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Latest IFACCA Announcements:

Staffan Forssell appointed to the IFACCA board

The Director General of the Swedish Arts Council, Mr Staffan Forssell, has been appointed to the IFACCA board. more >

IFACCA Board Meets in Kuala Lumpur

The 42nd Meeting of the IFACCA Board was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 9-10 March, hosted by the  National Department for Culture and Arts of the  Ministry of Tourism and Culture. The board meeting was attended by Stephen Wainwright (New Zealand), Poul Bache (Denmark), Felipe de Leon (Philippines), Datuk Norliza Rofli (Malaysia), Bilel Aboudi (Tunisia), Rosemary Mangope (South Africa), Elise Huffer (Fiji), Sarah Gardner (Executive Director) and Zhang Haiying (China) as an observer on behalf of Mr Dong . It was the first board meeting chaired by Mr Wainwright who took over as Chair on 1 January 2014. more >

Arts Leaders Talk: Minna Sirnö, Finland

We invite you to watch a video of Minna Sirnö, Director, Arts Promotion Centre Finland. Ms Sirnö shares her thoughts on marketing art as a human-based need, the role of social media in grant giving, and art as a fundamental human right. more >

Report on Policy Research by IFACCA Members released

IFACCA is very pleased to announce the publication of D’Art 26(b) Policy Research by IFACCA Members: A Report. more >

Arts Leaders Talk: Tony Grybowski, Australia

We invite you to watch a video of Tony Grybowski, CEO, Australia Council for the Arts, sharing his thoughts on arts support, including the restructure of the Australia Council to reflect the changing arts sector, and his personal passion for the arts. more >

IFACCA welcomes new affiliate from Zambia

IFACCA is delighted to welcome the Department of Arts and Culture, Zambia, as an affiliate member. more >

IFACCA Board to meet in Kuala Lumpur

The IFACCA board will meet in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 9-10 March, hosted by the National Department for Culture and Arts of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.  more >

Arts Leaders Talk: Datuk Norliza bt. Rofli, Malaysia

We invite you to watch a video of Datuk Norliza bt. Rofli, Director-General, National Department for Culture and Arts, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Malaysia. Datuk Norliza discusses her thoughts on arts support, including the role of the arts in Malaysia’s development, and how social media has developed direct communication between artists and government. more >

Cultural Policy Quick Facts – new edition released

IFACCA is pleased to announce that a new edition of Cultural Policy Quick Facts is now available incorporating revised and updated information received from arts agencies. more >

Translations of Groundbreaking Global Arts and Sustainability Review Launched

D’Art Report 34b - The arts and environmental sustainability: an international overview is now available in French and Spanish bringing the findings to a much wider audience and opening up opportunities for dialogue and action.  more >

Traductions du premier compte rendu sur les arts mondiaux et la viabilité à long terme

Le Rapport D’Art 34b – Les arts et la soutenabilité environnementale: un panorama international – est maintenant disponible en français et en espagnol, apportant ainsi les données recueillies à un public plus vaste et ouvrant des possibilités de dialogue et d’action.  more >

Publicadas las traducciones de un innovador análisis global en torno a la sostenibilidad y las artes

Informe D’Art 34b - Las artes y la sostenibilidad medioambiental: una perspectiva internacional está ya disponible en francés y español. Su traducción a ambas lenguas traslada sus conclusiones a un público mucho más amplio y facilita más oportunidades de entablar el diálogo y emprender acciones.  more >

The art of valuing: between evident and evidence-based - IFACCA at Brussels meeting

IFACCA's European coordinator, Dr Diane Dodd, will represent IFACCA during a two day Satellite meeting for policy makers and funders in Brussels on 17 and 18 February 2015.  The Meeting, organised by IETM and Flanders Arts Institute aims to gather representatives of Ministries of Culture and Arts Councils from Europe, Asia, Canada and Australia. The discussion will focus on the different models for measuring and demonstrating the values of culture and its impacts on societies, as well as the role of such measurements on informing national cultural policies. more >

IFACCA welcomes new affiliate from Spain

IFACCA is delighted to welcome the Sociedad Estatal de Acción Cultural, Spain, as an affiliate member of IFACCA. Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) is a public agency dedicated to encouraging and promoting the culture and heritage of Spain, inside and outside the country’s borders. more >

La FICAAC da la bienvenida al nuevo afiliado de España

La FICAAC se complace en darle la bienvenida a la Sociedad Estatal de Acción Cultural, miembro afiliado de la FICAAC. Acción Cultural Española (AC/E) es un organismo público dedicado a impulsar y promocionar la cultura y el patrimonio de España, dentro y fuera de nuestras fronteras.  more >