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Latest IFACCA Announcements:

Rosemary Mangope interviewed for Arts Leaders Talk series

Rosemary Mangope, CEO, National Arts Council of South Africa, joined the IFACCA board in November 2014. In this short video filmed at the IFACCA CEO Leadership Seminar in Santiago, Chile, in January, she discusses her inspiration for working in the arts, and the opportunities and challenges for the future. more >

Farewell Alan Davey, Chair of IFACCA

Alan Davey, who has served on the board of IFACCA for six years and as Chairman for five of those years, will step down on 31 December as he leaves his position of CEO Arts Council England. more >

L’appel à manifestations pour l’organisation du 8e Sommet mondial des arts et de la culture est maintenant ouvert

La FICAAC sollicite des manifestations d’intérêt préliminaires pour l’organisation du 8e Sommet mondial des arts et de la culture entre la fin-2018 et la mi-2019, avec une date limite pour ces manifestations d’intérêt de lundi 16 février 2015. more >

Interview with Alan Davey relaunches the IFACCA Arts Leaders Talk series

In a follow-up to IFACCA’s Arts Leaders Talk series, we invite you to watch a video of outgoing CEO of Arts Council England and IFACCA Chair, Alan Davey, discussing his thoughts on arts support, filmed at this year’s CEO Leadership Seminar in Santiago de Chile. The video is available on YouTube here. more >

Stephen Wainwright elected Chair of IFACCA Board

IFACCA is delighted to announce that Stephen Wainwright, CEO of CreativeNZ – Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa, has been elected by the IFACCA Board as its Chair from 1 January 2015 until the next General Assembly in October 2016, replacing Alan Davey, CEO Arts Council England whose term concludes this month. more >

Calls for bids to host the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture now open

IFACCA is calling for Preliminary Expressions of Interest (EOIs) to host the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture in the period between late 2018 and mid-2019, with a deadline for EOIs  of Monday 16 February 2015. more >

Convocatoria de Expresiones de Interés para ser sede de la 8ª Cumbre Mundial de las Artes y la Cultura a realizarse a finales del 2018 o mediados del 2019

La FICAAC inicia la convocatoria de la primera etapa  (expresiones de interés) del llamado a concurso para ser anfitrión de la 8ª Cumbre Mundial de las Artes y la Cultura en el período de finales del 2018 a mediados del 2019.  El cierre para esta primera etapa es el lunes 16 de febrero de 2015. more >

International review of government action on the arts and environmental sustainability released

A global review of developments in policies and programmes related to culture and environmental sustainability has been published this week by key international organisations Julie’s Bicycle and the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies (IFACCA). more >

Report on issues concerning IFACCA’s European members now available

A summary report for the 11th meeting of IFACCA’s European Chapter, held on the 15-17 September 2014 in Lithuania, is now available.   more >

Se lanza el panorama mundial de las políticas de las artes y sostenibilidad ambiental

En la FICAAC nos complace anunciar la publicación del último Informe de Investigación, D'Art 34b: El arte y la sostenibilidad ambiental: una visión internacional. more >

Rosemary Mangope appointed to IFACCA board

The CEO of the National Arts Council of South Africa, Rosemary Mangope, has been appointed to the board of IFACCA. more >

Rosemary Mangope nombrada a la junta directiva de la FICAAC

La directora general del Consejo Nacional de las Artes de Sudáfrica, Rosemary Mangope, ha sido nombrada miembro de la junta directiva de la FICAAC. more >

Global overview of arts and environmental sustainability policies released

IFACCA is pleased to announce the release of the latest Research Report, D’Art 34b: The arts and environmental sustainability: an international overview. more >

La FICAAC publica el documento resumen de la Reunión de Investigadores de la FICAAC

La FICAAC publica el resumen ejecutivo del Informe de la 4ª Reunión de Investigadores de la FICAAC, celebrada en Hildesheim (Alemania) y a la que asistieron 14 investigadores y expertos de 13 países miembros de la FICAAC. more >

IFACCA reports on the recent Researchers’ Meeting

IFACCA is delighted to release the executive summary report of the 4th IFACCA Researchers' meeting, held in Hildesheim Germany, which was attended by 14 researchers and experts from the field from 13 IFACCA member countries. more >