad Loss of Belgium's Henri Ingberg

We are saddened to learn, belatedly, of the death of Henri Ingberg, Secretary General of Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique, Cabinet de la Culture, and founding member of IFACCA. more >

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April 2008

Ethics in cultural policy research report

We are delighted today to release our D'Art research report on ethics in cultural policy. more >

Support for new media art: your help please

Our latest D'Art question (the 33rd) on how government agencies support 'new media' arts will be used to prepare for a mini-summit in Singapore in July 2008. more >

Dr Shirley Thomson recognised for 'outstanding contribution'

IFACCA would like to congratulate our founding Chair, Dr Shirley Thomson, on being awarded the Canadian Governor-General's 'outstanding contribution' award for her work as a cultural administrator, gallery director and arts advocate. more >

ConnectCP now profiles cultural policy experts from over 80 countries

The geographic scope of ConnectCP, the international 'who's who' of cultural policy, continues to grow, making it increasingly effective in connecting policymakers, researchers and conference organisers around the world. more >

Arts and ecological sustainability: seeking your help

In our latest D’Art question, being undertaken with Arts Council England, we are looking for examples of good practice in helping artists and arts organisations respond to ecological concerns. more >

Las artes y la sostenibilidad ambiental

Arts Council England y la FICAAC están interesado en recopilar ejemplos de buenas prácticas en el apoyo a artistas y a organizaciones artísticas que hayan respondido de manera creativa y práctica a problemas ecológicos. more >

Major Performing Arts mini summit report

A report on IFACCA’s mini summit on Support for Major Performing Arts Organisations, held in Australia in February 2008, was distributed earlier this week to our members. It summarises the main issues discussed at the summit. more >

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May 2008

La FICAAC participa en la VI Reunión Intermedia del MERCOSUR Cultural

La Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación Argentina, en ejercicio de la Secretaría Pro Tempore del MERCOSUR Cultural, y el Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes de Chile invitaron amablemente la FICAAC a participar en la VI Reunión Intermedia del MERCOSUR Cultural para exponer los detalles y la estructura de su programa de trabajo more >

Mini Summit delegates – flying Carbon Neutral

IFACCA has offset carbon emissions for delegates to the Major Performing Arts Mini summit held in Adelaide, Australia earlier this year. more >

IFACCA presents at MERCOSUR Culture’s VI Intermediate Meeting

IFACCA has participated in MERCOSUR Culture’s VI Intermediate Meeting to present the organisation and  details of its work plan. more >

Try the new look IFACCA Directory

Looking for information on a ministry or an arts council in another country? The new look IFACCA Directory can help. more >

Who’s Who in arts funding leadership

Want to know more about the chief executive of a national government arts funding agency? IFACCA and ConnectCP have the answer for you. more >

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June 2008

Asian Chapter to meet in Korea

In early July, representatives of IFACCA members from Asian countries will gather in Seoul, South Korea, for the sixth IFACCA Asian chapter meeting. more >

Reporte en español de la Mini-Cumbre sobre apoya a grandes agrupaciones artísticas

El reporte en español de la Mini-cumbre sobre apoyo a grandes agrupaciones artísticas, organizada por la FICAAC y llevada a cabo en Australia en febrero de 2008, será distribuida dentro de poco entre nuestros países miembros. more >

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July 2008

IFACCA participates in international meetings

On 25-27 June in Dublin, at the invitation of the Arts Council of Ireland and other partners, IFACCA's Executive Director, Sarah Gardner, moderated a panel discussion for an IETM satellite meeting on intercultural dialogue. Earlier that week in Paris, she also participated in the UNESCO Civil Society Exchange Session on the 2005 Convention on Cultural Diversity, followed by an evening discussion hosted by the Commonwealth Foundation. more >

Making arts and cultural policy research easier

We have re-designed our website to make it easier for you to find information on key topics in arts and cultural policy. more >

Welcome Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture

We are delighted to welcome the Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture as an affiliate member of IFACCA. more >

ASEF/IFACCA to host mini-summit on new media arts policy

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and IFACCA are co-hosting a mini-summit on government support for new media arts practice in Singapore this week. more >

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August 2008

Christopher Madden to leave IFACCA

After seven years with IFACCA, our esteemed research analyst, Christopher Madden, will leave us in the coming weeks to develop his skills and experience in new areas of policy and research. more >

New media arts mini-summit held in Singapore

Key issues impacting on new media arts policy and practice, and some key points for action, were discussed at a mini-summit, jointly hosted by the Asia-Europe Foundation and IFACCA on 24-26 July 2008 in Singapore, which brought together 54 artists, researchers and policy makers from 26 countries. more >

IFACCA is looking for an Office Manager

IFACCA is looking for an an enthusiastic, highly organised and experienced manager for its international secretariat based in Sydney, Australia. more >

World Summit set for 22-25 September 2009

The National Arts Council of South Africa and IFACCA, co-hosts of the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture in Joburg, South Africa, have confirmed that the dates for the Summit will be 22-25 September 2009. more >

World Summit Coordinator appointed

IFACCA is pleased to announce that the National Arts Council of South Africa has appointed Rosie Katz as the Coordinator of the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture. more >

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September 2008

Welcome to Malta

We are delighted to welcome the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts as our newest national member. more >

Welcome to Seychelles Heritage Foundation

We welcome the Seychelles Heritage Foundation an affiliate member of IFACCA. more >

IFACCA research summary released

A pamphlet summarising the 23 D’Art research reports and papers, released since 2002, was published at the recent International Conference on Cultural Policy Research. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the pivotal role that our Research Analyst,  Chris Madden, has had in creating this unique and valuable resource during his seven years with IFACCA. more >

Alan Davey joins IFACCA board

We are very pleased to announce that the Chief Executive of Arts Council England, Alan Davey, had agreed to join the board of IFACCA. more >

How long does it take to assess a grant application?

IFACCA’s latest research report, ‘Grant assessment timeframes’, provides an analysis of information provided by 21 national and sub-national arts funding agencies in response to an ‘Ask IFACCA’ query about the length of time it takes to complete the grants giving process. more >

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October 2008

IFACCA attends 3rd Foundations and Networks International Workshop

Diane Dodd, IFACCA's European liaison officer, attended the 3rd Foundations and Networks International Workshop, held in Lisbon, Portugal, on 2-4 October 2008. more >

IFACCA meetings in Scotland

IFACCA's board will meet in Edinburgh, Scotland on 21 and 22 November. more >

IFACCA attends Africa Dialogue

Leaders of government arts support agencies and Pan African networks gathered in Cape Town this week for a unique 'African Dialogue' hosted by the National Arts Council of South Africa. more >

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November 2008

ConnectCP now receiving over 140,000 searches per month!

ConnectCP – The International Who’s Who of Cultural Policy, Planning and Research, is now  receiving 140,000 searches per month – double the figure from last year! more >

The World Summit – less than one year to go!

On the evening of Tuesday 22 September 2009, less than 12 months from now, the National Arts Council of South Africa and IFACCA will host the opening ceremony of the 4th World Summit on Arts and Culture. more >

Second meeting of IFACCA’s European Members held in Scotland

Representatives from eight European arts funding agencies attended a meeting jointly hosted by the Scottish Arts Council and IFACCA in the offices of Scottish Screen, Glasgow, Scotland, on the 19th – 20th November 2008. more >

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December 2008

Disability arts mini-summit to be held in Auckland

IFACCA is working with the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa (Creative New Zealand), Diversityworks Trust and the International Guild of Disabled Artists and performers (IGODAP) to organise a mini-summit about disability arts policy on 27 February 2009 during Momentum 09, the International Disability Arts Symposium, to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, on 25-28 February. more >

IFACCA welcomes Armenia and Tanzania as national members

We are delighted to welcome the Ministry of Culture of Armenia and the National Arts Council of Tanzania as IFACCA’s newest members, bringing the number of national members to 63. more >

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